The 10 Best CBD Edibles on the Market & Their Company Reviews (2021)

It is not necessary to smoke weed in order to obtain the possible health benefits from CBD. A number of edible products containing CBD are able to deliver the cannabidiol that has proven to be extremely useful to your body without the need to smoke or ingest THC. An assortment of products that include candies, chocolates, and cookies are available to perform the double duty of satisfying your sweet tooth while providing your body with CBD.

The many CBD products on the market make it quite a chore for new customers to identify the edibles that taste the best to them and designed to provide the most possible benefits to their health and well-being. For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to perform the legwork for you. The following are list contains our selections for the 10 best CBD edibles on the market. Now all you have to do is enjoy them.

The legalization of the CBD derived from the hemp plant has instigated an explosive market for products infused with this beneficial substance. Many individuals interested in CBD mistakenly believe that vaping is the only way they can enjoy these products. And while many great products exist for vaping if that is how you choose to ingest your CBD, it is not the only option available to you.

CBD products can be found in crystal forms, powders, shampoos, lotions, and edibles. It is our opinion that edibles are the most enjoyable way to receive the CBD your body needs.

Top 10 CBD Edibles

The CBD edibles that made our top 10 list for edible CBD products stand out from the competition in a number of ways. First, the CBD contained within the product must derive from a farm that grows organic hemp and uses sustainable farming practices. The next requirement is that third-party testing must validate the quality of the product and the results of this testing should be easily available to all visitors to the company website. And thirdly, the customer reviews and testimonials must clearly show the appreciation CBD product users have for the product.

CBDmd CBD Edibles & Gummies

cbdMD CBD Gummies

The CBD used in the products produced by cbdMD is among the finest that is grown in the United States. The cbdMD way is to do their very best to preserve the CBD integrity of their oil while eliminating THC from the fold.

The gummies offered by the company also provide extreme value to consumers. Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD. A bottle of 30 gummies can be purchased from cbdMD for $29.99. The quality and price of the gummies sold by cbdMD are not matched by many companies.

Customers of cbdMD can also opt for a gummy option with higher potency. These gummies contain 25 mg of CBD per serving at a cost of $69.99 for a 30 count bottle.

Gummies from cbdMD are all-natural and contain no synthetic substances to sweeten them. Gummies can be purchased in orange, strawberry, tropical, and raspberry flavors.

Kanibi CBD Edibles Collection


Kanibi sets itself apart from other companies that sell CBD products with the impeccable standard for the quality it has established. The CBD products sold by Kanibi are safe and highly effective. Customers of Kanibi can also be sure the products they purchase contain no chemicals and are free from allergens. Kanibi first made a name for itself in the CBD industry with its high-quality sports creams and CBD oils. The company has duplicated this success with its Kanibi gummies.

Gummies from Kanibi are completely organic and contain no gluten. Health savvy customers find these two facts extremely appealing. Each gummy delivers 10 mg of high-quality CBD to customers as well as a sweet and fruity flavor that makes it difficult to eat just one. Each Kanibi gummy has only 3 grams of sugar to go along with 10 calories. A bottle of 30 Kanibi gummies can be purchased for $45. Kanibi has now established itself as the standard-bearer for CBD edible quality and makes the results of its third-party testing available to anyone who is interested in confirming this fact.CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

CBDistillery CBD Gummies


Many people will argue that the THC free CBD gummies produced by CBDistillery is the best on the market. CBDistillery differs from other participants in the market in that it does not use full or broad-spectrum CBD oils. Instead, the Nighttime Gummies produced by CBDistillery is made with a CBD isolate.

Gummies from CBDistillery are specifically designed to provide customers with a natural aid for deep and restful sleep. Gummies contain only natural ingredients and consumers can trust they are not subjecting their bodies to synthetic products shortly before bedtime.

CBDistillery’s Nighttime Gummies contain 30 mg of CBD isolate per serving along with one and a half milligrams of melatonin to encourage healthy sleep patterns. CBD gummy lovers who possess restrictions to their diet will appreciate the fact that gummies made by CBDistillery are not only vegan and kosher, but also come free of allergens and gluten.

FAB CBD Edibles


It would not be difficult to make the case that FAB produces the best tasting gummies. Each bottle sold by FAB contains 30 pieces of candy that customers love for both the fruity and delicious taste of the product as well as the 25 mg of CBD isolate delivered by each Gummy from Fab. These CBD isolates are processed to eliminate all active ingredients except CBD and represent the purest form of CBD that is available. CBD isolates are a must for CBD users who need to ensure they do not come into contact with THC.

All products sold by FAB are tested by third parties. These labs measure both CBD and THC content in addition to making sure products present no danger due to pesticide or heavy metal content. FAB gummies also come free of gluten and are tailored to vegan diets.

