Sunset LBS Strain Review: An Uplifting Mystery Strain

Sunset: Quick Overview

Sunset—also known as Sunset by Leafs by Snoop or LBS—is a nice, heavy indica strain that is both very relaxing and delivers many sativa notes that improve your mood along with some pleasant couch lock. Here in this post we have everything you need to know about the Sunset strain.

Sundae Driver
Type80:20 indica-dominant hybrid
THC Level Up to 28%, 23% average
EffectsRelaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric, tingly
Smell and Flavor Profile Peppery, spicy, sweet, cloves
Grow Difficulty Moderate/Unknown—proprietary strain!

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Sunset Benefits/Effects

Sunset produces 80%/20% indica-dominant effects, including significant pain relief, relief from sleeplessness, and a calm buzz of relaxation. Sunset works as a medical marijuana strain, with high THC levels of at least 18% and up to 28% and CBD levels of around 1%. Sunset treats both stress and anxiety, and can reduce how much physical issues such as chronic pain trouble users.

As an indica-dominant strain with a few sativa highlights, this unique cultivar has a different effect on the user than your average indica strain. Expect initial effects like a sativa strain that provide users with a big rush of energy during the first few minutes of consumption.

Following the initial high, expect to succumb to happiness and bliss as you experience a euphoric cerebral high that you will still feel in the body. During the first hour of consuming Sunset, you’ll feel wave after wave of bliss.

After the first hour, you’ll begin to peak and sunset transforms into the indica-dominant strain that it was always meant to be, producing that velvety, calming and relaxing effect you’re probably looking for. Your body will feel very relaxed, and you may even slouch into a couch lock if you’re a beginner or you consume too much in one go.

Sunset can transform your mood from dragging to joyous, eventually relaxing into a slow and meditative state. We highly suggest that you take this strain towards the end of the day, during the evening, or at night to release any tension from the body and mind.

Sunset Medical Benefits

If you’re like us, you’re a bit sick of stress at this point, and Sunset is perfect for this. Its happy high during the first hour boosts your mood without causing any jitters, paranoia, or panic—just mellow happiness. The second hour will ease you further into deep relaxation, helping you forget about your troubles and be present to enjoy the tranquil buzz.

Whether you’ve had a stressful day at work or a tough time with anxiety and depression, Sunset’s uplifting vibe is enough to bring you and your mood back to your collective feet. The same way that this strain combats stress, Sunset’s cerebral high is enough to help you let loose, without causing any anxiety-like symptoms.

Still, you’ll love LBS Sunset if you struggle with insomnia. This strain can certainly induce couchlock and even sleep, if you use enough.

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Sunset Taste and Smell

This indica-dominant strain was specifically chosen for its wide range of terpenes, and this unique blend is a treat for the senses. This comes out in its smell and taste via a peppery, spicy, herbal scent lends a similar flavor, along with hints of lavender, earth, and cloves.

Very nice in a vape and as flower or concentrate (one of our team loves it best as bubble hash in a vaporizer). So aromatic, even a preroll tends to have a nice, strong smell.

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Sunset Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Typical THC content of Sunset ranges from 18 to 28%, with 23% being about average. Most samples have fair CBD levels, around 1.0%, and certain strains of Sunset may have usable levels of minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBN, or CBG. This makes Sunset a nice medical marijuana strain, and less likely to produce some of the classic high THC side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Although less is known about Sunset, samples that have been analyzed are rich in caryophyllene, linalool, myrcene, and humulene.

Caryophyllene, an antioxidant that boosts the immune system, binds with the body’s CB2 receptors. It has also been proven to soothe anxiety and stress, as well as offer anti-inflammatory effects that can treat pain.

Linalool, found in lavender, is a mood elevating terpene that relieves stress.

Myrcene is found in thyme, hops, lemongrass, and mangoes as well as cannabis, and is known for its herbal, spicy, peppery aroma. Myrcene can reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation, and also relax the muscles.

Humulene may reduce an overactive appetite and shares many of the pain relieving effects of other terpenes.

Sunset History and Genetics

There is only so much you can know about the history and genetics of Sunset by LBS, because it’s a relatively new and totally proprietary strain. LBS stands for Leafs by Snoop Dogg, the recreational cannabis brand out of Denver, Colorado owned by Snoop Dogg. (In Canada, Sunset and other LBS products are under the Canadian Tweed label, with no mention of SD.)

Thanks to the Sunset strain’s proprietary roots, its genetic origins remain obscure. Read on for more on similar strains below.

If You Love Sunset Marijuana, Try These Strains

If you love the awesome daytime effects of a Green Crack or Jack the Ripper but need to take it way down, especially at night, Sunset is seriously a great strain with lots of the mood boost but relaxation in place of energy.

If you like to drift off at night with GG4 or Blueberry but want something with a totally different taste and aroma, give Sunset a try. If you love Gelato’s happy mood but you’d like something a little more relaxing and mellower for nighttime use, Sunset is a perfect choice.

If you love those tingly body effects from a Blue Dream or Cherry AK-47, Sunset should be on your “must try” list in case you run into it at the dispensary. And if you’re a fan of the Kush strain family but are wanting something even more reminiscent of black pepper and spicier—if you were that kid in high school with the clove aroma wafting from your locker and you still are that person who buys virtually any snack food flavored by spicy peppers—try Sunset, you won’t be disappointed.

Growing the Sunset Strain

According to LBS, Sunset is “a frosty, Indica-dominant strain with dark green coloration and medium-sized buds.” Sunset nugs may also be blanketed in bright orange pistils and a glossy silver-white trichomes according to reviews. It’s an appealing bud, stick with resin, and you can often see pretty hues in the sugar leaves as well.

Like most heavy indicas, Sunset plants grow to a medium height, with heavy flowers and thick stems. These strains are often within reach for novice growers because they require a bit less maintenance than sativa strains and are more naturally resistant to common molds and mildews. Your main concern with this type of strain, as always, is a warm, Mediterranean-style climate of 70 degrees with monitored humidity levels and shade.

For plants that grow heavier and denser, trimming and topping can assist in getting air and light to lower-growing nodes. Soil rather than hydroponics is often easier for this type of indica strain. Exact flowering time for Sunset is unknown.

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This is a great strain to moderate to advanced cannabis consumers. The high THC potency of this strain make it great for tackling a number of ailments like reducing stress, anxiety, stress and insomnia.

The fragrant buds and spicy taste make this strain a great one to look out for and enjoy in the evenings or at night. We highly advise that you take this strain during a relaxing period of the day because of its high potency and ability to couchlock users.

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