Gushers Strain: Cannabis Review

Gushers Strain, or White Gushers, is a hybrid strain. Derived from Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush, this strain’s profile is something else. Both easy-to-grow and hard-hitting, you’ll have a hard time finding a better strain to begin your operations. This strain has been known for its distinctive combination of high THC and low CBD content. Anyone who would like a THC dominant strain would love Gushers.

Gushers Strain
Type50:50 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 23%
CGBUp to 1%
Smell and AromaFruity and Earthy
Grow DifficultyMedium

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Gushers Feminized Seeds

Gushers seeds are available in a feminized variety. All of ILGM’s strains have fully feminized options, ensuring every plant produces a bounty of buds. Gushers, in particular, has an interesting heritage. Although it’s among the youngest strains to gain recognition, its parentage is top-of-the-line.

Key Characteristics

Up to 23% THC Content:Such a high THC concentration would’ve been insane years ago. Back then, even 15% would’ve been rather high. Now, you can go even beyond that by growing some Gushers.
Up to 1% CBG Content:Each plant produces a sizeable quantity of CBD, similar to CBD. This cannabinoid isn’t nearly as common as some of the others, but it’s got some rather relaxing effects. Thus, making Gushers supremely sedating.
50% Indica 50% Sativa:An even mixture of both Indica and Sativa genetics forms the baseline of this plant’s heritage. You’ll have a tough time finding a more evenly balanced hybrid.
Easy to Grow:Enough beginners have had success with this plant to make it an easy recommendation. If you’ve struggled with other strains before, Gushers ought to treat you right.
Fruity and Earthy Aromas:Describing how this strain smells can be simply elusive, eluding words the harder you try to find them. However, most users have been comparing it to fruit and dirt. That combo sounds less enticing than the reality. Stick your head in a bad, and you’ll have a tough time pulling away.

Origin of Gushers as a Strain

Hybrid of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush:

Hybridized by design, Gushers takes the best of both its parents, and it combines those factors to create an amazing package. Buds packed with THC, this strain’s THC concentration have climbed as high as 23%.


Even some CBG, a novel cannabinoid, is inside those buds. As much as 1% of each plant is comprised of it. Slightly different from CBD, CBG has been said to enhance the effects of the other cannabinoids.

Premium Autoflower

Created in the 2010s, It’s Been Compared to Strains like Runtz and Zkittlez:

Few strains combine their parentage quite as skillfully as Gushers. They’ve managed to steadily improve the strain’s profile ever since it’s been on the market. As a result, they’ve been improving an already impressive product.

Growing Gushers Seeds

Growing these seeds isn’t too tough. As long as you supply them with plenty of nutrients, they’ve tended to thrive. They’ll take to an indoor or outdoor environment. However, make sure to keep an eye on their moisture levels. Letting them get too humid isn’t the best.

What Climate Does This Strain Grow Best In?

Gushers happen to be among the heartiest plans we’ve seen. Maintain the humidity at appropriate levels, between 55% and 65%. Whether you’ve grown them indoors or outdoors, as long as the humidity remains within bounds, they’ll grow great

Sometimes, Leaves May Yellow, Indicating There’s Too Much Water:

Keeping an eye on the leaves would be the easiest way to monitor your plant’s health. If they’ve begun to turn yellow, then you ought to water them less frequently. Most of the time, yellowing leaves indicate you’ve been overwatering them. By pulling back a bit, their color should return, just as vibrant as ever.

Cannabis Seeds

Feeding This Particular Strain

We’d suggest starting with a solid foundation of a planter’s soil. Such soil contains necessary nutrients for your plant. Also, you might want to consider adding a bit of nitrogen. This particular strain appears to run through nitrogen rather quickly. Therefore, depleting its soil faster than other strains.

Flowering & Yield: What is the indoor/outdoor yield?

The size of a harvest depends on several factors, including the grower’s experience level. More experienced growers tend to produce better harvests. However, you’ll always produce a more bountiful harvest by growing your plants indoors. When you grow inside, it’s easier to control the environmental conditions, enhancing the final results.

Indoor Yields Are Larger Than Outdoor Yields:

On average, if you’ve grown them indoors, you’ll produce about 16 ounces per square meter. In contrast, outdoor yields are about three-quarters of that. So, if you’d like to optimize your plant’s growth, an indoor setup would be the sensible option.

Experiencing Gushers Strain

Always pay attention to the size of your dose. Otherwise, your likelihood of experiencing negative effects would increase. Most users report nothing but great experiences with this strain. However, if you use too much of it, you might become anxious.

Other than a bit of anxiety, few negative experiences have been reported. In fact, we’d say the most commonly experienced effects are quite nice.

Effects of Gushers

Euphoric:Have you ever felt like you’ve been glowing? Think about what it felt like when you accomplished a huge goal, light and airy. That’s a bit similar to how hitting some of this feels.
Uplifting:When you get unexpectedly good news, it sends your heart soaring. So does hitting a bit of this strain.
Pain-Relieving:Would you like something that masked your chronic back pain? While this strain won’t cure it, it can certainly help make it a lot more bearable.

Gushers Taste & Smell

Any strain’s flavor is defined, primarily, by its terpene content. Terpenes are a type of chemical compound contained within plants, especially in cannabis. These aromatic chemicals are what make cannabis so flavorful, both scent and taste. Depending on which terpenes are the most dominant, certain scents and tastes are predominant.

Taste and Smell Profile

Dominant Terpene Is Limonene:Gusher’s main terpene would be Limonene, a terpene that smells like lemons. Although there are other terpenes, Limonene comprises the majority. Thus, making this strain smell lemony.
Fruit Blended With Diesel:Other than its distinctive lemon scent, there’s a complex combination of scents, hiding underneath. We’ve heard people remark about its diesel tones. Not to mention, they’ve even been described as similar to berries.
Tastes Similar to its Parents:Gusher’s flavor is just as complex as its aroma. If you’ve had a chance to try Gelato #41, then you’d recognize portions of this taste. It’s as if you combined both of its parents in a perfectly even mixture.

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Other Strains You Might Like

Gorilla Glue:Gushers is similar to Gorilla Glue, but it doesn’t have nearly as well-established a reputation. So, if you’d prefer working with something that’s been around for a while, Gorilla Glue might be the better choice. Those buds are loaded with THC, some of the highest concentrations in the industry. Few strains produce as much as Gorilla Glue.
White Widow:Anyone who has taken a hit of White Widow can tell you about its unique flavor. There’s a reason it’s been given the name it’s got. Unless you are careful, those hits might put you in the ground. Luckily, ILGM has plenty of them in stock. Growing them is even easier than growing Gushers, too.
Super Skunk:Super Skunk’s hybrid genetics don’t leave much to the imagination. Combining both Indica and Sativa traits, this strain hits like a train, time after time. Whenever you’d like a guaranteed hit, toking on some of this wouldn’t be a bad bet. In fact, we’d recommend it.

If you’d like to start growing, then grab some of these feminized seeds. ILGM’s inventory has plenty of stock available. So, to get started, go ahead and place an order.

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