Sundae Driver Strain: Enjoy Creative Euphoria

Sundae Driver Strain Review

Sundae Driver Strain: Quick Overview This slightly indica-dominant strain is named in two ways. First, based on its delectable, dessert-y terpene profile that lends it a smooth, creamy, sweet taste similar to a fruity dessert with hints of dark chocolate. Second, based on the fact that after consuming it, even that little old lady tooling … Read more

The Best Feminized Seeds You Can Buy Online

best feminized seeds

The frustration and guesswork in successful cannabis growing is dramatically reduced by feminized cannabis seeds. There’s no worry about timing and separating male plants before you end up with a seedy mess; instead, you’re guaranteed to grow only female cannabis plants covered in heavy, sticky buds. Obviously, since 100% of the nutrients, light, and effort … Read more

Crop Kings Seed Bank Review

Anyone searching for an online seed bank that will never fail to provide fantastic products should check out this review of Crop King Seeds Bank! Crop King Seed Bank is a vendor that has progressed on an amazing journey from small-time seller to leading supplier in the course of just a few years. They’re one of … Read more

Top 10 Best Outdoor Strains of 2021

best outdoor strains

For a grower, there is nothing more rewarding than producing his or her own yield of plants. From selecting the seed distribution center, to committing to the perfect growing location; cultivating and facilitating the growth of the crop, and then coaxing it into the final, harvestable product; the experience of growing your own plants is … Read more

The Best LED Grow Lights For Weed 2021

Growing weed has been revolutionized by the evolution of LED lights. Whether you’re a professional grower or an avid, dedicated aficionado, these growing lights can create the perfect environmental growing conditions with very little effort. No matter how innovative they are, choosing the wrong kind of LED lights can do irreparable damage to your plants … Read more

The Best Marijuana Grow Boxes and Cabinets in 2021

Growing marijuana is something that you don’t want everyone to know about. It requires privacy. You might be worried about getting judged by your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours, or sometimes you just want to keep what you are doing away from the public. Whatever reasons you may have, marijuana grow box is an excellent … Read more

Best CBD Pillows

The CBD pillow is usually infused with Cannabidiol oil through the micro-encapsulation mechanism in which millions of CBD microcapsules are embedded into your pillow. Unlike edibles or CBD topical, CBD micro-doses are released slowly throughout the night by the CBD pillow after capsules burst as a result of the friction. The absorption of CBD occurs … Read more

OG Kush Strain: An Iconic Classic

Little is known about the exact origins of the OG Kush strain. It is rumored to be a blend between Hindu Kush and Chemdawg, but this has never been confirmed. Despite its history having been lost to time, OG Kush has become one of the most prominent strains in the world. What’s more, it has provided … Read more