Pictures of Male and Female Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana leaf

If you want to understand the differences between male and female marijuana plants, then you’ll need to see pictures of male and female seeds. That way, you can spot what the differences are without having to read a lot about them.  However, it’s difficult to know what a photo is showing if it’s not categorized. … Read more

Gold Leaf Cannabis Review

The Gold Leaf cannabis is one of the driest and cured super herbs of all time. It is known to be one of the best marijuana strains with the best flavor. The Golf Leaf Cannabis seeds sprout immediately and have an outstanding growth rate. This review will talk about the ins and outs of Gold … Read more

Robert Bergman Seeds from Amsterdam

ilgm seed bank by robert bergman

The popularity of marijuana is growing every day. More and more people are now ordering Robert Bergman seeds from ILGM because of their quality. They offer discreet packaging and guarantee safe delivery. There is a vast selection of seeds that you can pick from, and there are terrific sales and discounts available on every product … Read more

Low Stress Training in Marijuana Plants

Marijuana low stress training

Low stress training is an important concept for marijuana growers to be familiar with. It’s something that helps cannabis plants to thrive. You can use it to get plants that are bushy and wide. That means more buds, higher yields, and even more THC out of every single plant you’re growing.  However, it needs to … Read more

Autoflower vs Feminized – Which Cannabis is For Me?

When you’re considering whether to grow cannabis, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is the autoflowering vs feminized choice. This refers to the two types of cannabis seed. You’ll get autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds.  Autoflowering seeds grow very quickly and don’t require much maintenance. Feminized seeds need more time devoted to … Read more

A Guide to Curing Marijuana Buds for the Best Taste

growing cannabis

The quality of cannabis is not always about how it is grown but, most importantly, what happens to it and how it is handled after it has been harvested. Weed tastes and smells differently depending on how it has been dried and cured. Some will taste and smell fantastic, while others will taste like dried … Read more

The Best Feminized Seed Variety Packs

Standard seeds have a 50% chance of giving rise to male plants. On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred, so they can only produce female plants. It is worth noting that female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce flowers that can be consumed. Therefore, feminized seeds are essential in the cultivation of … Read more

How to Decarb Weed for the Best Edibles

best feminized seeds

THC is the most well-known chemical found in cannabis, but it doesn’t occur naturally. In fact, a lesser-known cousin, THCA, is the most common component of natural cannabis. However, THCA readily converts to THC when exposed to heat. This conversion process is known as decarboxylation, or decarbing/decarb weed for short. What Is Decarboxylation? Decarbing weed … Read more