Homegrown Cannabis Co. Seed Bank Review


What’s in a name? In the case of Homegrown Cannabis Co, everything! The company is home-grown, right here in the USA (California, to be precise). They serve exclusively American customers and they ship from within the US. 

This is a game-changer for American growers tired of risking European seed banks.

While serving US customers on their doorstep is an AMAZING, unique selling point, we wanted to see how the rest of the site matched up. 

Do they have a good selection of seeds? Do they have info for beginner growers? What about payments, returns, customer service?

Everybody is talking about Homegrown these days. We’re going to find out why…

Homegrown Cannabis Co: the selection.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say, simply, that Homegrown Cannabis Co. has it all. Especially when it comes to their selection of seeds.

They have cultivars in every category imaginable, and in categories we didn’t know existed! 

Alongside your traditional fems, regs, autos, indicas, sativas etc, they have fast-flowers, high-CBD, auto CBDs, fast-flowering high-CBD, fast-flowering high-THC, the list goes on! 

Every combination of every type of cannabis cultivar you could ever think of, seriously!

They have all the classics: Widows, Lights, Diesels, Cookies, Hazes etc, beautiful modern hybrids like Wedding Cake and Gelato, and a fine collection of unique cultivars like Harpoon Rock and Purple Jazz – ONLY AVAILABLE AT HOMEGROWN.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: seed quality.

Homegrown boasts a six-figure subscriber base and they ship A LOT of seeds. They also have a 9.6/10 score on independent reviews. This simply cannot happen without rigorous quality control. They employ methods like super-frequent acceptance sampling to support batch-test results (a minimum 95% of their seeds MUST germinate, otherwise the batch is rejected), meaning peace of mind for customers AND the support staff.

They’re so confident in the quality of their seeds, they will replace any that don’t germinate.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: payment options.

You can complete your purchase in a variety of ways at Homegrown. As well as credit or debit card, they accept:

  • ACH/eCheck – make sure you have your routing and account number to hand.
  • Email – use your email address to pay via Zelle, GPay or Cashapp.
  • Bank transfer – you can do this online or via counter deposit.
  • Crypto – Homegrown accepts Bitcoin and they have a helpful guide to assist the purchase.
  • Snail mail – seems old-fashioned, but Homegrown will accept cash, checks or money orders through the post.
  • Telephone – pay over the phone with your card.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: return policy.

For the return policy, see the germination policy (above). The only thing to be aware of is you must attempt germination within 90 days of purchase and you must follow Homegrown’s germination guide.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: shipping.

When we mentioned that people are talking about Homegrown ALL THE TIME, their shipping record is a good reason why. 

They are fast and efficient and they rarely make mistakes. Their job is made 100 times easier by shipping from inside the USA.

While we dearly love the European seed banks that have traditionally supplied the US, we don’t see how they can compete, long-term, with Homegrown’s offer.

Their shipping, like their germination, is guaranteed. If you don’t receive your goods, you WILL receive a resend.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: educational content.

The vast educational resource available to Homegrown customers is astonishing. And it’s all free. They like to point out they are a cannabis brand, not just a seed bank. One look at the blog and you can see why! 

They’ve partnered with Kyle Kushman as resident indoor expert, Nikki and Swami (Swami Select, Emerald Cup Judges) for outdoor, and Steve DeAngelo – the Father of the cannabis industry himself!

Homegrown customers can enjoy 100s of articles, videos, podcasts and guides. They have access to a Community Forum, they can post their progress and compare yield per watt on Homegrown Diaries, and they get a live QandA every month with Kyle Kushman and his apprentice, Nate Hammer. 

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Homegrown Cannabis Co: customer support.

Homegrown are ON IT when it comes to customer support, and why not? They are here, in the States, giving you a great chance of a swift response on the telephone, by email or via the forum.

And hey, if you don’t get through, you can always log on to the live stream and ask Kyle Kushman direct! He knows a thing or two about growing 🤓.

Homegrown Cannabis Co: the pros.

  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number One): Homegrown stocks the BEST American strains.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Two): Homegrown replaces non-viable seeds.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Three): Homegrown delivers the best free cannabis education.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Four): Kyle Kushman.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Five): Homegrown guarantees delivery anywhere in the US.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Six): Homegrown ships to the US, from the US. 
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Seven): Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Eight): Steve DeAngelo.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Nine): Great value, great promos, great prices.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Ten): Amazing support (phone, email, forum, live-stream, diaries, chat).
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Eleven): Eric Goepel.
  • Reasons we love Homegrown (Number Twelve): Homegrown is a home-grown US cannabis brand. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co: the cons.

While the educational department at Homegrown is HUGE, and divided neatly into categories, there is no search option within the blog. This can make it a little time-consuming to find exactly what you’re looking for, quickly.

You also have to be mindful of your time zone when calling customer support. It can be disappointing to get an answer phone when you really want to talk to someone in person.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co: final thoughts.

We agree, wholeheartedly, with the owners of Homegrown. They are more than a seed bank, but they’re more than a brand, too. Homegrown is a family. An absolutely enormous family, but a family nonetheless. 

The customers help each other out on the forum. They give each other advice and encouragement. They can buy cannabis seeds with absolute confidence, knowing they will be looked after if things go wrong.

The selection is fantastic, the quality is unsurpassed and it’s just a joy to be on their site. Exploring, learning, shopping, chatting… WE LOVE IT.