If you’re a cultivator of weeds or planning to cultivate, you need to know how to identify male and female weed plants because you need to know about the reproduction of weeds and how you can do it in better ways. There are two kinds of plants. One is monoecious, and the other is dioecious. The former produces two types of gametes (male and female) in a single flower whereas the latter produces only male or female gametes.

Cannabis is one of the dioecious plants which produces only male or female sex organs. You can isolate male and female plants if you want to produce seeds through cross-pollination. But it isn’t a great idea as the new generation of weeds will be of poor quality and taste bitter.

You have another option to remove the male plants to ensure the proper growth of female plants which will produce seedless buds named sensimilla. Now, this is slower than the reproduction through seeds, but it provides the quality of weeds, which you need to care about most.

Male and Female Weed Plants differences

Both male and female plants reveal their sex between their nodes. In both cases, branches and leaves come out of the stalk. Females begin as stigma and gradually become snags whereas males begin as pollen sac and end up spreading the pollens.

They are known as pre-flowers and starts unfolding after about four weeks. You can clearly distinguish once it is the sixth week. I have mentioned the significant difference between male and female weed seeds in the latter part of this writing.

Ways to identify male plants

To identify male plants, you first have to know the characteristics of them. Male plants are thicker than the females and have fewer leaves. Males grow taller and taller over time, and this thickness helps them to bear the weight they gain.

July to September is the best period to identify the gender of plants. If the males are successful in pollination, the females are bound to grow less corps as they use their full energy in creating seeds. Thus, you’ll get undersized crops. Male weed plant stages:

  1. Male plants show their gender signs three weeks before the female plants when cultivating in an outdoor setting. And the time is 7-10 days earlier if you grow in an indoor environment.
  2. As a single male plant can destroy your whole crops, you have to check each plant carefully and daily and try to determine the gender of the plants.
  3. Male plants will have a pollen sac, which is tiny in size, and there’s no hair growth. Thus, you can determine the gender if you examine carefully.
  4. Some of the plants may develop both male and female buds, and you have to deal with this as you do with males. It has the potential to destroy your harvests.
  5. You should check the joints of the stalk thoroughly because some tiny balls grow there if it is a male plant. And if the balls have the opportunity to grow, they will damage the whole crops as they will release pollens. Female plants may also have these, but they will have long hairs. So, you should be careful and give them a chance to grow more to be particular about gender.

Also, hermaphroditic plants develop both male and female organs and are to considered as threats. You should treat them like males. If you have any doubt about any plant being male, you should cut it off as it is a potential threat and can destroy the rest of the crops.

If you do not have any intention of growing seeds, you have to remove the male plants as soon as you notice. You have to be careful that you don’t do it with your hands as a tiny portion of the pollens can demolish your crops.

If you intend to keep the male plants for breeding, you have to keep the males and females in separate rooms. And, you should be careful that you are not carrying any pollens unknowingly.

Ways to identify female plants

As I have said before, cannabis plants reveal their gender in the sixth week or sometimes more than that. During this period, they develop reproductive organs, and soon they start to produce seeds. If you don’t want to take any risks, you have the option to buy feminized seeds only. However, there’s still a chance for the male plants to grow among those all-female plants.

For this reason, you have to be careful and examine your plants daily. Female plants have bushier leaves than the male parts of the plants.

If you want to differentiate between male and female weed plants, you have to know their different characteristics. You can identify the gender of the plants if you carefully examine the leaves and the stalks. The stalk is long and thick for the male plants. Contrarily, the stalk is short and thin for the females. If we talk about the leaves, you will find tiny leaves on the male plants whereas thick and bushy leaves on the females.

Another right way to determine gender is to check the stalks. At the stalks, there will be tiny and translucent hairs, unlike the male plants. Also, fully grown female plants start flowering. Separating males from female plants have two significant advantages. One is to prevent the fertilization of female plants, and the other is to give more space to the females to grow appropriately.

Experts’ advice: If you want the best of your plants, you must separate the males from the female plants. Also, you should get rid of the hermaphrodites as they are potential threats to your female plants. Remember that only female plants can produce premium quality THC, which can be used as medicines. Once the males fertilize the females, you can never get the THC buds.

Female weed plant stages:

The tiny and translucent hairs, which are known as pistils, catch the pollens and thus the female plant gets fertilized. Once it happens, the female plant uses its total energy and nutrition in growing seeds. I have talked about a few methods of gender distinguish procedures. Among all the processes, the most reliable is the pre-flower formation period.

How to Find the Best Seed Banks

Many online vendors sell cannabis plants, but not all of them are reliable, nor all of them can serve your needs. So, if you’re planning to buy seeds online, you have to find the best vendors to order. If you try any vendor randomly, there are chances that you will get average quality seeds or no seeds at all. That’s why it is crucial to buy from the right vendor.

