Cherry Pie Strain: Cannabis Review

Finding the best strains is part of what makes us get up in the morning. That’s why we’ve been so keen on sampling some of the Cherry Pie. ILGM has been a premier provider of seeds, so we always keep our eyes peeled for their latest listings.

Cherry Pie Strain
Type80:20 Indica/Sativa
THC LevelUp to 23%
Flowers8 Weeks
Smell and AromaSweet and Happy
Grow DifficultyModerate

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Cherry Pie appears to combine many of our favorite Indica traits with some of the subtler Sativa aspects. Overall, we’d say they’ve managed to knock this one out of the park. Anyone who loves high-yielding strain ought to take a gander at this. It’ll provide nearly a whole lb for every meter of growing space, so not having an abundant harvest will prove quite difficult.

Cherry Pie Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are great for growers, as they’ll make beautiful buds. Male plants don’t produce flowers, and when it comes to cannabis, those are where most of the value is. Fortunately, these feminized seeds always create bountiful harvests.

Key Characteristics

80% Indica 20% Sativa:Would you rather have a strain that’s Indica dominant? If something along those lines would tickle your fancy, you’d have a hard time finding anything better than Cherry Pie.
Up to 23% THC:Well above average, this plant’s THC content blows most other stains out of the water. Finding something with a better THC yield might be tougher than expected.
Average Plant Size: MediumThanks to this plant’s moderate size, growing them in a small room won’t be out of the question. Even new growers can produce a sizable harvest.
Fruity and Earthy Tones:Subtly sweet, the aroma of this strain resembles something from a forest. Taking a whiff smells as if you’ve been transplanted somewhere amidst a bunch of trees, covered in sticky syrup.
Energetic and Uplifting:Best of all, you’ll rarely feel locked to the couch. Contrasted with other strains, these feel like you’ve been strapped to a rocket, aimed at the moon. In fact, you’ll be positively beaming.
8 Weeks to Flower:Sometimes, you’d like to fast-forward to harvest time. Luckily, when you plant a bunch of these, waiting too long shouldn’t be a problem. These plants tend to flower in as a little as 2 months, making certain you don’t die of boredom.

Origin of Cherry Pie Strain

Exactly where this strain comes from, nobody knows. One thing’s certain, though, its lineage derives mostly from Indica plants. Some who have experience in such things have posited they’ve been created by crossbreeding some more notable strains.


Supposed Crossbreed of Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison:

Although Cherry Pie’s heritage isn’t known for certain, Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison are the most likely parents. Such a combo would resemble what we’ve found here.

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Growing Cherry Pie Seeds

Growing your own marijuana for the first time is exciting, and you’ll learn a lot about plants along the way. Cherry Pie appears to be slightly more difficult than the more beginner-oriented strains. Thus, making them less suitable for newcomers.

Thus, if you’d like something that was as easy as possible to grow, something else might be more suitable. However, for the most part, these won’t be too challenging. As long as you’ve got some basic experience, they’ll do quite nicely.

What Climate Does This Strain Grow Best In?

These plant’s preferred climate would be somewhere that’s not overly wet. Arid conditions won’t dry them out too badly, so don’t worry about using a dehumidifier. Typically, you’d want the humidity levels to stay somewhere between 55-65%. A hydrometer can help you monitor those conditions.

Cannabis Seeds

Feeding This Particular Strain

As with all strains, a solid fertilizer would be advisable. Something with nitrogen should be sufficient. Don’t water the plants too much. Otherwise, you’ll begin to see their leaves wilt, losing their color and substance.

Assuming you’ve fed the plants properly, those leaves ought to look bright and green, practically vibrating with color. Yellow spots could indicate that the soil has been depleted of phosphorus. When that happens, add more phosphorus to the soil in measured amounts. Too much of that can also do damage.

Flowering & Yield: What is the indoor/outdoor yield?

On average, you’d expect to produce about 16oz of flower for every 3 sq ft of farmed plots. Of course, by growing the plants indoors, you’ll have better control over their environment. So, to maximize your yields, shifting your operations indoors could prove more effective. Anyone who has grown Cherry Pie inside has had nothing but great things to say about it.

In an outdoor environment, your yields could be slightly smaller. Something along the lines of 14oz for every 3 sq ft. might be expected. Monitor them for moisture levels while growing them outside.

Experiencing Cherry Pie Strain

After taking a hit, the first thing you’ll notice is the sensation of weightlessness. Often, people who’ve tried this strain report that it’s like walking on the moon. Beyond that, most of its fans have said that it’ll make you feel euphoric. We’d say that it would be a perfect companion for a walk through the mountains, birds singing in the trees. Wherever you take it, you’ll feel as if nothing could’ve been a better fit, perfect for any moment.

THC/CBD Content

Cherry Pie’s THC content stretches into the upper end of what’s normal. A well-experienced grower might’ve seen THC yields higher than 22%. However, for a beginner, somewhere around 18% has proven to be more along the lines of what you ought to expect.

In terms of CBD, this strain is more or less barren. Although there’ve been some signs of CBD content, most analyses have shown them to be negligible. Anyone who wants a high-CBD-content strain should look elsewhere.


Cherry Pie Taste & Smell

Tasting Cherry Pie sounds just as delicious as it is in reality. We’ve sampled a ton of strains, but none of them stacked up to this one’s fruity tones. Plus, after exhaling, its aftertaste reveals a rather subtle complexity, further enriching each hit.

Notes of Earthen Aromas:Followed by Scents of Diesel and Pine:
Scented like wet earth, the aromas of this strain emanate powerfully, overwhelming the whole room. Smelling a whole bag of Cherry Pie is similar to shoving your head into a bag of grass clippings, recently mown.Hitting a bowl of Cherry Pie tastes reminiscent of diesel, paired with pine sol. The subtle undertones develop the longer you let the smoke sit on the tongue, getting stronger with each second. You’ve never had a chance to taste such a sweet pairing, not until after this, at least.

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