Chocolope Strain: Cannabis Review

Those who enjoy nostalgic strains will love what the Chocolope strain offers. A combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this strain is a homage to the 1980s, which offers an excellent taste and energy boost.

Chocolope Strain
Type10:90 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 19%
Flowers10 Weeks
Smell and AromaPungent | Sweet | Vanilla
Grow DifficultyEasy

The Chocolope strain is 10% Indica and 90% Sativa and is perfect for those wanting a strain that helps produce dopamine and offers an intense and unique experience. The THC content of the Chocolope strain ranges from 19% to 23%, while the CBD content averages 0.20%.

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Origin of Chocolope Strain

The Chocolope strain was created for the treatment of medical conditions and ailments and has gained popularity in America, Canada, and Europe thanks to the flavor profile.

Created by scientists at DNA Genetics in Amsterdam, the Chocolope strain showcases some of the unique buds that can be created when combining classic strains.

Growing Chocolope Seeds

Those wanting to grow the Chocolope strain can choose to grow indoors or outdoors, and is the ideal strain for beginners, as it is easy to grow.

However, growers that have worked with the Chocolope strain in the past have been found to be susceptible to mold and mildew, so plenty of ventilation must be present. 

What climate does this strain grow best in?

The Chocolope strain prefers a sunny climate, so those residing in colder climates need to be mindful of this when deciding to grow indoors or outdoors. Novice growers will find that growing indoors offers more control over the grow. 

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Feeding this particular strain

Growers working with the Chocolope strain find that light to moderate feeding of nutrients is enough to get the best from the plant. Feeding the plant too many nutrients could affect the quality of the cultivation, as we create nutrient burn. 


Flowering & Yield: What is the Indoor/Outdoor Yield?

Growing the Chocolope strain indoors will yield 21 ounces, while an outdoor grow will provide 32 ounces per plant. Given the greater yield, many are tempted to take their chance with an outdoor grow, but despite the lower yield, a higher THC content is possible.

Experiencing Chocolope Strain

The energetic and motivational sensation the Chocolope strain offers makes it perfect for those wanting to replace their intake of caffeine. 

The motivational aspect of the Chocolope strain makes it the perfect strain for getting things done but should be avoided by those searching for a cannabis strain that helps them relax or sleep.

The Chocolope strain is also popular among those wanting a natural treatment for depression thanks to its uplifting nature. 


Chocolope Taste and Smell

The fragrance of the Chocolope strain is comparable to chocolate with a nutty overture. There is also a strong vanilla flavor that helps create a creamy sensation that is comparable to the local coffee shop minus the caffeine.

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