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Anyone searching for an online seed bank that will never fail to provide fantastic products should check out this review of Crop King Seeds Bank!

Crop King Seed Bank is a vendor that has progressed on an amazing journey from small-time seller to leading supplier in the course of just a few years. They’re one of the first businesses to provide reliable cannabis seeds to a global market.

Let’s take a look at what makes Crop King Seed Bank so popular

Crop King Seed Bank is a vendor that has progressed on an amazing journey from small-time seller to leading supplier in the course of just a few years. They’re one of the first businesses to provide reliable cannabis seeds to a global market.

History & Experience

Back in 2005, Crop King Seed was nothing more than a single person selling seeds out of their home. The business was going well, but he decided to upgrade the project by searching for more places to get better seeds.

For the next 8 years Crop King Seed explored many countries and negotiated with many people in the hopes of accumulating a list of the best marijuana breeders. Eventually, Crop King Seed made a name for itself as holding some of the best stock that is almost completely sure to sprout.

With the best seeds in hand, the owner of Crop King Seed began to distribute the upgraded stock with a new line of packaging that had no problems wooing customers. As one of the first companies to enter this specific market niche, Crop King Seed has managed to secure an excellent position in this growing field.

A few marketing campaigns later, the business was able to attain a full-time office at the end of 2013. Since that goal was reached, Crop King Seed has become a favorite among growers everywhere. But that hasn’t stopped them from finding new ways to reach out to potential customers.

The team and their mascot continue to make appearances at big marijuana conventions. Crop King Seed Bank happily travels from event to event to represent their love for the industry. They aim to stay fresh in the mind of consumers by making themselves known at public events and winning awards.

Seed Bank Stats

Back in 2014, they were a prizewinner at the Green Rush Foundation Conference trade show. They’ve also supported the Trailer Park Boys movies. These efforts are part of a grander attempt to expose more people to the world of high-quality marijuana seeds.

They have their own strain called White Cookie, which was one of the top 10 strains of 2015 for the magazine High Times.

Crop King Seed Bank is happy to share their extensive knowledge with customers, so there’s much to learn from this company about growing and enjoying cannabis.


There are up to 40 unique marijuana strains that they have available for purchase.

Germination Success

Crop King Seed is of the opinion that the best way to safely germinate seeds of marijuana is by using a paper towel and cup of water.

This method is the only way to be sure that Crop King Seed Bank’s germination guarantee will be valid for their seeds. If the buyer plants directly into the soil, then there won’t be any way to get a refund or replacement.

They even do not approve of using rockwool or any artificial seed starter kit. Using a cup of water and paper towel is recommended for several reasons. It’s a more uniform way of starting the seeds and it makes it easier to track the progress of the seedlings.

Since this company examines each seed manually before sending them out, there is not a large possibility of getting a seed that doesn’t germinate. Not many other online seed banks can meet that level of quality.


Crop King Seed can deliver marijuana seeds to any corner of the planet, provided it’s legal.

Here are some of the delivery details for different regions of the world:

  • While the shipping time is 2 to 7 days, which isn’t bad, there is a $10 fee for anyone looking to receive seeds inside Canada. Residents in remote areas may take a full week to get their package.
  • United States – It will take up to 2 weeks for seeds to arrive in the USA.
  • Australia & New Zealand – These countries will have to wait up to 3 weeks for their package to make it to their doorstep.
  • Other countries – Every other country will be required to pay a $30 fee to accommodate for shipping charges.

It’s possible to get a delivery guarantee as well as tracking by paying a fee of $60. This is a hefty fee for some people, but it can be worth it for those that want to get started as soon as possible or are worried that long shipping times will result in an issue.


Each package that leaves Crop King Seed Bank’s doors is designed to avoid attracting attention. They respect the privacy of the buyer and don’t wish to breach customers’ comfort.

One interesting thing about this company is that all the orders are discretely hidden within plain objects. The seeds may be inside of something mundane like a flashlight or a birthday card. This helps ensure that customers are able to get their seeds without prying eyes bothering their business.

If someone who finds marijuana distasteful were to open the package, then they would only find one of these random items instead of the seeds hidden within. While this is becoming less of an issue in conjunction with the legalization of marijuana, it can still be helpful for some.

Payment Options

There are several choices that customers have in terms of what way they want to pay. While the traditional Canadian and U.S dollars are available, customers can also use Bitcoin.

While Crop King Seed is a seed bank that is progressive in many ways, it is only able to accept E-transfers within Canada.

The prices that are used on the online store are all in United States dollars, and they only accept this form of currency from countries outside of Canada.

Discounts and Promotions

There is a little bonus that they offer which is a free weed grinder, as long as you order express shipping from within Canada. The package will come within 3 or 4 days and contain the free grinder, which is helpful for smoking or vaporizing weed that grows with the bought seeds.

Customer Support

Crop King Seed doesn’t hold back on retaining an excellent customer support team. Any problem that arises can be dealt with by a professional that is educated in marijuana seeds.

The number one line of contact for Crop King Seeds is their phone line which is open seven days a week for 24 hours a day. There is also an instant chat system on their website.

Canadian customers may even be able to visit their headquarters if they live in the area. Finally, they also keep up with social media trends by operating accounts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  • Excellent customer support options
  • Highly regarded seed vendor
  • Each seed is checked by hand for quality
  • Every order is packaged in a stealthy manner
  • Canadian buyers can get a free grinder
  • One of the best reputations on the market


Although all of their seeds are sure to be some of the best that could possibly be bought, the catalogue of seeds that Crop King Seeds has is comparatively small. Other seed banks can easily top 40 varieties, although they would be hard pressed to compete in terms of customer satisfaction.

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