The Best Feminized Seed Variety Packs

Standard seeds have a 50% chance of giving rise to male plants. On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred, so they can only produce female plants. It is worth noting that female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce flowers that can be consumed.

Therefore, feminized seeds are essential in the cultivation of cannabis. Having male cannabis plants next to the female plants can ruin your harvest since males have pollen sacs, so they pollinate the young female plants’ buds.

The female plants’ flowers will be filled with seeds when pollination happens, meaning that their value and quality will be lowered. Hence, growers and breeders came up with feminized seeds. 


You can alleviate the chances of having male plants pollinate the female plants or the possibility of having male plants that will not flower by using feminized seeds. The best part is there are feminized-seed variety packs you can select from ILGM.

Why Buy Feminized-Seed Variety Packs?

There are multiple reasons and advantages on why you should buy feminized seeds. As discussed above, you eliminate the chance of having male plants that can pollinate your female plants’ flowers, which will lower their value and quality. 

However, getting a feminized-seed variety pack is an even better choice. Whether you are a veteran or a novice in planting marijuana, you cannot go wrong with the feminized-seed variety pack. Visit ILGM to check out their selection.


Variety packs are an excellent choice because they allow you to try multiple types of seeds, and you will have an array to select from during your harvest. You only have to order one pack of seeds to get all these, which is more than a fair deal.

Buying the variety pack allows you to sample various themes, and after your harvest, you can select the one you like best. This saves you the time you would have to spend trying out a type at a time, trying to find the quality that matches what you are looking for. With a variety pack, you can determine this during harvest.

The variety pack is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to try the different strains available, especially if you have not yet found what best suits you. If you also enjoy having a range of options to use, this is still an excellent option for you.

It is also worth mentioning that choosing the variety pack is that much cheaper. For instance, it would be costlier if you bought different types of seeds separately. Besides, you get your money’s worth with the variety pack.

Lastly, since the seeds are feminized, you do not have to waste your time growing males. There is no 100% guarantee that there won’t be any plants, but the chances of having a male plant are more minimal. 

You do not have to keep monitoring your garden, looking for any male plants constantly, and you will also not spend a lot on fertilizer and pesticides on the male plants only to uproot them. So the variety pack is a much better choice if you want to buy feminized cannabis seeds for your garden.

Where to Buy Great-Value Marijuana Feminized Seed Variety Pack Online

Buying marijuana seed variety packs online can be a daunting task, especially if you are a novice and unsure what you are looking for. But buying great-value marijuana seed variety packs online does not have to be complicated.

There are multiple strains to select from, so it might help to understand what strain you would like. There are also numerous online seed banks and brands to choose from. However, you do not have to task yourself with this task.

One of the best places to buy excellent marijuana seed variety packs online is from I love growing marijuana, ILGM. They have some of the best seeds and are also quite popular.


Remember that where you buy your feminized seeds matters a lot. With ILGM, you cannot go wrong. There are multiple reviews from satisfied clients that confirm this. 

The seeds are relatively affordable and high-quality. Besides, ILGM has been running for many years, so you are guaranteed that they will deliver when you make a purchase.

Suppose your delivery does not arrive. They guarantee to send you a new batch at no extra cost. It is essential that when you are purchasing your seeds online, you do so from a reputable seed bank. It is also worth mentioning that ILGM is an international seed bank.


ILGM has been operational for more than two decades and is based in Holland. Based on the period they have been operating for, you can be sure that they are legitimate, especially when you consider factors like marijuana legalization and eCommerce. Mostly referred to as ILGM, I love growing marijuana ILGM is your go-to shop for a variety of feminized seeds.

They have such a vast selection for you to choose from you can be overwhelmed. Luckily, their wide range of products has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or already know what you are looking for.


They also have such incredible offers of feminized seeds that are value-oriented. Every pack mix and strain type has detailed information, and you are guaranteed that the seeds will germinate.

Therefore, suppose you buy your variety pack seeds from ILGM, and they do not germinate. You will receive a replacement at no extra cost.

ILGM includes various strains in the variety packs, so you do not have to struggle to choose a strain, especially if you are new to this. With the variety pack, you will sample multiple strains and decide what works for you best. Some of the seeds included in the variety packs include auto flower, spicy, and fruity.

They are also the best online shop to buy from because they offer free shipping across the US, their growth support is operational 24/7, guaranteed germination, and guaranteed delivery.

They also provide multiple resources on their website that are helpful for both beginners and veterans who want to grow marijuana. Beginners can significantly benefit from these resources and have a successful first growth and harvest.


Every seed variety pack from ILGM contains three different strains, and you can choose a pack containing 15 seeds or 30 seeds, meaning that you will have either five or ten seeds for each strain. 

Each of the strains in these packs has a specific trait. Listed below are some of the seed variety pack options you can select from.

Beginner Mix

This seed variety pack from ILGM is the best option for anyone new to growing marijuana. If it is your first time, then shop for the beginner mix to get the most out of your harvest and also have a much simpler time through the whole process.

The three strains included in the Beginner Mix pack are Bubblegum feminized, AK-47 feminized, and White Widow feminized. These are some of the easiest seeds to grow, and they are also quite popular.

beginner mix seed variety pack

Buy Beginner Mix

  • White Widow feminized
  • AK-47 feminized
  • Bubble Gum feminized

The strains contain average THC and medium CBD levels, making it the perfect choice for beginner consumers and growers.

