OG Kush Strain Review: A Happy, Hungry High

OG Kush: Quick Overview

OG Kush is perfect for anyone hoping to eliminate stress and improve their mood with some deep, smooth euphoria. Let us introduce you to one of the greatest hybrid strains of all-time: OG Kush.

OG Kush

Here in this strain review we have everything you need to know about the OG Kush strain and about buying OG Kush feminized seeds, OG Kush auto-flowering seeds, and OG Kush regular seeds online.

Type 75:25 indica-dominant hybrid
THC LevelUp to 26%, 19% average
Effects Relaxed, euphoric, happy, hungry, uplifted
Smell and Flavor ProfileHerbal, peppery, citrus, earthy, spicy
Grow Difficulty Difficult

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OG Kush Benefits/Effects

Some people think that the “OG” in OG Kush stands for “Original Gangster” and see this as a popular strain for rappers and their fans. Others are in the “Ocean grown” camp. Whichever it is, OG Kush has leant its awesome genetics and name to countless strains, and it’s a seriously awesome strain to grow and breed. If you’ve ever enjoyed Ghost OG, Girl Scout Cookies, Headband, SFV OG, or Tahoe OG, for example, thank OG Kush for that joy.

OG Kush produces 75%/25% indica-dominant effects, including a mellow flow of relaxation, mood soothing, and pain relief. With high THC levels of at least 19% and up to 26% and CBD levels of less than 1% OG Kush is not playing around, and the result is a seriously stress-busting strain.

The OG Kush strain itself is just what you think of when you say “dank,” with an excellent array of aromas and flavors. This strain’s unforgettable terpene profile is multi-layered, with hints of citrus, fuel, pepper, spice, and skunk.

This is a serious hybrid with a classic deep body stone on offer. It also has that awesome sweet and spicy kush flavor that so many people know and love. It’s a go-to for medical marijuana patients who need strong medicine day and night, and also for recreational users who just want an uplifting, soothing experience.

OG Kush Medical Benefits

Technically an indica-dominant hybrid, people often think about OG Kush as a classic indica strain because they love to feel so mellow and calm—that’s the vibe they get from it. But actually, it’s also the one you reach for when you want a true head experience, even more than a body buzz, but without that feeling of mindrace you might get from a sativa.

Instead, expect a head-focused rush that allows you to focus on colors and sounds around you, and a euphoric upward shift in mood. Eventually this melts into a deeply relaxing blend of happiness and calm, with some of those fun head effects hanging around. It’s a great head trip without the fear or anxiety.

The high THC levels (19 to 26%) mean it has real therapeutic potential. Customer reviews point to success with anxiety, depression, trauma, headaches, and appetite issues stemming from eating disorders and cancer treatment. OG Kush cannabis is known for potent effects.

OG Kush Taste and Smell

Well-cured OG Kush buds offer an earthy, herbal, piney, musty aroma cut with notes of citrus. As you start to grind those buds, you might get more pine and hops. OG Kush can be dense, intense, and cough-inducing—spicy like a classic hash or indica. The smell and taste of OG Kush will be with you for awhile, which is delightful (unless you’re out or something, be careful).

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OG Kush Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Typical THC levels of OG Kush range from 16 to 24%, with 18% being about average. Some strains have moderate CBD levels of up to 1%, and some strains have notable levels of the other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. OG Kush may give you some of the classic high THC side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth, but it is not famous for those issues.

OG Kush is rich in the terpenes Myrcene and Limonene, with smaller amounts of Caryophyllene, and Linalool. Myrcene has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, and pain-relieving effects. It also has anti-cancer benefits.

The well-known energizing and uplifting effects of limonene enhance the mood and offer relief from anxiety and stress. Limonene also acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent and improves digestion.

Caryophyllene, an antioxidant that boosts the immune system, binds with the CB2 receptors. It is a proven anti-inflammatory that also helps treat pain, anxiety, and stress.

Linalool is well-known for its stress-relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant effects and is among the oldest known sleep aids in the world.

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OG Kush History and Genetics

OG Kush came to Los Angeles, California in the 1990s from Florida along with The Bubba. OG Kush soon swept Southern California and formed the genetic foundation of many West Coast cannabis strains, and Matt “Bubba” Berger went on to create Bubba Kush from The Bubba. OG Kush itself was bred from a Hindu Kush landrace and Chemdawg.

If You Love OG Kush Marijuana, Try These Strains

OG Kush is similar to its relative, Platinum Kush, but may not hit you as hard with the munchies (or help your appetite as much if that’s a problem). And if you love the anti-inflammatory or other medical properties of Bubba Kush or another relative, you’ll love going back to OG Kush, the source.

OG Kush offers a very similar experience to Mango or Fire OG, but with a slightly more cerebral edge. If you love Blue Cheese or Northern Lights but don’t want to feel quite as out of it, OG Kush is probably your jam. And if you enjoy Cheese or Lemon Thai but are wanting something a little less hoppy or fruity and a little more spicy—yes! OG Kush is perfect.

Growing the OG Kush Strain

OG Kush seeds are ideal for the grower who is ready to become a breeder, recreating the same classics everyone loves, and breeding their own from strong, trusted genetics. It’s not a strain for beginners, necessarily, so take this on when you’re ready for the next step and some amazing new product.

These plants are not for an absolute beginner, although it is certainly worth the effort. The OG Kush plant does best indoors because it demands attention. Susceptible to disease, mildew, mold, and pests, managing the humidity will assist these plants in thriving.

These are among the better small marijuana plants, which develop flowers with copper pistils that are shaped like pyramids and covered in trichomes. OG Kush marijuana seeds produce a yield of around 16 ounces of sticky nugs coated with resin per three by three square feet of growing space. (And we mean sticky—this is a grinder strain.) Obviously, this is dependent on your OG Kush seeds getting the care and environment they need.

How do you grow OG Kush seeds? With care and patience. Beyond the strain’s sensitivity, the best quality OG Kush demands tropical temperatures, so it really is easier to raise indoors with a reliable, advanced growing operation.

That said, OG Kush seeds are extremely popular for another reason: these plants are compact! This cannabis strain allows growers to optimize even the smallest growing spaces, with very dense, thick foliage rarely topping 36 inches—and usually around 20.

Short flowering times of 8 to 9 weeks make up for the moderate to good yields of about 16 ounces per square meter. You can possibly try for more outdoors, but are unlikely to do better, even in a tropical setting.

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The bottom line is this: OG Kush is a fantastic marijuana strain to smoke and to grow. As a user, it’s the perfect everyday hybrid strain. As a grower, it is a versatile smoke cash cow in its own right, but also because it helps grow so many other great strains.