Premium Autoflower

5. Charlotte’s Web


The CBD gummies offered by Charlotte’s Web are appreciated by edible lovers for their potency and efficiency. The three gummy variations offered by the company include: Recovery, Sleep, and Calm. Each variety of gummy from Charlotte’s Web contains 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil along with the following supporting ingredients:

  • Calm – Lemon balm and L-theanine
  • Recovery – Ginger, turmeric, and anti-inflammatory herbs
  • Sleep – Three milligrams of melatonin

The broad-spectrum CBD used in the gummies produced by Charlotte’s Web benefits edible users through the potent blend of flavonoids and terpenes it possesses. These substances combine synergistically with the high-quality CBD present in Charlotte’s Web products to deliver a powerful combination of benefits to users. All products from Charlotte’s Web undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure they meet all standards for both quality and safety set forth by the company.

Charlotte’s Web gummies contain no dyes or additives. Natural fruit juices are used to provide color to the gummies. Charlotte’s Web possesses the perfect solution for edible lovers who need to improve their quality of sleep, rejuvenate sore or aching muscles, or provide themselves with a bit of relaxation.

6. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bomb CBD gummies

Customers who prefer gummies from Hemp Bombs point to the super-relaxing effects of the company’s product as the reason for its popularity. Hemp Bombs is a Florida-Based company that says its mission is to help users find relaxation. The company not only uses CBD to accomplish its mission but also provides customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the product they are purchasing is both safe and manufactured using sustainable products.

The CBD oil used to make Hemp Bombs gummies is the full-spectrum variety and contains additional terpenes and cannabidiols for maximum effect. Hemp Bombs also makes its gummies with purified CBD oil that contains no THC.

The CBD edible selections from Hemp Bombs are not limited to gummies. Other CBD-infused products offered by the company include syrups, lollipops, and capsules. These products come in a variety of flavors that include green apple, pink lemonade, and watermelon.

Hemp Bombs is highly respected in the CBD edible industry and has earned its way onto the list of top CBD edible companies with the quality of their products and the sustainable manufacturing practices used by the company.

7. Blue Ridge Hemp Company

Hemp Bomb CBD gummies

The products designed by Blue Ridge Hemp are specifically designed to meet the pain-relief needs of users. Each of the edibles produced by the company contains anti-sporadic and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties work to bring peace and comfort to sufferers of chronic pain.

Individuals in search of nutritional support for their daily diet are also in the right place with Blue Ridge Hemp. CBD-infused food products include candy bars, high-quality butter, coconut oil, and mushrooms.

Blue Ridge Hemp is known for the compassion it has demonstrated for the people who use the products the company produces. The company’s price reduction program was designed with the customer who needs the CBD products produced by Blue Ridge Hemp but may not be able to afford them in mind. The company also donates a percentage of its profits to causes that support the health of the environment.

The concern Blue Ridge Hemp shows for both its customers and the environment helps them earn a spot among the top companies operating in the CBD edibles industry.

8. Diamond CBD


Diamond CBD partners with hemp farms in Scandanavia, Kentucky, and Colorado to obtain the organic hemp that is used to make the company’s products. Each hemp plant is individually selected for quality before being carefully harvested and dried. Diamond CBD products contain no THC and are tested by a third-party laboratory for quality.

Products offered by Diamond CBD include gummy rings, gummy bears, and sour fruit slices. The gummies sold by Diamond CBD come in varying CBD dose strengths so that users can choose the product that delivers the exact dose of CBD that is needed.

Diamond CBD also offers some of the best prices for its CBD edibles available in the industry. Edible eaters can purchase 14 gummy bears for $21.99 and the company offers frequent discounted sales. You will also not pay for shipping when you order products that cost $100 or more.


WYLD CBD Gummies

The CBD gummies distributed by WYLD CBD are manufactured using only the best organically grown hemp from Oregon. Each gummy batch is carefully crafted by the food scientists working for the company and is available in raspberry, blackberry, and huckleberry flavors.

WYLD CBD gummies are both gluten-free and vegan. Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD and packages can be purchased in counts of 10 and 20. The company offers a discounted price for four packs of each flavor for new customers who have yet to decide the gummy flavor they prefer the most.

10. Gron

WYLD CBD Gummies

Gron is a chocolate maker based in Portland, Oregon that only uses high-quality hemp that is organic, non-GMO, and grown in the local area. The chocolate the company uses in its edibles originates from Southeast Asia and is produced by single-source farms. The sea salt bars made by the company are made with hand-harvested ocean salt. And if all of that is not enough to demonstrate the commitment the company maintains for the health of both its customers and the environment, the packaging that is used for their chocolate bars are completely recyclable.

Gron offers a variety of CBD products for customers but chocolate is what has made the company a household name in the CBD community. The company has also earned a large number of points with customers for its CBD cookies that contain natural ingredients and are available in flavors such as pistachio ginger and bourbon vanilla. Each chocolate bar made by Gron is infused with 100 mg of CBD and the company’s cookies contain 50 mg.

Another popular product manufactured by Gron is its CBD pet tinctures. The tasty pet treats are a great aid to the health of your dog or cat and are available in a variety of flavors that include bacon, chicken, peanut butter, and cheese.

The Bottom Line

The products and companies profiled above represent the best the CBD industry has to offer. All products are safe and provide maximum benefits to customers. The CBD food products made by these companies provide maximum pain and stress relief without the negative side-effects that often accompany pharmaceutical medications. If you are a relatively new user of CBD products and need a little help finding the best CBD edibles on the market, you cannot go wrong with the foods and products listed above.

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