Hindu Kush Strain: Cannabis Review

The Hindu Kush strain is a pure Indica strain grown in a tough climate. The mountains where it’s located are uninhabitable, and are very risky to cross. In a way, that risk makes this strain even more desirable.

Type100% Indica
THC LevelUp to 18%
Flowers8 Weeks
Yield14-17oz per 3x3ft
Grow DifficultyEasy

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It’s also got a protective coat that makes it especially attractive to cannabis growers worldwide. That coat is made of trichomes. 

It’s got a lightly sweetened scent that reminds you of sandalwood and the earth. The taste of Hindu Kush is creamy, and feels like velvet inside your mouth and throat, which makes it hugely appealing.

Origin of Hindu Kush Strain

The Hindu Kush strain is named after a 500-mile mountain range that crosses between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The name means Hindu killer in Persian, which is quite an exotic name for a cannabis strain to have. A lot of them get named Kush now, but this strain actually has the lineage to back it up.

The strain itself is quite pure and is considerably more potent than some of the cross-bred strains that are popular today. But the best quality Hindu Kush is probably not widely available in the Western world. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some though.

Growing Hindu Kush Seeds

What climate does this strain grow best in?

The indigenous climate of the Hindu Kush strain varies wildly, and that makes growing it outdoors a real challenge. The weather is seasonal, with snow in the summer and dry winters.

Some versions of the strain have been crossbred in small ways that don’t change the essential characteristics, and these strains are better for growing outdoors. 

Growing it indoors is possible, thankfully, but you need to space out the plants because they have wide branches that can easily push against each other. It also has broad leaves that need trimming so that light can reach the flower nodes.

Feeding this particular strain

Feeding the Hindu Kush strain is very important. It requires a large number of nutrients like nitrogen, and supplements like CalMag are recommended too.

The best stage in which to feed Hindu Kush is the vegetative stage, as this is where most of the growth will take place. By feeding it in this period, it will make the most use of the nutrients and supplements you give it.

You can ensure that the nutrients have the best results by having 60-70% humidity, and keeping the temperature between 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants should also be getting 16-18 hours of light every day.

Flowering & Yield

The indoor and outdoor yields for the Hindu Kush strain are similar and are rated as moderate. More specifically, you can expect an outdoor yield of around 16 ounces for a plant and an indoor yield of about 14 ounces for each square meter.

You can push the plant to flower after only a few weeks if you’re pressed for time. However, if you do, your overall yield will be reduced to around 3-4 ounces. In terms of flowering time, it’s usually quite short at around 8 weeks, so there’s no need to rush it.

Experiencing Hindu Kush Strain

There are several major effects that you’re likely to experience if you take Hindu Kush. You’ll become relaxed and sleepy, but you’ll also feel euphoric, happy, and uplifted. Most people report feeling relaxed, so this is the most common effect. 


The THC content is on average 17% but can be as high as 20%. There is no CBD present in this strain.

However, a lot of people do report experiencing a dry mouth, and some report dry eyes as well. A few people can become dizzy or paranoid too, but these negative effects are very rare, and you probably won’t experience them.

Hindu Kush Taste & Smell

When you exhale the smoke from the Hindu Kush strain, you’ll notice a mild taste of pine. This is a signature flavor of Hindu Kush. Along with it, you’ll also taste herby flavors and incense. The smell has many features, including spice, wet earth, and sandalwood. This makes it captivating.

One of the most significant medicinal uses that Hindu Kush has is treating insomnia. Given the effects it has this is probably not surprising. However, more people use it for relieving stress and pain, which is probably because of how calming it is. It also has some benefits for those who want to treat anxiety and depression

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