Where in the USA is Cannabis Legal to Grow?

Where in the USA is marijuana Legal to Grow

Growing your own cannabis is a highly rewarding hobby. Enjoying the fruits of those harvests will always be tantalizing. However, before you decide to break ground, it’d be best if you checked the local laws. Otherwise, you might not be operating within legal guidelines. Although laws have begun to loosen up, growing cannabis isn’t legal … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Grow Weed? A Beginner’s Guide


Have you been thinking about opening up your own plant nursery? Growing weed might seem as if it would take quite a while. However, depending on the plant, it might not take as long as you’d guess. Generally speaking, it’ll take at least two months before you’ll be ready to harvest. Harvests can also take … Read more

How to Decarb Weed for the Best Edibles

best feminized seeds

THC is the most well-known chemical found in cannabis, but it doesn’t occur naturally. In fact, a lesser-known cousin, THCA, is the most common component of natural cannabis. However, THCA readily converts to THC when exposed to heat. This conversion process is known as decarboxylation, or decarbing/decarb weed for short. What Is Decarboxylation? Decarbing weed … Read more

Best Marijuana Grow Kit: All You Need to Cultivate Cannabis

growing marijuana in grow kits

Have you been trying to find a Complete Marijuana Grow Kit? With one of these, you’ll have everything you need to begin cultivating. By the end of the year, you could be harvesting your first yield. Besides, what else do you have to do? If you’re worried about finding the best marijuana grow kits, we’ve … Read more

The Best Purple Weed Strains

Best purple weed strains

If not just because, purple marijuana weed strains is appealing because millions of smokers adore it. The way that growers now mix the genetics of purple flowers is intriguing. There are millions of ways to get purple buds with the high you like. The following is a better look at purple M.J. and why it’s … Read more

When to Harvest Marijuana

when to harvest marijuana

Harvesting cannabis buds on the right time is important in the smell and potency of the buds. If you harvest too soon, the yields and the potency suffer. If you happen too late, the smell of your pot will be affected. Harvesting later might also see you end up with a sleep medicine. As such, … Read more

What Is THC?

Most people think that THC is the thing that will give a high when you use marijuana. While this may be true, there are about 400 compounds in marijuana, and THC is just one of them. THC is also much more complex than you think. Researchers have been looking into for some time, and you … Read more

How Far Should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?

The details of what might increase the yield of your cannabis plants lie in the smallest changes in their environment. Sometimes, the importance of light needed for the plants to grow can be overlooked.  So, in this article, we will talk about the exact placement of light around your cannabis seeds that will increase the … Read more