Purple diesel strain is increasingly becoming popular among people dealing with above the average stress or depression. It is also a go-to strain for managing chronic pain, thanks to its high stimulating effect.

Purple Diesel Strain
Type40:60 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 18%
Flowers9 Weeks
Smell and AromaFlue like
Grow DifficultyModerate

The 18% THC concentration will get you high, but not to the point of losing your mind. This cannabis review highlights everything you should know about the Purple Diesel cannabis strain.

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Purple Diesel Feminized Seeds

Purple diesel fertilized seeds are available in several versions, but all are Sativa-dominant hybrids. As the name suggests, this cannabis strain features dense, dark purple buds. In addition, the leaves may contain light or dark blue hues, depending on the strain variation. It takes about eight weeks for the buds to produce flowers.


This strain has a smooth and sour berry taste, mainly dominated by diesel. Thus, if you don’t like the fuel-like aroma (diesel), this may not be your go-to strain. Also, it is imperative to note that some strain variations may contain high THC levels of up to 21%, making it an ideal option for veteran users with high tolerance levels built over the years. Besides the sour, fuel-like taste, this strain leaves you feeling energized, awake, and entirely motivated for your day’s activities

Origin of Purple Diesel Strain

As noted, purple diesel cannabis may come in different variations. However, the original strain is a hybrid made by crossing Sour Diesel and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. There is no clear information or identity of the original breeders, but the many growers give credits to the Cali Connection for creating the best version of the strain.

The hybrid is a blend of Sativa and Indica, in a ratio of 60:40. This ratio makes Purple Diesel a suitable cannabis strain for daytime use. The nearly balanced marijuana contents don’t slow you down. You’ll still experience happiness or euphoria while maintaining high energy levels, provided you consume it in considerable amounts.

Growing Purple Diesel Seeds

Purple diesel is one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow, even for amateurs. Like other cannabis plants, this strain grows with the main stem and multiple branches. Therefore, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growing, or even in a Screen of Green environment.

Despite purple diesel being a Sativa-dominant strain, growing it requires an Indica-hybrid structure. Before flowering, purple diesel plants will exhibit large dark olive nugs, sticky resin coats, and mint-green leaves covered in purple undertones.

What climate does this strain grow best in?

Growing purple diesel cannabis requires the same climatic conditions ideal for any hybrid cannabis. Thus, it grows well in warm and temperature climates, with slight temperature variations.

Cannabis Seeds

That is why most growers prefer cultivating this cannabis strain in indoor environments, where it is easy to control and influence climate or weather conditions. However, the anecdotal accounts of many cultivators indicate that the flower matures faster outdoors than indoor environments.

Feeding this particular strain

The purple diesel cannabis plants grow faster. Hence, you’ll need to feed them heavily with the proper nutrient doses. Feeding starts right from the sapling stage until they get to the flowering stage. If you don’t feed these plants with the right nutrients, they may not attain their full potential or even take longer to fully mature after flowering.

Flowering & Yield: What is the Indoor/Outdoor Yield?

As noted, you can grow the Purple Diesel cannabis in both indoor and outdoor environments. Full-grown plants have the same characteristics and features whether you grow them indoors or outdoors—the nugs have an envelope-like shape, with milky-white, crystalline trichomes. You’ll also notice dense orange hairs surrounding the nugs. The buds of a fully-matured diesel plant are olive green, covered in purplish accents.

Indoor cultivation can realize a typical higher than average yield of up to 14 oz per square meter. You can even achieve a higher yield if you opt for a Screen of Green indoor environment. Moreover, using the Screen of Green cultivation technique guarantees a shorter flowering time. How soon will the flowers be visible in an indoor environment? It will take about 8-9 weeks for the buds to produce flowers and another 11 weeks before the plant is ready for picking.

There is little research on growing the Purple Diesel cannabis outdoors. However, you can expect higher yields than indoor cultivation, especially if you grow them in a cold and humid environment. Also, the plant tends to produce flowers faster when cultivated outdoors. You can expect a yield of about 25-35 oz per square meter with outdoor cultivation.

Experiencing Golden Pineapple Strain

Unlike many cannabis strains, the Purple Diesel has nearly balanced concentrations of Indica and Sativa. Generally, it exhibits a THC content of about 18% but can be higher in some strain variations. You can expect a CBD concentration of about 2.0% in most variations.

This strain is synonymous with giving an uplifting high that stimulates a burst of energy to keep you going throughout the day. Besides, the euphoria effect created by the strain can cheer you up on bad days and even make you productive for a short span.


The high feeling induced by this strain relieves the body of tension, enabling you to enjoy a relaxed evening. Also, some users note that the Purple Diesel can significantly boost appetite if consumed in considerable amounts.

Potential Side Effects of Purple Diesel

The purple diesel cannabis tends to have the same side effects as other marijuana strains if used in excess amounts. However, some users still report adverse side effects even if they consume the “right” amounts. Why is it so? It is imperative to understand that different users have varying tolerance levels for THC.

As noted initially, the Purple Diesel cannabis is ideal for veteran users, with high tolerance levels built over years of marijuana use. If you’re an amateur, your experience with the Purple Diesel will likely be far from good. If that’s your situation, we recommend taking this strain at the end of the day so that you can soon fall asleep.


The prevalent side effects reported by users include experiencing cottonmouth, along with dry eyes. This effect induces sleep, especially when the high feel starts to wear off. Some users may also feel dizzy and a little bit paranoid when smoking. Again, to avoid these adverse effects, you would want to smoke what your body can take a time. Also, it will help if you smoke in a familiar environment to reduce the chances of feeling paranoid.

Purple Diesel Punch Taste & Smell

Although the Purple Diesel has a dominant fuel-like smell, you’ll still experience something similar to fresh berries. Other strain variations may have lavender, grapefruit, or sweet floral aroma. For flavor, you’ll still have to put up with the strong diesel taste, even though most experienced users prefer experiencing this.

Uses for the Blueberry Strain

PTSD and Anxiety Patients

The Purple Diesel is a go-to option for many PTSD and anxiety patients, thanks to its energizing and relaxation effects. Your mind will be freer for interaction and activities that help reduce stress. Remember, the more you get social, the more you experience less stress.

Users with Chronic Pains

This strain helps manage all types of pain, including chronic, when used in the right dosages. Routine use, especially in the evenings, will relieve you from headaches and migraines without affecting your energy levels. Moreover, when high, your mind rarely focuses on body pain unless it’s severe.


Creative Individuals

Sometimes we need a little bit more creativity to keep us going during the day, depending on occupation or the task ahead. The high feeling induced by the Diesel Purple cannabis immerses you in a fantasy world to boost creativity. The ideas in your mind when high on this strain will be out of the ordinary.

Individuals with Irregular Sleep Patterns

Do you find it hard to sleep even when you need to? If yes, you would want to give the Purple Diesel a try. For inducing sleep purposes, you’ll need to take a slightly higher dosage than your wake and bake sessions. You can even hit a small joint first, then consume some food before finishing it. Of course, by the end of the last puff, your body will be yearning for some rest. Remember, you can still use this strain to induce appetite.

Recreation Users

Lastly, you can also use the Purple Diesel cannabis for recreational purposes. Most amateur users find this strain ideal for relaxation at the end of the day. It can also boost your psyche to participate in hobbies and refreshing activities such as dancing or even singing. But remember, you only experience more fun if you use the right dosage amounts. Anything that makes you feel tired and worn out isn’t ideal for recreation.

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