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I Love Growing Marijuana is known for being one of the most recommended marijuana sellers in the world. They’ve got more than 6000 positive user reviews on their Kiyoh profile, and that shows how much their customers love them. 

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the valid and active coupon codes and deals they have available right now. These include some brilliant deals on marijuana seeds which we can’t wait to share with you. 

We’ll also discuss why so many people love ILGM and are keen to use an ILGM discount code. Big reasons are the affordable and efficient shipping policies, as well as the helpful information they provide about growing marijuana seeds

Giving you all this information up front will help you to see all the benefits that ILGM has to offer, and help you to find the right coupon code for your needs. 

ILGM Seed Deals
ILGM Seed Deals

ILGM Discount Codes And Promos You Can Benefit From 

There are currently two active and valid ILGM discount codes available on their website at the time of writing. We’ll talk about each one. Using them will take money off of your next order, but you can only use them once, so use them wisely! 

$10 off your next order from ILGM

If you want to take $10 off your next purchase, then you can go to the checkout and enter THXFROMROBERT$ into the relevant section. Make sure you spell it out correctly, all in uppercase, otherwise you won’t be able to benefit from this ILGM discount code. You can copy and paste it if that helps. 

If you’re buying some seeds which come to more than $100, it’s probably best to opt for this coupon, because you’ll get more off your order. Ultimately, though, the choice is yours.

$5 off your next order from ILGM 

If you want to take off $5 from your next order at ILGM, then you can use an alternative code. This one is a little easier to type in manually. It’s 5fromrobert. There are no spaces or uppercase letters. Once you put it into the relevant box at the checkout page, you’ll get $5 off. 

This is best used on some of the cheaper seeds that they have on offer because you’ll be saving slightly less money. Like the $10 discount, bear in mind you can only use it once, so pick carefully.

ILGM Free Deals
ILGM Free Deals

10 Free Seeds from ILGM 

You can take advantage of buying 10 seeds and get 10 free offers on over a dozen of their marijuana strains. At the time of writing, these include strains like: 

These deals are subject to change, so if you want to take advantage of them you should act fast and click one of the links above. You can also see the full range of strains they have in this offer here

For now, these are all the offers available at ILGM but be sure to check their homepage to see if any new offers are available when you read this. You won’t need to enter an coupon code for these offers.

ILGM Customer Review
ILGM Customer Review

What People Love About ILGM

ILGM hasn’t accumulated all those positive reviews just by existing. There are reasons why people love them and are motivated to use an ilovegrowingmarijuana discount code. Like we mentioned at the start, their provision of valuable information and their shipping policies are the main ones. We’ll cover each in turn. 

Valuable Information from ILGM 

When you’re looking for information about anything marijuana-related on ILGM, you’ll find they have FAQs, a support page with contact information, and a series of guides. This makes them one of the most comprehensive sites on the Internet when it comes to the help they provide their customers. That’s what makes an ilovegrowingmarijuana discount code so valuable. 

Their section on growing seeds is worth mentioning in particular. They have information on:

  • Storing your seeds
  • Germinating your seeds
  • What to do if your seeds don’t sprout 
  • What to do if something is wrong with your plant 
  • Where to go if you need additional assistance 

They link to a beginner’s guide, and they even have a complete course for those who want to start out growing marijuana. That means it couldn’t be easier to find out what to do with any seeds you buy from ILGM using an coupon or ILGM discount code. 

If seed problems are getting you down, then ILGM will make sure you get your problems solved as quickly as possible. Their founder, Robert Bergman, has written a Grow Bible, their website has grow guides, and they even have an online symptom checker. 

ILGM's Shipping Policy
ILGM’s Shipping Policy

The ILGM Shipping Policy 

One of the most common reasons for positive feedback on Kiyoh is the shipping. It’s fast, secure, and discreet. But those aren’t even the best benefits. That would be the fact that their shipping is free within all U.S. states, no matter how many marijuana seeds you’ve ordered. 

They also make sure your order will arrive within 2-10 business days, with the average arrival time being just 4 days. They’ll despatch your order within 2 days of confirming your payment, and they’ll work fast to get it to you as soon as possible. It’s rare for orders to take as long as 10 days.

They rely on their many years of shipping marijuana globally to ensure that your order looks just like other packages. Nobody will know it contains marijuana except ILGM and you. They also have a policy in place in the rare case any damage occurs. You can just send them a photograph of the seeds in original packaging, and you’ll get free replacements. 

Ilgm Seeds

ILGM Seed Deals

  • Feminized
  • Autoflower
  • Hybrid
  • High THC
  • High Yields
  • High CBD


If you use an coupon, you’ll be getting all of these benefits slightly cheaper than you would otherwise. Plus, an ILGM discount doesn’t require you to even use one of these codes. You can benefit from one of their free seed deals too. 

You’ll also be aware of why so many customers felt the need to recommend ILGM online. If you want to become one of those customers, the next step is easy. 

Click here to visit ILGM now.