Super Silver Haze Strain: Cannabis Review

Super Silver Haze cannabis is an almost pure Sativa strain of marijuana from Green House Seeds. There’s only 10% indica present in it. It smells tangy, to put it briefly. Notes of sweet pine and menthol are present too. As for the taste, it’s skunky, with hints of diesel as well as citrus.

Type10:90 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 18%
Flowers9 Weeks
Yield19oz per 3x3ft
Grow DifficultyModerate

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Origin of Super Silver Haze Strain

Super Silver Haze has been around for at least 24 years, winning awards in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It’s a hybrid of 3 different strains, which are Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. The company that bred it is based in the Netherlands. The original Haze strain has existed since the 1960s, originating in California.


Growing Super Silver Haze Seeds

What climate does this strain grow best in?

The preferred climate of Super Silver Haze is a humid and warm one. It should be bred at temperatures ranging from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity levels should be high, but not excessive. It can be grown both inside and outside, but it will require a consistent climate.

So be careful if you’re somewhere that can get cold. If you are, then you should probably grow it inside and make sure the temperature is carefully regulated.

Feeding this particular strain

Super Silver Haze cannabis should be placed in rich soil that has great drainage and retains water. Loam soil is the best if you can get it. In terms of adding nutrients, you should consider ingredients like fish meal, perlite, blood meal, earthworm castings, and greensand.

Flowering & Yield

When grown indoors, Super Silver Haze will yield 19 ounces for every square meter. When grown outdoors, each plant will yield 15 ounces.

It has an 11-week flowering time, which can be reduced if you use hydroponics and grow it indoors. While flowering, you’ll need to keep watch for pests.

Experiencing Super Silver Haze Strain

The top effects that this strain will have on you are as follows. It will make you feel happy, uplifted, euphoric, and energetic. This combines to create a high that lasts for a long time throughout your whole body.

Interestingly, it will also make you feel creative. That’s very useful if you’re doing anything artistic. That sets it apart from other strains which give you a boost, but nothing more. 

In particular, the uplifting effect comes in handy if you’ve lost your appetite or feel nauseous, as well as being good for reducing stress.  


It has a THC content of around 18%, which will ensure the effects covered above are quite intense. It only has 1% CBD.

Concerning negative effects, the most common ones reported are dry mouth and dry eyes. Less common effects include dizziness and paranoia. A few people have also suggested it causes anxiety, but this is uncommon.

Super Silver Haze Taste & Smell

The taste of this strain has some citrusy elements, but these are faint. The main tastes you’ll experience are spiciness, sourness, and earthiness.

This is a powerful combination and a unique tasting experience. There are also some hints of diesel and sweetness.

The smell of this cannabis is a mixture of diesel, lemon, and wet soil. There’s also a skunky aroma that acts like a backdrop to those three scents.

It mostly assists with stress, anxiety, and depression. However, there is also some usefulness when it comes to pain and fatigue. But to truly find out, you have to test it for yourself. 

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