Ever wanted to grow your very own specimens of the world’s most popular and potent marijuana strains? Thanks to reputable seed banks in the us it’s now not only possible but quite easy to do so!

The 10 Best US Seed Bank Reviews 2020

  1. ILGM Seed Bank
  2. Crop King Seed Bank
  3. High Supplies Cannabis Seeds
  4. Grower’s Choice Seeds
  5. Seed Supreme US Seed Bank
  6. Quebec Cannabis Seeds
  7. MSNL Seed Bank
  8. Attitude Seed Bank Online
  9. Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds
  10. Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

The genetics for just about any marijuana strain your heart desires are now just a few clicks away. Starting a crop of your favorite White Widow Cannabis seeds, a couch-locking Gorilla Glue marijuana seed, or a world-altering Trainwreck cannabis seed is just a matter of placing a simple order online.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled this list of the best seed banks that ship to the United States. These are seed banks renowned for their quality genetics, exceptional selection, top-notch customer service, and reliably, discreet shipping to the United States.

Let’s take a look at which online seed banks in the US (United States) made the cut!

Top Reputable Seed Banks Which Ship to the United States

I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank

The Best Seed Bank – ILGM

– Discreetly Packaged
– Germination Guaranteed
– Free Shipping to the US
– Great for Beginners!

The folks at I Love Growing Marijuana take their seeds very seriously. Not only do they guarantee delivery, they also guarantee germination.

That means that if for any reason your seeds don’t arrive safely — or if they don’t sprout into gorgeous little seedlings — ILGM will send you more marijuana seeds, completely free of charge.

Read the iLoveGrowingMarijuana.com in-depth revew.

Based in the Netherlands, I Love Growing Marijuana is the product of world class marijuana experts with tons of experience breeding and cultivating marijuana.

Their catalog includes every famous strain and marijuana seed you could imagine:

  • White Widow Feminized Seeds
  • Girl Scout Cookies Feminized
  • Blueberry Autoflower
  • Gorilla Glue Feminized Cannabis Strains
  • Bergman’s Plant Fertilizer
  • Cannabis Plant Nutrients

and beyond. Most strains have cannabis seeds available as regular, autoflower, or feminized, whichever you like!

You can view detailed information on every strain before purchasing to get some idea on the effects, best-growing conditions, taste, aroma, and more.

Not sure what strain you want? Try one of their intriguing mixed packs to add a bit of variety to your next grow.

Crop King Seed Bank

Why We Love Crop King Seeds

– Discreet Delivery
– 80% Germination Rate
– 24/7 Chat Support
– Multiple Payment Options

Crop King Seeds Canadian Seed Bank

Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Crop King Seeds has a diverse catalog of famous strains as well as an intriguing collection of over 30 strains which they’ve created themselves.

With offering ranging from super common must-have strains such as Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze to more eclectic offerings such as Revolver and Dwarf Low Flier,

Crop King Seeds has something for everyone, whether you’re a veteran connoisseur or a first time grower.

To help make the perfect selection, Crop King Seeds offers a detailed breakdown of the characteristics and stats for every strain in their catalog, letting you review some in-depth info before purchasing your seeds.

You can choose from regular, autoflowering, and feminized seed varieties, whatever suits your style of growing best!

Crop King Seeds even offers some intriguing high CBD strains such as CB Dutch and CB Diesel.

With discreet shipping methods backed up by a guarantee of delivery, you can rest assured that your seeds are on their way when ordering from Crop King Seeds. They ship to the United States and worldwide!

They even accept Bitcoin!

High Supplies Seed Banks

High Supplies Top Online Seed Bank

– Premium Seeds
– Fast and Anonymous Delivery
– FREE Shipping
– 50+ Variety of Seeds

marijuana strain

High Supplies started their journey to supply the world with quality marijuana seeds way back in 2003. Since then, this US-based seed bank has become a sensation in the seed bank world.

Their catalog includes a diverse selection of strains, including several of their own unique strains.

On the High Supplies website you can easily browse through the hundreds of strains on offer and pull up a detailed description of any strain, complete with photos, stats, and customer reviews.

An exceptionally well-rounded seed banks, High Supplies has genetics to suit any grower’s taste. Plus, they back everything up with worldwide shipping and delivery guaranteed!

Grower’s Choice Seeds

Check Out Grower’s Choice Seeds

– Fast and Discreet Delivery
– Offers Wholesale Pricing

cannabis seeds plant image

Another American-based seed bank, Grower’s Choice Seed bank offers not only a delightful assortment of cannabis seeds but also offers some growing solutions — tools that can help you take your weed seeds from sprout to harvest.

This vendor is one of the best United States seed banks because it will not only supply your seeds but also offer you useful tips on the best way to grow them. They will also hold your hand as you grow your cannabis from preparing your land all the way to harvesting it.

They’re all organized in Nirvana’s easy to navigate web interface and complete with detailed information on the strain, the best methods of growing it, and specs for THC and CBD content.

They also stock a wide variety of seeds. If you are looking for regular, autoflowering, or feminized seeds, you will get them here. From their store, you can pick high CBD, THC, Blue Cheese, Papaya, and Aurora Indica, among many other strains.

