Most of us become shy when it’s about sex talk. But it’s no secret that all of us enjoy this. You may know that some weeds help you get a better experience during sex, and I’ll talk about the best strains for sex in this writing. To know about those, keep reading.

You may have heard that there are some benefits to having regular sex. In case if you don’t know what, they are, here are some examples:

  • Improve your immune system.
  • Boosts your libido.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Improve women’s bladder control.
  • Works as exercise.
  • Reduces heart attack risks.
  • Lessens pain.
  • Removes stresses.
  • Reduces the chances of prostate cancer.
  • Helps in better sleeping.

Typically, the more robust your libido gets, the more you will want sex. You might want to know which is the best edibles for female arousal. You’ll find the answer in the latter part. Marijuana increases your touch sensitivity, relieves you from anxiety, calms you down, and give you a better sex experience.

A study shows that those who take marijuana regularly have more desire for sex and have a better experience during sex than those who don’t use it. You’ll get to know about some best cannabis strains for sex in this writing, which will help you decide the right one.

So, as we are at the beginning, let’s learn about the science of sex.

Marijuana & Sex: The Studies

Though scientific research on the effects of cannabis on sexual functioning and other factors is limited, they are enough to conclude.

According to a study of 2016-2017, women who use marijuana regularly have to increase sexual drive, improvement in orgasm, but no deviation in lubrication. Among the participants, 34% used cannabis before sex, and most of them experienced these effects.

Another research of 2017 states that those who use marijuana regularly have sex 20% more than those who don’t use marijuana. This was a CDC survey of fifty thousand people, and the results were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So, we can say that marijuana leads us to increase sex drive and better sex experience. Apart from the research, you can ask your friends too. I bet you’ll find the same results from your survey!

1 – Sour Diesel (The Marijuana Strain That Can Lead to Frenzied Sex)

You might have googled “best strains for male arousal 2020” a few times. If you didn’t get the answer, you’d get it here.

As I have said before, I’ll talk about some of the best marijuana according to stats and my research. On top of the list, I have Sour Diesel or popularly known as Sour D. This strain is 70% Sativa dominant hybrid, which can make you wild in the bedroom. Sour D is that much potential that can bring the tiger out of you. This is one of thebest strains for male arousal.

Sour D is a hybrid strain that was made in California during the 1990s. Some claim that this strain is a cross of Chemdawg and Super Skunk, but there’s no proof of its origin. Let’s look at some vital information about Sour Diesel:

Sativa / Indica %70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Indoor yield18 ounces per square meter
Outdoor yield25 ounces or more per plant
Harvesting timeTen weeks indoors, early November outdoors.

Sour D has a strong scent, and you can feel it standing far from the human who consumed it. If you have no experience in taking strong strains, you shall not try this strain. Taking for the first time without prior experience to any other strain may result in high anxiety. So, I do not suggest it for beginners.

Within a few minutes after smoking marijuana, you’ll feel rush of energy, which will stay for 5 to 6 hours. Sour D has a THC content of 20% to 25%, which makes it super potent. You don’t need a full smoke; instead, a few smokes will help you prove that you are a stud.

2 – Harlequin (The Morning Glory Marijuana Strain)

This is 75% Sativa dominant hybrid strain, which has been so popular among couples in recent days. Harlequin usually works after you wake up. It boosts your energy, and you’ll be able to have a “super breakfast” on your bed in the morning. It doesn’t matter how much you’re tired when you are going to sleep, you’ll have so much energy in yourself after waking up that you will become a “hungry tiger” in the morning.

So, if you have a demanding partner, Harlequin is the best choice for you. It’s the best weed for sex, in my opinion. Let’s learn some basics about Harlequin:

Sativa / Indica %75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Indoor yield25 ounces per square meter
Outdoor yield21 ounces or more per plant
Harvesting time8 to 9 weeks indoors, mid-October outdoors.

This strain has a distinct variety in its genital background. Nepali indica, Thai and Swiss sativas, and Colombian Gold have a contribution in its birth. That’s why this strain is no normal and has high levels of CBD and THC. You don’t have to worry about the hallucinating effects; instead, you’ll experience pleasant moments.

The uplifting effects of Harlequin will start within a few minutes, and you’ll regret why you have been relying on coffee to date. And I bet you’ll never want to return to the coffee days. The effects may last for about 6 to 8 hours long. And both you and your partner will have a great and energetic day.

3 – Dream Queen (The Marijuana Strain That Gives You Stamina)

In the third position in my review, there is Dream Queen. Now, one point needs to be clear that the position in my list doesn’t refer to any ranking or something like that. I just tried to represent them comprehensively. So, position three doesn’t mean that this strain isn’t better than the previous two.

However, if you’re searching for the best strains for female arousal, you may consider Dream Queen. Some important information you may need o know:

Sativ a/ Indica %70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Indoor yield18 ounces per square meter
Outdoor yield36 ounces or more per plant
Harvesting time7 to 8 weeks indoors, late September outdoors.

