Purple Punch Strain Review: A Euphoric, Full-Body Buzz

Purple Punch: Quick Overview

If fruity, sweet strains are your jam, Purple Punch is going to smack you in the face in the best possible way. With a grape, skittles candy, and fruit punch sort of flavor profile and a euphoric, relaxing high to kill any stress that piles up during the day, Purple Punch is a great strain all around.

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Here in this post we have everything you need to know about the Purple Punch strain and about buying Purple Punch auto-flowering seeds, Purple Punch feminized seeds, and Purple Punch regular seeds online.

Type80:20 Indica-dominant hybrid
THC LevelUp to 25%, 18% average
Effects Relaxing, euphoric body buzz
Smell and Flavor ProfileSweet, dessert-y, fruity, grape, candy, blueberry muffins
Grow DifficultyMedium

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Purple Punch Benefits/Effects

The Purple Punch cannabis strain is one of those seriously indica-dominant lovelies that still feels tasty and balanced. What we mean by that is that it still has a friendly, sweet flavor and just enough of that sativa stimulation and euphoria to balance out those deep body stone effects to make this powerhouse for everyone.

Purple Punch has high THC content of up to 25%, and averages out at about 18%, still nothing to sneeze at, especially for newer users. In some batches this is somewhat balanced out by CBD levels of up to 0.7%, but start low and go slow as always if you’re new to Purple Punch.

A creation of Supernova Gardens, Purple Punch began popping up in dispensaries in the Western United States in 2017. It truly rose to popularity in 2018, and itself birthed several new strains (see genetics).

This recent fame and popularity is in part no doubt thanks to the balanced effects Purple Punch produces, which means almost anyone can enjoy this strain. Our favorite use: as an after-dinner or dessert treat with friends.

Purple Punch Medical Benefits

Purple Punch delivers a sweet combination package of effects that are functional yet relaxing, so it’s ideal for people who need medicinal relief but still want that killer high. Purple Punch has indica roots, but it isn’t a couch-locking strain as long as you watch your intake. Instead, look for a slightly psychedelic buzz with a euphoric and focussed undercurrent and a mild sedative effect from this bud—a high that is mostly thoughtful and relaxing.

Purple Punch is perfect for medical marijuana patients coping with appetite loss, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, nausea, tension, minor body aches, stress, and at high enough servings, insomnia. The buzz starts in the head, and then moves throughout the body to melt away problems.

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Purple Punch Taste and Smell

Purple Punch has an unmistakable sweet aroma that will remind you of sweet, sugary grapes or even Kool-Aid like its ancestor Granddaddy Purple. You may also smell blueberries, pineapple, and grape soda or grape candy generally. This is not a skunky bud!

The flavor of Purple Punch is similar, with grape and berry notes on the inhale, and more sweet and sour flavors from citrus to berries on the exhale.

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Purple Punch Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Typical THC levels of Purple Punch are between 18 and 25 percent. CBD levels are usually under 0.7%, and some samples also contain detectable minor cannabinoid levels such as CBN and CBG. This means Purple Punch is sometimes less likely than other strains to cause negative cannabis side effects such as dry eyes or dry mouth.

In general, Purple Punch is high in Caryophyllene, moderate in Limonene, with smaller amounts of Humulene and Pinene.

Caryophyllene is known to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and can help relieve anxiety and pain. Together this works in a balanced way with Limonene, which is known for its uplifting energizing effects, especially on the mood.

Humulene shares many of the pain relieving benefits as these other terpenes, and it can also soothe an over-active appetite. Pinene shares some of the same qualities as caryophyllene, and also opens the airways as a bronchodilator, producing the menthol or pine effect you may have experienced in the past.

Purple Punch History and Genetics

Purple Punch was bred from the famously fruity and sweet Granddaddy Purple, crossed with Larry OG, a nice, soothing indica. This smart, well-informed breeding has generated fans from both sides, plus scores of new converts. Purple Punch has since birthed Purple Roze and Fuzzy Navel, too.

If You Love Purple Punch Marijuana, Try These Strains

If you like the tingly, deep body effects of Do-Si-Dos or Ice Cream Cake but want even more sweet, fruity dessert flavor instead of the more citrusy taste, go for some Purple Punch cannabis. If you love either the pain relief and medical effects or just the general experience of GMO Cookies, Mendo Breath, or OGKB but want an even more serious body buzz, Purple Punch is a great strain.

Purple Punch is also very similar in effects to OG Kush or Bubba Kush, but is a much better sedative if you want to relax and end up asleep.

Growing the Purple Punch Strain

Purple Punch seeds produce colorful flowers among bright green leaves. These densely packed nugs resemble the GDP ancestor’s purple hues quite a bit, and the thick, frosty coating of glistening trichomes lend this strain a gorgeous glow.

Don’t be misled, though, because Purple Punch isn’t a one-color wonder. This cannabis strain grows in a range of shades from green to purple to orange and yellow, when you bring the pistils into the mix. And if you monitor the temperature of your grow carefully, the array of anthocyanins in Purple Punch make for real bag appeal and a fun bud to cultivate.

Purple Punch is of medium difficulty to grow, so some experience is helping, especially in boosting weak growth and avoiding pests and mold. The Purple Punch strain thrives most readily in a humid, sunny climate, and indoor growers will need high-quality lighting and heating systems. Outdoors, a Mediterranean climate is friendliest for Purple Punch, and harvest time is mid- to late-October.

Grown properly, Purple Punch offers a moderate to high yield. Don’t forget to drop those temps around the flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks for a really stunning crop.

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This true classic of a delicious dessert strain offers the best of sweet flavors with vibrant hues, strong medical effects, and a dank smell. The Purple Punch indica-dominant hybrid strain is a delicious heavy-hitter that brings the body buzz for any occasion.

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