Moreover, you won’t have problems navigating their website. It is loaded with tons of useful information about the specs for their products and the most suitable growing methods for each of them. Get in touch with them and enjoy the services of one the top United States seed banks.

In the genetics department, you can find all sorts of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds, high THC, high CBD, including selections like Papaya, Aurora Indica, Blue Cheese, and many more.

Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme Cannabis Seeds

– Discreet Delivery
– Nice Selection

seed supreme US marijuana seeds

SeedSupreme puts an emphasis on carrying the most famous and well known marijuana strains in their selection of seeds. But in addition to the well known names, you’ll find intriguing offerings such as Skywalka, Gelato, and Do-Si-Do.

In fact, SeedSupreme has one of the largest catalogs of seeds anywhere, offering upwards of 4,000 strains!

Plus, you’re likely to get some extra freebies with your order! Just about every order from SeedSupreme includes a few free seeds, with more bonus seeds the more you buy.

Their helpful web interface makes it easy to find new strains from their many categories and recommendations. You can quickly learn about what each strain has to offer using their detailed information on every strain.

Based in the UK, SeedSupreme offers discreet, stealthy shipping to the United States and backs it up with guaranteed delivery.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec’s Own Seed Bank

– Great Selection

qcs seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds was founded by a team of expert growers dedicated to providing the most reliable and famous genetics. They aren’t a specialty seed bank with a huge catalog of unusual strains — rather, they focus their energies on crafting the best specimens of the world’s most in-demand strains.

Based in Canada, Quebec Cannabis Seeds offers quick and guaranteed delivery to the United States.

They employ stealthy shipping practices which keep everything discreet and professional.

Try some BC Blueberry, or get more exotic with a classic Afghan. You can even go wild with some Bruce Banner, or take a Mix Pack to get an expertly selected variety pack to truly spice up your garden.

The kind folks at Quebec Cannabis Seeds are also always happy to discuss cannabis! Take advantage of their expertise by reaching out with any questions you might have.

MSNL Seed Banks

Overview of MSNL

– Many Popular Strains

MSNL - Marijuana seeds bank

Having been in business since 1999, this Netherlands-based seed bank boasts of being the “original” seed bank. With such a long history, they’ve earned their reputation with quality seeds, reliable shipping, and an ever-expanding catalog of genetics to choose from.

Stocked with regular, feminized, and autoflowering seeds from just about any strain you’ve ever heard of, MSNL Seedbank has a prodigious selection.

Finding what you want is made easy with their detailed categories which divide between Indoor and Outdoor grows, High CBD Strains, and detailed breakdowns featuring statistics and descriptions for every strain in the catalog.

Backing up this selection is MSNL’s super discreet guaranteed shipping methods, which are provided for free with every order!

Plus, MSNL offers to throw in some free seeds for orders over $70.

Attitude Online Seed Bank

Check Out The Attitude Online Seed Bank

– Large Selection

The Attitude Seed Bank is one of the original online seed banks. Having been in business for over a decade, they’ve built a strong reputation for reliable quality.

With over 2,000 strains in stock, Attitude boasts a nearly unrivaled selection of some of the world’s finest genetics created by some of the most experienced and renown breeders.

Their “Pick n Mix” service allows you to create a customized mixture of seeds, offering a unique opportunity to try out all sorts of genetics and save a few bucks while doing so.

Based out of the UK, Attitude delivers to the US and backs up every order with a delivery guarantee.

Try out some world famous genetics such as Barney’s Farm Critical Kush. Or go with a classic like G13 Pineapple Kush. Browse Attitude’s list of top strains and their expert recommendations to find something completely new.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Learn About Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

– Discreet Delivery

the amsterdam marijuana seed bank

As you might have guessed from the name, this Amsterdam-based seed bank is dedicated to spreading the lovely indica strains which make Amsterdam’s weed such a world renowned delicacy across the globe.

Stocked with intriguing varieties such as Aussie Blues, Amsterdam Indica EXTRM, Bob Marley, and many more available in regular, autoflower, and feminized varieties, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ doesn’t skimp on selection.

They also offer shipping to the United States with discreet packaging and a delivery guarantee.

Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

The Ministry

– Multiple Payment Options
– Discreet Delivery

ministry US online seed bank

The Ministry of Cannabis is based out of Barcelona, Spain. They offer worldwide shipping and back up their seeds with a delivery guarantee.

But what’s more, they also guarantee germination of all their seeds! That means you’re not only guaranteed to get the seeds you ordered, but also to watch them grow into healthy little seedlings.

Try out some Mandarin Haze, a bulky Big Bud XXL, a divine God’s Glue, or grow a CBD strain like CBD Star. These are just a few of the dozens of genetics the Ministry of Cannabis has in their expansive catalog.

Find the Perfect Seeds Today

Between these ten seed banks, you’re spoiled for choice! Each ships to the United States and offers seeds for both famous and eclectic strains. Whether you’re searching for classic genetics or interested in trying something new entirely, there is more than enough to pick from.

So why wait? Your buds won’t grow until you’ve planted the seed!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a veteran grower or a beginner, poor quality seeds from unreliable online seed suppliers can mess you up. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on most reviews since they will list any grower without properly vetting them. To assure yourself of a good start as a grower, you need to know who you can rely on, and that is why we have reviewed the best US seed banks for you.

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