Blue Dream Strain Review: A Creative Boost

Blue Dream: Quick Overview

Looking for that popular California, West Coast high that works for just about anyone, just about anytime? Yes, that’s Blue Dream cannabis.

Blue Dream

Here in this post we have everything you need to know about the Blue Dream strain and about buying Blue Dream feminized seeds, Blue Dream auto-flowering seeds, and Blue Dream regular seeds online.

Type60:40 sativa-dominant hybrid
THC Level Up to 24%, 18% average
EffectsHappy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic, creative
Smell and Flavor ProfileBlueberry, citrus, earthy, fruity, piney
Grow Difficulty Medium

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Blue Dream Benefits/Effects

We know, we know. No one likes popular stuff. But there is a reason that Blue Dream is, hands down, the most popular cannabis strain in the United States, bringing a piece of Santa Cruz to every small town from coast to coast. With an easygoing, everyday high that has some relief in it for just about everyone from the patient in serious need to the lightweight recreational consumer, Blue Dream doesn’t disappoint.

The uplifting, happiness-inducing, easygoing 60%/40% sativa/indica hybrid effects of Blue Dream cannabis produce a powerful yet relaxing wave of energy, perfect for a day of fun or work. With high THC levels of up to 22% and CBD levels usually around 1-2%, Blue Dream helps you create the situation you want with your reality, physical and emotional.

First thing’s first: don’t let either the “blue” or the “haze” part of the moniker trick you. Blue Dream is all about a happy, uplifting feeling, and there’s no slow, hazy confusion happening here. This is a perfect all-day strain, with no couchlock or time loss. You’ll get rid of whatever pain and anxiety is bothering you, and move on to feeling motivated and creative.

Maybe you feel like taking something on in the yard, but you’re sore and haven’t had the chance. Or maybe you just want a day at the lake or the beach. This classic West Coast vibe strain will get you through that kind of day—invigorating but happy and relaxing.

Blue Dream Medical Benefits

The sativa-dominant nature of the Blue Dream hybrid mean that its mood-altering boost is a great way to get through the day for most people. Instead of the heavier, euphoric, body highs that many strains deliver—and don’t get us wrong, we love those too!—Blue Dream offers stress and pain relief plus energy without the jitters that can come with high THC content. It’s like super medicinal coffee without the negatives.

Blue Dream is also a perfect grow for people who need to stay motivated or want to supercharge their creativity. Blue Dream can help you keep a clear, calm head while soothing and motivating your body and emotions to action, achieving your goals. It’s the benefits of the dreamlike state without the detriments.

In fact, this is probably why Blue Dream seeds are so popular among novice and veteran consumers alike. Like many of the most successful hybrids, Blue Dream seeds have been bred for all of the very best genetics and traits of their parents, and for the positive benefits that most consumers want. That means flavor, balance, and—frankly—potency crammed into one plant.

You will get a cerebral rush from Blue Dream, but not typically the paranoia you might worry about. Instead, you’ll get a more relaxed sort of focus. You’re not sinking the Bismarck, you’re getting something done on your desk or in the yard, if that makes sense.

The most beautiful part is that you also get this relaxing, mellow body high that leaves you pain-free, tingly, and warm. However, despite that amazing symptom relief, you won’t have to deal with heavy, gorky sedative effects.

Blue Dream Taste and Smell

Blue Dream is definitely a strain that gets delicious aromas and flavors from both parents. To us, the fruity influence from its sweet Blueberry parent comes out at first toke, with the Super Silver Haze sneaking up on you with some delicious spicy, earthy, sour notes that linger.

Underlying the more obvious flavors and smells, you might also sense herbal, lemon, vanilla, and pine. This strain is complex, and years of strong breeding and good nutrition has allowed for some heavy duty genetics. This leads to richer terpenes and even more flavors and smells—perfect for a vape.

An overall balanced effect, that isn’t cloying or too sweet, and definitely doesn’t stray into the hoppy or skunky, either.

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Blue Dream Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Typical THC levels of Blue Dream range from 18 to 24%. CBD levels are significant, between 1 and 2%, with notable levels of CBG as well as other minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBN. Together these mitigate against the classic THC side effects like dry mouth and dry eyes, and help make Blue Dream a knockout medical strain—without being an actual knockout.

Blue Dream is rich in the terpenes Myrcene and Pinene, with smaller amounts of Caryophyllene. Myrcene has anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) effects, as does pinene, so it’s clear why this is a strong medical strain. Myrcene also has antibiotic, sedative, and antimutagenic qualities, which means it may help prevent cells from mutating as they do when cancer is present.

