Cannabis Leaves Curling Up

Marijuana leaf

If you’ve noticed your cannabis leaves curling up, then you’re probably not alone. There are a lot of stresses, pests, and diseases that can affect your marijuana plants. Getting them back into a healthy state is usually possible, but you need to know what’s causing the problem and how to solve it.  That’s what we’ve … Read more

Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms


When growing marijuana indoors, you’ll need to make sure your grow room is suitable. It’s no good just putting your plants in any old room. It has to be specially prepared. That means ventilation, heat, and light levels all need to be right. But when you’re in an enclosed space, getting enough light can be … Read more

Best Marijuana Strains for Anxiety


In this guide, we’ve set out to find the best strains for anxiety that exist in the world today. A lot of strains claim to be good at easing anxiety, but it’s hard to be sure unless you actually try the strain yourself. We wanted to solve that problem by giving you a handy list … Read more

SOG vs. SCrog: Which is a Better Cannabis Growing Technique?


If you’re comfortable with growing cannabis, then you’ll know there are two methods you can use. One is SOG, and the other is SCrog. They’re already similar in name, so how do you tell the difference? The answer is to read this guide, where we’ll be comparing both of them. We’ll define each one, cover … Read more

A Guide to Curing Marijuana Buds for the Best Taste

growing cannabis

The quality of cannabis is not always about how it is grown but, most importantly, what happens to it and how it is handled after it has been harvested. Weed tastes and smells differently depending on how it has been dried and cured. Some will taste and smell fantastic, while others will taste like dried … Read more

How to Scrog Your Cannabis to Maximize Yields

What you need to know about scrogging Do you know any marijuana grower? If yes, there is a higher probability that you have heard the term ‘SCROG’ before. We are going to show you how to scrog your cannabis. This term is used to abbreviate ‘Screen of Green,’ which is one of the many growing … Read more

How Many Grams Are In An Ounce | Weed Measurements

How To Weigh Your Weed When purchasing from a dispensary, you should get a label or receipt which indicates the weight of your purchase. You might even have the opportunity to watch them weigh out your herb right in front of you. But if you’re curious about how much you’re getting, or want to break … Read more

Highest Yielding Indoor Strains in 2021

high yielding indoor strains

Ready to rock 2021 with some monster harvests? If you’re looking for bigger yields this year, you’re in great company. Cannabis growers are always looking to boost the size of a harvest while enhancing the quality of the crop. This year it’s as important as ever to get more out of every bud, so here … Read more

How to Dry Marijuana Right – Enhance Effects and Flavor


How to Dry Marijuana Right – Enhance Effects and Flavor Growing your own marijuana is just the first step. After they’ve been harvested, it’s time to dry them. While we’ve helped tons of newcomers harvest their first yields, drying tends to be tricky. Plants aren’t ready for consumption immediately after you take them out of … Read more