Dream Queen is a cross of Space Queen and Blue Dream and is 70% Sativa dominant hybrid. This strain has around 15% THC. This will increase your stamina and help you better perform in the bedroom.

Most of the users of Dream Queen gain more stamina after only a few hits. However, the initial effects of Dream Queen are that it gives you a spaced out feeling which remains for a few minutes after smoking.

And after that, you’ll have more focus and emphasis on whatever you are thinking or doing. It is one of the best strains which could be included in the list of best strains for female arousal 2020.

However, I suggest you go for the task you’re planning about immediately after smoking or else, you’ll have a feeling of relaxation once the high wears down. So, for the best result, go for ‘it” immediately.

Dream Queen has some other benefits apart from the sexual experience, such as it helps in insomnia and creative thinking. However, we are talking about the sexual experience that the strains can give you. And Dream Queen is a unique addition to this writing that you’d ask for.

4 – Blue Cheese (The Kinky Sex Marijuana Strain)

Blue Cheese, an 80% indica dominant hybrid, is a cross of UK Cheese and Blueberry. It has 20% of THC with a delicious taste. The main job of this strain is to give you a feeling of euphoria and relaxation but no drowsiness. That’s the best part of it.

If you’re planning to enjoy a whole night of naughtiness with your partner and go “rough”, Blue Cheese is the perfect choice for you. Now, let’s look at some vital info:

Sativa / Indica %20% Sativa / 80% Indica
Indoor yield18 ounces per square meter
Outdoor yield19 ounces or more per plant
Harvesting time8 to 9 weeks indoors, late September outdoors.

This strain is not like the other strains I have discussed before; it won’t start its effects immediately after some hits. It takes some time to show its action, but once it does, you’ll feel a burst of energy, which will stay for a long time to give you the time to show your super performance in the bedroom.

Once you’re done, you may feel a great hunger. Now, you can’t say that this is a negative side of Blue Cheese because everyone will need something to eat after so much hard work!

Another face of this strain is that it helps you in removing anxiety. Your day’s stress will just vanish at night and give you the strength to please your partner.

5 – Goo (The Connoisseur’s Marijuana Strain)

We are almost at the end of our journey of best strains for sex. And we have “Goo” on this list. This, too, is an 80% indica dominant strain that can give excellent and variety of strains. If we look at its background, it comes from a cross of Hind Kush and Blueberry. Its 24% THC gives you more energy, and the energy increase slowly. Let’s look at some information you may need:

Sativa / Indica %20% Sativa / 80% Indica
Indoor yield48 ounces per square meter
Outdoor yield48 ounces or more per plant
Harvesting time7 to 8 weeks indoors, early October outdoors.

The initial effects of Goo will calm you down and give you a smooth feeling. Slowly you’ll get an energy boost and can go wild in your bed. That’s why it’s named as madness! After your messy day, you can fully enjoy the time before sleep with Goo’s help and give your partner what she wants. You’ll be able to read their mind somewhat and realize what they need.

Remember that, you’ll get sleepy and need rest after a couple of hours of smoking. This is the last level of Goo’s effect. So, you’ve to make it fast to accomplish your job. And believe me, your partner will be surprised.

Also, there are side effects of Goo. You may experience some kinds of hallucinating impacts, but they are effortless to tackle. However, this strain is ideal for you to go wild and be a rapid sex machine before sleep.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana and Great Sex

In this part of the writing, I will suggest you some tips that you should know if you are a beginner. Firstly, you should think about using marijuana only if you’re interested in enhancing your sex life. I recommend you to buy marijuana as a couple.

I have mentioned about five different types of hybrid strains. Some of them are Sativa dominant, and others are indica dominant. If you want quick energy, you may use the Sativa dominant strains.

Sativa dominant strains will give you quick energy and prepare you for a long and wild sex period. If you avidly want to enjoy sex differently, you shall use the Sativa dominants. However, it doesn’t matter whatever strain you take because all of the above can give you the desired results to make your sex life more enjoyable.

As the strains mentioned above are potent, I suggest you take only two to three hits. If you take more than that, you might get negative results and a less sex power as they overwhelm you.

As stated above, I suggest you shop as a couple and try various strains. You shall try them at different times of different days and make a note of them. Then, you’ll determine what strain works best at what times and make the best use of them afterward.

Final Words

In this writing about the best strains for sex, I tried to show you some of the best marijuana strains according to my research. I hope you got this writing help and choose the best strain for you and your partner.

Not every strain is right for everybody. So, you shall try them yourself and decide which one can meet your needs. Trying different strains will make you understand which strain works best at which period of the day.

Some people grow their strains themselves. Some enthusiastic people also try to grow some crosses. And with this, new strains are grown these days, but researchers have already prepared many.

You can grow your strain by yourself both indoor or outdoor with a little effort. Else, you may check for the famous and reliable online stores to get your desired strain.

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