Pinene also has anti-anxiety benefits, plus bronchodilator qualities to ease breathing difficulties. Pinene may also help prevent the short-term memory impairment associated with THC.

Caryophyllene, the only terpene that binds to the CB2 receptors, is known to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This powerful terpene can help relieve anxiety, stress, and pain, and offers a boost to the immune system.

Blue Dream History and Genetics

This top-shelf cannabis strain was born into the medical marijuana scene in California. Blue Dream marijuana has quickly become a sought-after commodity as patients who loved its parents, Super Silver Haze sativa and Blueberry indica, realize this dynamite combination was the blend they had been looking for.

Crossing Blueberry with Super Silver Haze was an inspired if intuitive idea. These parents of Blue Dream certainly qualify as two heavy hitters themselves, Blueberry being one of the classic indica strains and Super Silver Haze sharing that distinction among sativas.

The sweet, grape, fruity genetics of Blueberry meet the many Haze varieties (and the Skunk here and there) in Super Silver Skunk to create a great compromise strain—and one that builds on generations of landrace strains thanks to the old school Blueberry and Haze parentage.

If You Love the Blue Dream Marijuana Strain, Try These Strains

With a similar happy, euphoric experience you might get from Maui Wowie or Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Blue Dream leaves you with a little less of the motor mouth, while still feeling social. Blue Dream offers a similar uplifted feeling to Strawberry Cough and Super Blue Dream, but more relaxed. Blue Dream produces a creative, fun vibe like Blue Haze, but we find it less goofy and silly.

Finally, Blue Dream’s pain relieving effects are legendary, especially for a daytime strain. Similar to White Widow or GSC, Blue Dream is rich in various terpenes that make for great pain relief. And if you love a spicy buzz from something like OG Kush or something more indica-dominant but just can’t check out that much, pivot back to Blue Dream until later in the evening.

Growing the Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream cannabis seeds are do-able for both new growers and experts although it may not be a first timer’s choice. These seeds have a moderate flowering time of 9 weeks or so and a growing cycle that is about middle of the road in terms of difficulty. The yield of 21 ounces per three by three square feet of growing space is amazing, and with the high THC and quality levels you will find in these Blue Dream seeds, this should be off your wishlist and in your garden. It’s just one of the best hybrids for your grow.

One word of warning before we go any further: these plants, heavy with nugs, can grow taller than 78 inches! Make sure you have the space.

Depending on whether you choose Blue Dream feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, or regular seeds, your grow plan changes. Still, obviously there are some basics to keep in mind.

First, always stick closely to the germination instructions for sprouting the Blue Dream seeds. Years of success go into them and they will help you germinate your seeds.

The best climate for Blue Dream plants is honestly indoors. Outdoor growth is fine in theory if you live in a subtropical or Mediterranean climate, but Blue Dream seeds in particular are very vulnerable to pests and parasites.

Indoor flowering time for Blue Dream seeds is 9 to 10 weeks. Expect to see a huge boost in height almost overnight at some point. Obviously the final plant size is tall, and can even exceed six feet. In fact, the plant can stretch, particularly on a 12/12 light schedule. Some indoor growers mitigate this issue with training methods like LST or trimming or by applying a shortened growth phase.

Blue Dream plants need to stay straight, and growing as tall as they do, this means they need support. Staking is among the best ways to achieve this, so as the plant gets thicker, it doesn’t collapse under its own weight. Most growers achieve this by hooking the branches using metal stakes in different lengths with loops at the ends.

Keep pests away and invest in ample nutrients, particularly nitrogen. Monitor pH, humidity, and temperature closely. Finally, obviously the lighting cycle is paramount. Trimming these monster plants takes time, but your harvest will be epic.

You will soon see gorgeous Blue Dream phenotypes expressed in your plants, namely, long, bright green, serrated fan leaves expanding outward from vivid green flowers with light, lemon yellow to orange pistils. The deeply-hued buds are dense, long, and bushy, with serious milky white trichomes and amber hairs. These colas are impressive, with an amount of resin that may surprise you.

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Overall, Blue Dream is a popular anytime hybrid strain for patients treating any of these issues: appetite loss, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, cramps, depression, inflammation, headaches including migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, PTSD, sleep disorders including insomnia, stress whether chronic or otherwise, trauma, and other problems that demand a high THC option—a deservedly popular strain.

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