Best Strains to Grow in Maine

In this guide, we’ll walk you through 8 of the best strains to grow in Maine. There’s a lot to consider, like flowering time, yield, THC levels, and last but not least, the effects those strains have on you.

If you’re new to the cannabis world, new to Maine, or perhaps both, then this guide will help you. Specifically, you’ll learn

We’ll begin with a look at the climate and Maine’s growth season, and then we’ll break down the best strains to grow outdoors in Maine, so you can see the advantages at-a-glance. After that, we’ll wrap up the article and hopefully, you’ll finish it feeling informed and ready to pick your strains!

How Climate Affects Weed Growth

The climate surrounding your marijuana plants is the most important element to address before you think about anything else. If it’s not exactly right, then it could spell disaster for your cannabis growth plans.


Thankfully, the best strains to grow in Maine have genetic adaptations which make them more suitable to its climate. But that doesn’t remove your responsibility to maintain those plants as they grow.

You’ll need to focus on light, heat, water, and nourishment. If you’re somewhere that gets a lot of rain, low temperatures, and limited sunlight, your best bet is to go for a strain with a reduced flowering time. That’s because cannabis plants prefer warm nights and hot days, without too much rain.

The best climate type for them is Mediterranean, but you can still grow them in colder areas, like Maine, if you choose carefully.

The Grow Season In Maine

When you’re considering the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors in Maine, you need to know about its growth season. Maine has a decent summer when it comes to cannabis growth, but fall arrives fast and can limit your success if your plants aren’t finished by then.

Growing Marijuana In Maine

Summers tend to average between 73 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for weed plants. But once the fall arrives, those temperatures will plummet and you won’t be so fortunate. So the perfect time to plant your weed seeds is between early June and early September.

That’s why you need to know the best strains to grow in Maine before you dive into the world of cannabis. As you already know, that’s one of the main reasons for writing this guide. So without any delays, let’s get straight into the list.

8 Best Strains To Grow Outdoors In Maine

We’ve handpicked 8 of the best weed strains to grow outdoors in Maine, and given a small summary of each one. There’s also a handy link for all of them so you can go and learn more about the ones that interest you the most.

1. AK-47

One of the best strains to grow in Maine is the AK-47. It’s a combination of four strains of the landrace plant, which makes it stand out. It was created in the Netherlands in 1992 by a company called Serious Seeds.

It’s got a nice balance between THC and CBD too. THC levels are 20% compared to 1.5% CBD.

It’s also a sativa-dominant strain that numbs your body and puts you in a state of deep relaxation and calmness. That’s why people use it for insomnia and chronic pain. It takes around 9 weeks to flower and yields 14 ounces.

2. Blue Dream

The strain known as Blue Dream is another top choice and one of the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors in Maine. It’s a very sweet strain that’s especially tasty for fans of blueberries.

It’s another sativa-dominant strain, and people mainly use it for creativity. The 17% THC amount means it’s relatively potent too. Alongside getting your creative juices flowing, it also gives you an energy boost while keeping you calm.

It flowers in around 9 weeks and you can expect a yield of 18 ounces. This is about average for a cannabis strain.

3. Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a strain that gives you some pretty intense effects that also happen to last a while. So if you’re looking for a strain that packs a punch, this is it.

It can make you feel happy, creative, energized, and sociable. At the same time, the flavors have hints of berries, spices, and sweetness. That means a lot is going on here.

In terms of the flowering, the ideal time to harvest outdoors is in late October, so it’s a little outside of Maine’s season, and the yield is only 14 ounces. But because it’s such a good strain, we included it high on our list.

4. Northern Lights

Another strain that many growers believe is one of the best cannabis strains to grow in Maine is Northern Lights. It’s got a THC level of 18.5%, and unlike the others, we’ve covered so far, it’s extremely indica-dominant

Most people use it to relieve depression, stress, and poor appetite. Its main effect is making you feel euphoric. It has flavors of candy, pine, and earth.

It’s usually time to harvest this strain in mid-October, just on the outside edge of Maine’s growth season before it gets too cold. The yield is quite high, at 18 ounces.

5. Gelato

For a one-of-a-kind strain that’s unlike any other, you can try Gelato. It starts with the flavors of earth and lavender. Then it slowly changes into the taste of berries as you breathe out.

It helps you to focus on your work while being creative, and it’s used to treat a lot of health problems too. Those include cramps, spasms, and inflammation.

THC levels are very high at 23%, which makes this a powerful strain. It will take about 9 weeks to flower and gives you a decent yield as well.

6. Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a strain that’s noteworthy for one big reason. It has the scent and taste of Skunk, which some people find enjoyable. This strain of Skunk in particular has a wide range of uses.

You can use it to relieve anxiety, boost appetite, ease depression, and lower stress. It will also calm you down and help you focus.

It usually flowers around in the final weeks of September and has THC levels of 20%, which is quite high. But the reason why it’s one of the best cannabis strains to grow in Maine is the yield of over 20 ounces you can expect.

7. White Widow

White Widow is a world-famous strain of cannabis that a lot of people swear by. It acts like a pick-me-up and a relaxant at the same time. 

That makes it a good choice for use in the mornings. You can also use it to ease pain, depression, and anxiety.

It’s another strain with high levels of THC, at 22.5%, which makes the effects intense. You’ll gain energy, and be more sociable. The taste is a mixture of fruits and spices. When growing it, you can expect a big yield of between 21-25 ounces, making it one of the best cannabis strains to grow in Maine.

8. Orange Bud

The Orange Bud strain of weed blends two varieties of skunk, and the results are great. You’ll benefit from a powerful high, while also enjoying a pleasant citrusy taste.

The effects of taking it include euphoria, laughter, calmness, and higher energy levels. That’s why you’ll find people using it for migraines, fatigue, and stress.

With a THC level of 17%, a flowering time of 10 weeks, and a yield of 14 ounces, this strain is decent. But if citrus flavors are your top priority, it’s one of the best weed strains to grow outdoors in Maine.


The best weed strains to grow outdoors in Maine no longer have to be a mystery, because you’ve read all about them here. You should have enough information about each of the strains to know which ones are right for you immediately.

The best strains to grow outdoors in Maine will reward you if you have the patience and time to grow them carefully. Knowing about the climate to grow them in will help you in these endeavors.


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