This strain also offers you an excellent introduction to growing Sativa dominant, Indica dominant, and 50/50 hybrid marijuana. This pack will ensure that your first time growing marijuana is straightforward.

Autoflower Sweet Mix

There are multiple auto flower varieties to select from ILGM. The Autoflower sweet mix is one option you should consider trying out, especially if you have a sweet tooth. If you would like to grow auto flowers, this is an excellent choice.

The three strains included in this pack are Wedding Cake Auto, Gelato Auto, and Zkittlez Auto. If your preferred marijuana flavor is something sweet, this is the perfect variety pack for you.


Buy Autoflower Sweet Mix

  • Zkittlez Auto
  • Gelato Auto
  • Wedding Cake Auto

Other auto flower mixes include auto flower snack mix, autoflower supermix, and auto flower mix. Generally, the auto flower mix pack is also an excellent choice for beginners.

Growing marijuana is much easier when you use the auto flower mix pack because auto flowers do not require your help when they get into the flowering stage.

This is why they are excellent for beginners. It is worth mentioning that they are ideal for indoor growth since they are small plants and are very quick-growing.

This variety pack contains some of the best strains, and you can select from the popular northern lights, indica dominant blueberry, or the Sativa dominant Amnesia Haze.

Heavy Hitters Mix Pack

If you plan to grow the Heavy Hitters Mix pack indoors, it would be best to prepare your space since these plants grow quite tall. The strains in the Heavy Hitters mix pack include Blue Dream, MK Ultra, and Gorilla Glue. One Sativa dominant and two hybrids are popularly known to have therapeutic effects.

So suppose you are having one of those hard and challenging days. This mix pack guarantees to knock out whatever it is that is getting in your way. It does not matter what challenge you are going through, be it sadness, stress, or pain.

heavy hitters seed variety pack

Buy Heavy Hitters Mix

  • Blue Dream feminized
  • Gorilla Glue feminized
  • MK Ultra feminized

This is the right option for you. However, it would be best to seek professional help if you struggle with something in your life. While the Heavy Hitters mix pack can offer you relief, it helps to address anything you may be struggling with head-on.

Spicy Mix Pack

Am mentioned earlier, ILGM has something for everyone. The Spicy Mix pack is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer their marijuana to have a bit of kick to it. The spicy mix pack is also an ideal choice for beginners as much as it includes three indicas that give noticeable effects.

It is worth mentioning that these strains are popularly used for medicinal purposes since they are pretty potent. The three strains included in this pack are the auto-flowering Lowryder that immediately puts you to bed, the Super Skunk that helps you fight pain, and OG Kush that is almost pure and helps you fight stress.

spicy mix seed variety pack

Buy Spicy Mix

  • Lowryder Autoflower
  • OG Kush feminized
  • Super Skunk feminized

Patriot Mix Pack

The Patriot Mix pack is made up of Sour Diesel that is a party starter, the Ak-47 that is Sativa dominant, and Bubblegum bred in Indiana.

According to the High Times, these strains are some of the greatest, and they are also award-winning. While you can grow good weed anywhere, the patriot mix strain earns its popularity from the USA.

These strains not only pack a punch, but they are also popular because they provide medicinal benefits. If you are a beginner grower, this pack is an excellent choice, and it is also suitable for indoor growing. Lastly, if you want to grow marijuana for medical purposes, this is also a perfect choice for you.

patriot mix seed variety pack

Buy Patriot Mix

  • AK-47 feminized
  • Bubble Gum feminized
  • Sour Diesel feminized

High Yield Mix Pack

If you have limited garden space, but you would like to grow a lot of marijuana, then the High Yield Mix pack would be an excellent choice for you. Choosing to invest in high-yield seeds ensures you make the most out of your plants.

This pack contains the highest-yielding and most potent strains. This includes Amnesia Haze which has large THC amounts, Big Bud, which produces big buds, and the Sativa Chocolope, which is nearly pure.

high yield mix seed pack

Buy High Yield Mix

  • Amnesia Haze feminized
  • Big Bud feminized
  • Chocolope feminized

Colorful Weed Mix Pack

If you are an experienced weed grower, then the Colorful Mix pack can be an option worth considering. This colorful blend is made up of Super Silver Haze, Blue Haze, and Purple Haze seeds.

The seeds in this pack are excellent for indoor grow, and they are also feminized. They are Sativa dominant hybrids that are popularly known to enhance your mood and are also very relaxing.

colorful weed mix seed pack

Buy Colorful Weed Mix

  • Purple Haze feminized
  • Blue Haze feminized
  • Super Silver Haze fem

Fruity Kush Mix pack

ILGM has taken all its customers’ needs into account. The Fruity Kush mix pack packs a punch, it has a fruity flavor, and the strains are feminized. So if you are into a more fruity flavor note, this is an excellent choice for you.

It is worth noting that weed can come in multiple flavors. The flavors may be subtle, but they are pretty noticeable in these strains. The fruity kush mix pack contains Indica dominant Blackberry Kush, Mango Kush, and Banana Kush strains.

fruity kush seed pack

Buy Fruity Mix

  • Banana Kush feminized
  • Mango Kush feminized
  • Blackberry Kush feminized

Final Thoughts

There are multiple variety packs to select from based on what you are looking for, and ILGM has a product description up on their website. This makes it easier for you to decide what kind of strain you would like and know the best options for seasoned and beginner growers.

Getting a variety pack ensures you get different options at an affordable price. Unlike the conventional marijuana seed pack, the feminized variety seed pack ensures you have other strain options instead of restricting you to one.