Marijuana Strains

Welcome to the Sweet Leaf Marijuana master collection of cannabis strains. This growing list of marijuana strains is organized by sativa, indica, or hybrid. From there we go into detail with each strain, from THC content to terpene profiles to effects and medical benefits and more.

What Do Marijuana Strain Categories Mean

Principally, the sativa and indica categories refer to the structure of the cannabis plant. Indica strains are typically squat with wide fan leaves, while sativa strains are generally thin and tall with long, spindly fan leaves.

Sativa strains such as Green Crack tend to thrive naturally in warm climates near the equator, which is why you find sativa landrace strains like Acapulco Gold growing in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Thailand. Indica strains such as Afghani tend to thrive in slightly more challenging climates where sativas might fail, such as Central Asia.

As you might predict, hybrid strains such as Headband, Lemon Skunk, or Bubba Kush express a range of growth traits, including many leaf variations and shorter to taller heights.

How Do Marijuana Strains Relate to Effects?

marijuana strains of cannabis

But if each strain has a unique body and mind effects, and certain lines are similar, why is that? And why do so many cannabis users feel like sativa, indica, and hybrid strains make them feel certain ways—and shop dispensaries that way?

One genuine difference between these types of weed strains is that indicas tend to have higher CBD content relative to their THC levels. In other words, while both indicas and sativas may have very high THC content, indicas and indica-dominant hybrids tends to have higher CBD levels naturally.

This is one reason that many medical marijuana users report more “head effects” and mood benefits from sativa strains. The higher levels of THC and reduced likelihood of CBD offsetting those effects can powerfully affect the mindset.

On the other hand, different strains with the right terpene and cannabinoid profiles might be responsible for that classic indica suite of effects: everything from deep relaxation to physical sedation to couch-lock and deep sleep. The terpene profile affects everything from the fruity taste of Granddaddy Purple to the spicy smell and flavor of popular strains in the kush line like Master Kush or Hindu Kush.

And what about the hybrid strains such as Tahoe OG? These may fall anywhere on the spectrum from sativa to indica and from uplifting and energizing to sedating and relaxing effects. One of the best things about the cannabis world is that it is filled with people who love the final product as much as you do. That means breeders and growers spend countless hours creating cool new strains all the time! (Spoiler alert: these are basically all hybrids.)

There are literally thousands of different cannabis strains out there today. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably hoping to try them all. Still, this explosion in choices means more variety—but also more confusion.

Stick around and read up on the many most popular marijuana strains out there. You will soon know what you’re looking for, and have a shopping list that is way too long the next time you’re headed for the dispensary.