Sundae Driver Strain: Quick Overview

This slightly indica-dominant strain is named in two ways. First, based on its delectable, dessert-y terpene profile that lends it a smooth, creamy, sweet taste similar to a fruity dessert with hints of dark chocolate.

Second, based on the fact that after consuming it, even that little old lady tooling around way too slow in front of you is no longer annoying—or really of any concern at all.

Sundae Driver
Type60:40 indica-dominant hybrid
THC LevelCan be over 26%, 22% average
EffectsRelaxed, happy, uplifted, euphoric, creative
Smell and Flavor ProfileSweet, fruity, chocolate, creamy, herbal
Grow DifficultyEasy

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Sundae Driver Strain Benefits/Effects

For a smooth, totally calming and mellow high that is as gentle as the taste of a sundae, the Sundae Driver cannabis strain is second to none. When you acquire a bag of well-cured Sundae Driver from your local dispensary, you’ll have a sensory feast—beautifully colorful, fragrant, delicious, and a treat for the mind as well.

Sundae Driver is a 60%/40% indica-dominant hybrid strain that provides a happy yet soothing sense of euphoria followed by a much bigger and more encompassing, pain-relieving body high. Sundae Driver works well as a medical marijuana strain, with high THC levels between 18 and 26%, and THC content of 22% on average.

Expect a light, manageable cerebral euphoria followed quickly by a deep, lasting sense of relaxation throughout the body from the Sundae Driver strain. This is what will feel like a clearly indica-dominant high, but without too much heavy sedation or couch-lock, and the ability to maintain a somewhat clear head. This makes Sundae Driver ideal for relaxing all day long.

According to strain reviews from users, Sundae Driver makes them feel uplifted, happy, relaxed, giggly, and euphoric—but never too “on” or filled with those racing thoughts that can take over with a strain that’s too mentally active. For me, Sundae Driver is perfect after a long day at work when it’s time to wind down, or even for a weekend cookout or something like that. Sundae Driver is a great hybrid strain for avoiding feeling “too high” but definitely feeling those effects.

In terms of social settings, Sundae Driver is a balanced enough blend of sativa and indica effects to be an ideal choice for most situations. I wouldn’t necessarily want to have to dance the minuet to it—but then again, I’m not a dancer, and that’s complicated.

Sundae Driver delivers a deep, stoney high that comes on smoothly, relaxing your mind before you know it. You may find yourself laughing at nothing—I have shared something stupid with someone more than once thinking it was way funnier than it truly was on this strain due to this effect. But despite being a little silly, you won’t feel confused or incapacitated, so feel free to get creative or check some tasks off your list if you’re so inclined. Whatever you elect to do, stress will not be a factor.

Sundae Driver Strain Medical Benefits

Due to the euphoric, happy feelings this strain produces, it’s an excellent choice for treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, lethargy, and restlessness or lack of focus. Other medical uses for this strain include treating pain, including headaches, tense muscles, and inflammation.

While Sundae Driver won’t just automatically knock you out, if you consume enough at the end of the day you may find yourself ready for bed. This can be as much due to letting go of anxiety as anything else—but we’ll take no insomnia over insomnia any night, thank you.

Sundae Driver Strain Taste and Smell

The aroma of Sundae Driver is a smooth, mellow, fruity terpene profile that even inexperienced cannabis users shouldn’t find too overwhelming. It includes strong notes of grape and sugary fruity pebbles cereal, with undertones of herbal and floral scents that liven up the smell.

In terms of taste, Sundae Driver lives up to its name, with creamy vanilla, notes of sugary marshmallow, and hints of dark chocolate on the inhale. On the exhale those fruity pebbles return, along with spicy Kush notes and hints of apricot, grape, and other fruits from the parent strains. Is it just a little bit like dipping into an ice cream sundae via vaporizer? Yes. Yes, it is.

