Big Bud Strain: A Tingling Body Buzz

Big Bud: Quick Overview

The Big Bud strain is among the hottest properties for cannabis growers today, for good reason. This indica-dominant cannabis strain offers some of the most massive buds out there, not to mention an unbeatable body buzz. Here’s everything you need to know about the Big Bud strain.

Big Bud
Type85:15 indica-dominant hybrid
THC LevelUp to 26%, 18% average
EffectsRelaxed, sleepy, happy, hungry, euphoric
Smell and Flavor ProfileHerbal, fruity, skunk, peppery, spicy, sweet
Grow DifficultyEasy

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Big Bud Benefits/Effects

Imagine you were a grower faced with the dumpster fire that was the War on Drugs in the 1980s USA. You might well worry that decades of growing and breeding progress in cannabis was about to go up in smoke—literally. You might want to select and preserve some of your finest and save it somewhere to weather that storm.

That’s the story of Big Bud, developed in the USA, it was brought to the Netherlands in the 1980s to survive the Drug War. Today, Dutch breeder Sensi Seeds continues the Big Bud legacy, known among growers for extraordinarily high yields.

These days Big Bud has more than managed to survive, and is once again popular among American consumers. This indica strain took 1st place in the “Mostly Indica” category in the 1989 High Times Cannabis Cup—the second one ever.

Big Bud seeds produce 85%/15% indica-dominant effects, including a calming body buzz, and some mental and physical sedation. The well-named Big Bud is a serious heavy-hitter of a strain, and a little of this sticky strain goes a very long way. If you don’t have much of a tolerance, watch your step.

And while Big Bud may not put a spring in your step for a night of disco (um: it definitely will NOT do that), it is the ideal strain for a night at home. High THC levels of up to 26% and both CBD and CBG levels of around 0.1% plus a powerful suite of terpenes make Big Bud a serious medical and recreational strain.

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Big Bud Medical Benefits

Big Bud offers that classically indica thick body stone—a deeply relaxing high with full-body effects. Big Bud doesn’t always hit immediately and can creep up on you. This is not the strain that will wake you up with ideas; instead, expect a blanket of warm, soft, disorienting haze that stretches time. The only sudden thing about Big Bud is your urge to retreat to the couch, and stay there.

That isn’t to say that Big Bud is a bummer or a down in any way. This is a monster high with some serious happiness, it’s just that you’re happy enough to sit there and watch cartoons with some chips, couch-locked.

This full-bore Big Bud relaxation has its body benefits, as medical marijuana patients confirm in customer reviews. They report that Big Bud helps them cope with aches, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, and pain in general.

Big Bud Taste and Smell

A spicy, dank, earthy aroma, with undertones of fruit and skunk are the first things you might notice about a well-cured batch of Big Bud from some high quality seeds. Spicy, herbal notes are also possible thanks to Big Bud’s Haze heritage.

In fact, although Big Bud actually shares many of Jack Herer’s genetics from the Skunk and Haze families, Jack Herer takes the uplifting citrusy route in flavor, aroma, and effects, while Big Bud diverges in a sweeter, more grape direction. Big Bud smoke follows suit, providing a well-rounded, smooth indica experience.

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Big Bud Cannabinoid/Terpene Profile

Big Bud is known for a high THC composition of up to 26%, with phenotypes ranging from 18 to 24% in the normal zone.

CBD and CBG levels of around 1.0% or even 1.5% are present in some strains, but most varieties are not known for other minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBV, or CBN. Still, that presence of CBG and CBD may help offset some of the classic high THC side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth.

Big Bud is rich in the terpenes Linalool and Caryophyllene, with smaller amounts of Myrcene, Terpinolene, and Humulene.

Linalool can soothe stress and improve the mood. Caryophyllene, an antioxidant that boosts the immune system, is also a pain-relieving anti-inflammatory that soothes stress and anxiety. Myrcene relieves pain and is known for soothing herbal qualities.

Famous for its uplifting benefits, terpinolene is a mood booster on its own. Strains such as Big Bud that have smaller levels of terpinolene are likely to produce more balance against the more relaxing qualities of their more plentiful terpenes. Benefits of terpinolene include analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Humulene also relieves pain, and may help calm an appetite that’s a bit too active due to compulsive behaviors.

Big Bud History and Genetics

Big Bud is an early 1980s American cross of the Afghani, Haze, and Northern Lights strains. After quickly gaining in popularity on the “black market,” growers transported the strain to the Netherlands, a cannabis safe haven from the Republican War on Drugs. There Big Bud was genetically stabilized and continued to thrive and gain loyal fans until it returned to the USA.

If You Love Big Bud Marijuana, Try These Strains

If you like the tingly, heavy body buzz of Bubba Kush or the pain relief of White Widow but you like a spicier finish or more anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving benefits, Big Bud is a great strain. If you love Afghani, Blueberry, or Black Domina but want to lean slightly toward sedation and feeling very high and away from falling asleep, Big Bud is an ideal choice.

Big Bud is very similar to its friends Afghan Kush and Blackberry Kush, but it has less limonene in there so you won’t pick up on that citrus. Instead, you will get hints of grape (more than the berry) and an earthy sweetness—but not as much as, say, Purple Urkle.

Growing the Big Bud Strain

From a grower’s perspective, it’s tough to match Big Bud. These plants produce few leaves and massive yields from spring-green buds. By any standards, these cured flowers are tremendous. Even after you break up these chunky nugs for sale—which is not an easy task—the resinous buds stick together in large sections. The buds can glisten and almost appear wet thanks to the high number of silvery trichomes.

Big Bud plants are tall—up to 7 feet. You can grow this strain outdoors, but only in warm, sunny climates. Big Bud cannabis seeds thrive indoors, but even autoflowering varieties demand the right kinds of attention. Its height demands topping in the early stages and bending during the veg phase to promote horizontal growth. And although Big Bud plants enjoy a naturally robust support system, because these buds are so fat and heavy, watch to ensure you don’t need supporting stakes.

The flowering time for Big Bud is fast for an indica, about 7 to 8 weeks. Big Bud plants offer a high yield of up to 20 ounces per square meter indoors, and even more outside in their preferred Mediterranean climate. The curing process is another place where grower expertise is important with Big Bud seeds, because these flowers are huge. This means the process takes 10 days or more of controlling humidity and temperature conditions to cure Big Bud, even though it normally takes only about a week for other strains.

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The bottom line is: if you’re looking for a strong indica-dominant hybrid that relieves many medical symptoms, or you just need a deep body stone that can beat back your tolerance level, Big Bud is an awesome strain. It’s even better if you’re a grower looking to produce. You can find these seeds here at ILGM, or check out our best US seed banks post to find a seed bank that suits you.