Super Lemon Haze Strain: Cannabis Review

The Super Lemon Haze strain of cannabis has a mixture of Indica and Sativa in its genetic makeup, but the Sativa is 70% dominant. It has a citrusy scent, as you might guess from the name, but the taste is sweet, and not too sharp. The best way to describe the taste is to compare it to eating lemon candy.

Super Lemon Haze Feminized
Type20:80 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 22%
Flowers9 Weeks
Yield21-25oz per 3x3ft
Grow DifficultyModerate

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Origin of Super Lemon Haze Strain

The Super Lemon Haze is a hybrid strain. It combines the lemon skunk and super silver haze strains. The first blossoming of this strain took place in Amsterdam. It won its first awards in 2008, so it’s been a feature of the cannabis market for quite some time.

Super Lemon Haze

Growing Super Lemon Haze Seeds

What climate does this strain grow best in?

Super Lemon Haze cannabis grows best indoors because it needs to be monitored closely and grows only in warm temperatures. The best temperature range is 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity should be between 45-55%. However, you should also keep in mind that it needs room to spread out its roots. That means your grow room should be big enough to accommodate this. 

Feeding this particular strain

Super Lemon Haze can suffer from what’s called nutrient burn, so you need to be careful with what you’re feeding it, as well as not feeding it too much. That’s because this plant lacks density, despite its height. However, when the plant is budding, you should feed it more nutrients before the flush.

Flowering & Yield

If you’re growing Super Lemon Haze indoors, then you can expect a yield of 28 ounces for each plant. If you’re growing it outdoors, then you can expect a yield of 35 ounces for each square meter. For Sativa-dominant strains, these yields are typical. The flowering time is 10 weeks, so if you’re in a colder climate, it will be more difficult to finish growing outdoors.


Experiencing Super Lemon Haze Strain

When you’re experiencing Super Lemon Haze, there are 5 positive effects that you’ll notice. It will make you feel euphoric, cerebral, uplifted, energized, and balanced. That’s a lot of good effects in just 1 strain.

In terms of the THC and CBD content, it has only 0.2% CBD, but the THC is quite high, at 19%. That means you’ll be in for some pretty potent psychoactive effects, like the ones we listed just now.

There are only a few negative effects, and these include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dehydration. It can also be quite foggy for the first 15-20 minutes.

Super Lemon Haze Taste & Smell

The taste of this strain is very lemony, as you might expect from the name. It’s tart and zesty, as well as having some undertones of candy. The smell of this strain is also citrusy, like the taste, but has an earthy quality to it as well. It can be very strong, and you may not want it in a small room. 

In terms of how to use it, super lemon haze is great for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. It also helps somewhat with pain and fatigue. But it does this in a way that makes you high-energy, so if you’d rather be calmed down, it’s not the best pick.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

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