Chemdawg: Quick Overview

If you are new to cannabis, the powerful appeal of an acrid strain like Chemdawg holds for fans may seem mysterious—until you understand it yourself. Chemdawg’s ongoing popularity has led to a loyal grower and breeder fanbase, and generations of creative new hybrid strains that all owe their existence to this stinky original strain. For one of a kind chemical and fuel smell, a stimulating sense of euphoria and flavor, and deep, lasting pain relief and a body buzz, people love the insanely pungent strain called Chemdawg.

Type55:45 indica-dominant hybrid
THC LevelCan be over 32%, 25% average
EffectsHappy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, creative
Smell and Flavor ProfileEarthy, diesel, acrid, skunk, chemical, herbal, pine, ammonia
Grow DifficultyDifficult, susceptible to pests and mold

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Chemdawg Strain Benefits/Effects

Chemdawg’s massive THC level of 32.13% helped it win the 2015 Cannabis Cup title in Colorado, one of many titles it has taken over the years.

One of the things we love most about Chemdawg is that you get the same heavy-handed body effects that you would from Indica-dominant strains, but you still get the cerebral rush you’d expect from more sativa-dominant strains. It’s such a nice mix.

But the other best thing? Yes, it may seem weird, but it’s that super sour, stinky, pungent diesel aroma and taste. Something about it just hits you, and even if it turns you off at first, you might find yourself coming back for more. Before you know it, you’re like that person who can’t stop eating stinky cheese or garlicky foods, only it’s the stinky, garlicky classic of the cannabis world: Chemdawg.

Chemdawg is a 55%/45% indica-dominant hybrid strain that both gives you a warm, soothing body high that is tempered by a wave of focused energy. Chemdawg works like a champion medical marijuana strain, with seriously high THC levels between 18 and 32%, and THC content of 25% on average, and CBD levels of 0.01 to 0.10%, offering slightly more medical relief.

The powerfully relaxing benefits of Chemdawg produce a very happy mood yet calm the racing mind. These uplifting effects are perfect for remaining productive all day for work and reducing stress. Chemdawg is also ideal for creatives, so if making visual art, composing music, or other artistic pursuits are your thing, give it a shot. This is one reason Chemdawg is so huge in California dispensaries, and all along the West Coast, really.

Chemdawg Medical Benefits

According to medical marijuana patient strain reviews, Chemdawg earns its fame and status in large part due to its amazing medical effects. Expect to receive relief from fatigue and improved focus from Chemdawg’s cerebral effects, and these high THC levels ensure your benefits last for hours. It’s not all work, though, as you can expect to treat anxiety, PTSD, stress, and depression with Chemdawg.

Chemdawg also offers the physical relaxation that can help relieve migraines and other chronic pain, including muscle spasms, back pain, and nerve damage. And for those coping with insomnia, higher doses of Chemdawg can be a true relief.

Cancer patients enjoy Chemdawg, particularly to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea and vomiting.

Chemdawg Taste and Smell

Particularly to the uninitiated, Chemdawg is a completely new aromatic and gustatory experience. The diesel-like, chemically, pungent scent of this hybrid is world-famous. Actually, that’s where the “Diesel” in Sour Diesel and the entire line of Diesel strains came from: Chemdawg.

The smell is absolutely the first thing about Chemdawg that hits you. If you can imagine something a little bit eye-watering in intensity like an onion but with gassy, diesel and chemical notes, you could be approaching the musky, earthy aroma of Chemdawg. For most cannabis people, it’s either a love or hate thing—and whether in a bong, a joint, or a vape, we love it.

After that odor hits you in the face, you get to taste Chemdawg. It is extremely sour, and just as pungent as it smells. You can still taste that gas and diesel, and even more earth and pine comes into the flavor.

Disclaimers: If you are a secret closet grower, this is not the stealth strain you are looking for. If you are a first time user, distillate may be okay for you, but if you love Chemdawg’s smell and flavor, go for flower or concentrate!

Chemdawg Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

The Chemdawg strain has an average THC content of at least 25%, with phenotypes ranging from 18% to 32%. Chemdawg also carries CBD levels of 0.01 to 0.10%. You won’t find usable amounts of the other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBV, and CBN in many samples of the Chemdawg strain. And with THC levels this extreme and only slight CBD levels to balance them out, the classic high THC side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth may be a problem for Chemdawg users.

Chemdawg is rich in the terpenes Caryophyllene and Limonene, with moderate amounts of Linalool and Myrcene, and smaller amounts of Humulene and Pinene.

Caryophyllene is a pain-relieving anti-inflammatory, and also an antioxidant. It can also treat stress and anxiety. Limonene is known for its uplifting, energizing effects which treat stress and anxiety and boost the mood. It is also an antifungal and antibacterial, and improves digestion.

Linalool, among the world’s oldest known sleep aids, is well-known for its stress-relieving, anti-anxiety, and anti-depressant effects. Myrcene treats pain and is known for soothing herbal effects.

Humulene also calms pain and may affect the appetite. Pinene relieves pain and treats stress and anxiety. It is also a bronchodilator, opening the airways and producing the pine or menthol effect.

Chemdawg History and Genetics

The complete genetic history of Chemdawg is a mystery. However, High Times reports that it was bred from a strain called Chemweed or Dogbud, which is probably the origin of the less-favored “Chemdog” spelling.

There are two popular ideas about the mysterious origins of Chemdawg. One is that Chemdawg was bred from a Thai and Nepalese sativa. The other is that Chemdawg is a cross of the Kush, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights.

One thing we know for sure is that tons of heavy-hitter strains were born thanks to Chemdawg as one of their parents. Sour Diesel, Chem Jack, OG Kush, Super Snow Dog, Bubblegum Chem, Chem Haze, Jet Fuel, East Coast Sour Diesel, Chemdawg 91, and many other popular hybrid strains all owe their existence to Chemdawg.

If You Love Chemdawg Marijuana, Try These Strains

If you love the relaxed mood you get from White OG or SPK but you want even more THC and that unique flavor, Chemdawg is the best strain for you. Maybe that happy vibe from Acapulco Gold or Kandy Kush are more your thing—but again, you’re sick of the sweeter stuff and you want both high THC content and serious flavor? That’s Chemdawg.

If you want a similar mood and flavor but a little more THC than Sour Diesel, you cannot go wrong with Chemdawg. And if you love the body effects and zone you get from GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) plus some tangy aroma and taste, Chemdawg is totally on point.

Growing the Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg looks like a gorgeous hybrid, able to grow tall. It’s also appealing, with long, slim, compact buds, bright green leaves, burnt orange pistils, and a silvery glow all over thanks to a blanket of sticky trichomes.

As a more difficult strain to grow, Chemdawg is best for those with more experience. Chemdawg is sensitive, demanding optimal conditions as it is prone to diseases such as mildew and molds. Chemdawg plants also demand excellent ventilation, sufficient air circulation, and monitoring of precise humidity levels. It is best to grow Chemdawg in organic soil, and to use fertilizer conservatively.

For all of these reasons, Chemdawg is not for new growers, and is typically grown indoors, where it can get the attention it needs. It does demand a high level of skill and effort, yet Chemdawg yields well and contains impressive THC content.

Buy Chemdawg Seeds

Chemdawg is the heavy-hitter of pungent strains and a classic cultivar that delivers an uplifting, happy, relaxing euphoria. It also helped bring many other awesome strains into existence, so most cannabis fans owe at least one of their favorites to this one. Get Chemdawg Seeds from our favorite online seed bank today.

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