To ensure that you get premium quality seeds that are fresh and viable, you need to consider a few things about the vendor. Check for the reputation, customer service, customer reviews, seeds’ variation, payment method, product guarantee, and money-back guarantee of the vendor.

If all the factors meet the satisfactory level, you can rely on that vendor. Remember that, the edgy and slick design of the website has nothing to do with the product quality. Don’t get fooled by the less important things.

Those seed banks that offer various types of seeds are worth trying. If you’re a beginner or experienced, you can get your desired seeds from them. It doesn’t matter if the seed bank is popular or not if it cannot serve you with your desired seeds.

That’s why you should search for a seed bank which offers a vast range of seeds such as auto-flowering, feminized, or even regular seeds. If you’re after feminized seeds, you can try Gelato seeds which are nowadays very popular for its ability to grow premium quality strains. When you buy from a top-notch seed bank, you can be particular about getting high-quality seeds.

How to Tell If Your Plant is Male or Female Before Flowering

You must know by now that seed growers want to grow female plants only. That’s why they want to get rid of male and hermaphrodite plants. Identifying male and female weed plants is an essential job for growers. If you buy regular seeds, you can expect to get 50% of males and the other 50% is female plants.

However, you cannot determine the gender when the plants are at their childhood stage. One can only determine the gender after six weeks when the pre-flower stage arrives. Male and female weed plants early stages can differentiate between them.

Once the plants enter the flowering stage, it will stop using its energy in growing. It will only use energy to produce flowers. During this flowering stage, which is also known as the adolescent stage, plants start to produce reproduction organs; pollen sac for male plants and buds for the female plants. Thus, you can end the fight of male vs female weed plant early stages.

So, if you want to produce female plants without so much hassle, you can buy feminized seeds from online. Seed banks will guarantee you that all the seeds will grow as female plants. It’s the easiest way to grow cannabis.

Regular marijuana plants unveil their sex in two conditions:

1. After the childhood stage of the plants when the pre-flower stage arrives. This will happen even you keep them in vegetative light or transfer them to the flowering light setup.

2. After the lighting stage, the remaining plants will reveal their gender in 1-3 weeks if the lighting is restored to the original setup.

You have to carefully notice your plants when they arrive at the pre-flower stage because they will reveal their gender during this period. This is usually for six weeks as it is already mentioned that the male plants and female plants have different characteristics in this stage. Males produce balls that carry pollen, and the females produce buds. The buds have tiny and white hairs. Once you have examined the characteristics, you can be particular about the sex of the plants and do the necessities.

Characteristics of a Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant

I have already mentioned in this writing what hermaphrodite plant is. They are cannabis plants that develop male and female weed plants together in a single plant. This happens because of two significant discomforts they face. One is a stressful environment, and another is a lack of male plants.

If the plants are grown in an area that is not proper for their growth, they will produce both male and female organs. This is because they are afraid that they won’t be able to survive the harsh environment.

The second reason is the lack of male plants. The whole race of plants, including cannabis, wants to survive by pollinating. If they do not find sufficient male plants nearby to perform their pollination, they will develop male organs in them.

The commonly known stressors of the environment are:

  1. Bad weather.
  2. Deficiency in nutrition.
  3. Damaged plants.
  4. Diseases.

So, you have to make sure that the plants are not facing these stressors.

You will encounter two types of hermaphrodites if you start growing cannabis. One is known as anthers, and the other produces sac and buds.

You should check thoroughly and regularly and remove all the hermaphrodites immediately after noticing unless you want some portion of your plants to be pollinated.

Can a female plant turn male?

There are some reasons behind the transformation of female plants into hermaphrodites. Some of the reasons are:

  • Bright lighting
  • Inconsistent light and dark period
  • Deficiency in water
  • Hot temperature
  • Inconsistent or harmful pH level
  • Genetic history of transformation
  • Deficiency in nutrition

If you want to produce good quality strains, you shall take care of the above things that they may not happen ever.

Variation of Hermaphrodites

There are two kinds of hermaphrodites. Different hermaphrodite has different levels of hermaphroditism.

1. Real hermaphrodites: These are hermaphrodites by birth. They gain this characteristic from their ancestors.

2. Female hermaphrodites: these are primarily female plants that grow male organs because of stresses or some deficiencies in the environment.

Levels of Hermaphroditism

There are three levels of hermaphroditism based on the difference between the male and female flower numbers.

1. Mostly male flowers: they can act like male plants by eliminating female organs.

2. Mostly female flowers: they can act like female plants by eliminating male organs.

3. An equal number of male and female flowers: These types of plants self-pollinate.

Final Words

You already know that you have to differentiate between the male and female weed plants if you want edible quality weeds. This differentiation phase is not particular. You have to do this job daily and thoroughly as one male plant can destroy your whole crops. So, you have to be very careful from the very beginning of cultivation.

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