Named after a town in Pakistan, Purple Chitral is an Indica strain with mid-level potency and a strong cheese aroma with tones of berry. The buds for this strain are dense, dark purple and are made up of large calyxes. 

San Rafael 71 Purple Chitral Description

The Indica-dominant strain Purple Chitral by San Rafael 71 has something for everyone. This strain is high in THC and often makes users feel drowsy and relaxed. There are strong notes of berry and cheese, paired with beautiful visuals of deep green, purple and orange buds. This strain is ideal for beginners, all the way up to advanced cannabis consumers


  • THC levels: 15-19%
  • CBD levels: 0-1% 

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Effects of Strain

Purple Chitral is known for being a strain that provides a sense of deep relaxation and sometimes even drowsiness. Mostly-Indica strains are renowned for this and often better consumed during the evening and nighttime, instead of during the day. 

After consuming Purple Chitral, you can expect to feel an instant high that gives you a heavy head sensation. Whether you smoke or vape it, during the first hour of consuming this strain, a heavy, fuzzy and mellow mental high without any anxiety or nervousness. Some users have even reported having a warm sensation on their face with a super relaxed body and a calm mind. 

The deeply relaxed and tranquil state that the “high” this strain produces can soon put users into couchlock. A lot of cannabis enthusiasts have stated they enjoy smoking or vaping this strain for chilling out, relaxing in front of the TV or sleeping. If you’re new to consuming cannabis, then it’s advised to start low and take it slow. Try a smaller dose of this strain and then build your way up and consume more as you become more accustomed to its effects.

Medical Benefits

There are several medical benefits of using this strain and users have reported that Purple Chitral can help with many well-known ailments. 

Many strains offer similar health benefits but some do it better than others. Purple Chitral is a strain that is effective for two ailments in particular; it’s the ability to bust stress and induce sleep is one key player for this strain. The second is the way that it can diffuse pain and offer exponential pain relief to the user. 

This strain boasts a strong ability to combat the effects of depression and anxiety, helping users relax and unwind. The mellow effect can also tackle insomnia by helping consumers of this strain relax into sleep during the night. 

San Rafael 71 - Purple Chitral Strain

Aroma and Flavor

The smell of this strain is reminiscent of summer and sweet berries. The strong berry scent can captivate cannabis consumers, making you want to instantly smoke it fresh out of the packaging. 

Purple Chitral’s flavour is also like sweet berries in summer, combined with cheese and a little wood. After grinding this cannabis strain, the notably favourable cheese scent becomes even more noticeable. 

This aesthetically pleasing strain’s green and purple buds complement the bursting berry taste in every smoke or vape. 


Cannabis strains have additional components other than cannabinoids. The extra elements are called terpenes and help to enhance the flavor and provide health benefits to the user.

The terpenes in Purple Chitral: 

  • Pinene: has an earthy and evergreen scent and is found in many popular strains of marijuana. Pinene is famous for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antibiotic properties. This terpene is also beneficial to combat the effects of anxiety. Studies have even suggested that Pinene has been successful in reducing tumor growth. 
  • Guaiol: has a very pungent pine-like scent with hints of rose and wood. The medical benefits have limited research but it has shown to be effective as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and also have antiparasitic properties. 
  • Myrcene: this terpene isn’t just found in marijuana, it’s also in hops gives it that spicy, peppery fragrance. It can also be found in lemongrass, thyme and mangoes. Myrcene can be affected in relaxing muscles, reducing pain and inflammation and has also shown promise in reducing anxiety. 

Side Effects

Like most Indica-dominant strains, Purple Chitral can put users in severe states of relaxation and drowsiness. One major side-effect is the way that this strain can induce a chilled state and eventually couchlock on some users. 

Dry mouth is another common side-effect of this strain; uncommon side effects include itchy eyes and sometimes paranoia.

Discover Now


San Rafael 71 is infamous in the cannabis world because it’s the place where a group of five friends met up every day at 4:20 to find a patch of cannabis. This cannabis brand says that they slow cure and hand finish all of their buds to ensure the highest quality, purity and strength


Aside from its gorgeous color combination of dark green and purple, this strain boasts a combination of flavours that range from cheesy to herby to sweet. As you pull apart the buds for this strain, you’ll truly experience the sweet berries and dank cheese scent.

Purple Chitral by San Rafael 71 is a mid to high potency strain with high levels of THC. Expect a mellow and relaxing body high with a little cerebral high that isn’t enough to make you anxious. When consuming this strain, your mind will be expanded and you’ll start to feel a sense of deep sedation that eventually creeps over your entire body. 

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