Sundae Driver Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

The Sundae Driver strain has an average THC content on average of 22%, with phenotypes ranging from 18% to 26%. Levels of minor cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBV, and CBN are unknown for Sundae Driver at this time, probably due to its relatively new identity. Many users do report classic high THC side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Sundae Driver is rich in the terpene Caryophyllene and Limonene, with smaller amounts of Humulene and Linalool.

Caryophyllene is a pain-relieving anti-inflammatory and also an antioxidant. It can treat stress and anxiety. Limonene is well-understood to produce uplifting, energizing effects that may treat stress and anxiety and lift the mood. It is also an antifungal and antibacterial, and improves digestion.

Humulene also relieves pain and can impact appetite, either to soothe overactive appetite or relieve lack of appetite. Linalool, one of the world’s first known sleep aids, is famous for its stress-relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant benefits.

Sundae Driver History and Genetics

Sundae Driver was created by breeder Cannarado Genetics as a reproduction phenotype for the Jungle Boyz. It is a hybrid of Grape Pie and FPOG (Fruity Pebbles OG), two strains which are each well-known for fruity, sweet terpene profiles.

Grape Pie, a vivid, tasty indica hybrid, is a cross of Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie. A limited-time offering by Alien Genetics, FPOG is another sweet and fruity hybrid. Its genetics arise from Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon, and Tahoe Alien and generate a delightful berry, tropical, fruit flavor that really does remind you of the sugary kids’ cereal.

If You Love Sundae Driver Marijuana, Try These Strains

Some similar strains would be or.

If you love the relaxed mood and happy vibe you get from Jungle Cake, Gelato, or Voodoo, but want to slow it down even more, Sundae Driver is a wonderful strain to try. Maybe you love the calming sedation you get from Cherry Do-Si-Dos, Candy Rain, or Blueberry Cookies, but you’re hoping to add some creamy vanilla and dark chocolate notes to that flat out fruity sweetness in a vape? Sundae Driver is your strain.

And if you want a similar vibe and mood to BlackJack, MK Ultra, or Platinum OG with even more flavor, you will find Sundae Driver is a perfect strain to try.

Growing the Sundae Driver Strain

One thing is for sure: Sundae Driver has bag appeal. These gorgeous light green buds with orange hairs are glittering with trichomes and accented with blue, purple, and red when properly grown and cured.

As a relatively new strain, there’s still some uncertainty around how Sundae Driver grows. However, we know a lot about its parent strains, so we can make solid predictions, and growers shouldn’t stay clear of this beauty.

Both of Sundae Driver’s ancestor strains grow tall, six feet or more with ease. Because they are easy to grow and hardy, these plants are an ideal choice for high-stress training. This leads to a better harvest and more bud sites to harvest from, as you’ll see more branches and a denser plant.

Keep a close eye on Sundae Driver plants, because parent strain Grape Pie has a moderate tendency to generate hermaphroditic buds. Since these waste resources and are no good to consume, nip any you see early. Grape Pie is also hardy, so if your Sundae Driver plants do require that kind of trimming, they should be able to withstand it.

Both the FPOG and Grape Pie parent strains thrive in moderate, stable conditions which encourage larger buds and higher THC content. However, you can carefully drop temperatures at night to encourage purple hues in Sundae Driver thanks to its Grape Pie genetics.

Flowering time indoors is about 7 to 9 weeks with an approximate yield of 9 ounces per square meter.

Outdoors Sundae Driver should be ready to harvest in early to mid-October in the northern hemisphere. Depending on growing and training methods, the outdoor harvest can be up to 10 ounces per plant.

Buy Sundae Driver Seeds

This multi-colored beauty in a bag smells and tastes as good as it looks. It also rolls out a mellow, fluffy feeling you’d like to curl up in all day. Buy Sundae Driver seeds at one of our favorite online seed banks that ship to the USA. And for our Canadian friends, at one of our favorite Canadian seed banks.

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