The 10 Best Canadian Seed Banks in 2021

It has been an exciting few years for cannabis growers and weed fans in Canada. The Cannabis Act passed at the end of 2018. Since then, any Canadian over the age of 18 can use cannabis, recreationally or medically, and grow up to four plants per home for personal use. 

This has led to an explosion of interest in the best Canadian seed banks. To some extent, of course, there is a bit of subjectivity in what makes a seed bank great. But overall, it’s not that hard to see the difference between the many online seed banks that ship to Canada.

bruce banner seeds

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 best Canadian seed banks to help you make an informed decision. Don’t bother trying to find a way to get some international shipper to get you the best quality seeds you need to cultivate your own cannabis plants at home. Shop local to Canada with the 10 best Canadian seed bank reviews, updated for 2021.

Updated on July 7th, 2021

The 10 Best Canadian Seed Bank Reviews of 2021

  1. ILGM Seed Bank
  2. Homegrown Cannabis Co
  3. Crop King Seeds Canada
  4. Dr. Seeds Seed Bank
  5. i49 Seed Bank
  6. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds
  7. Quebec Seed Bank
  8. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank
  9. True North Seed Bank
  10. Montreal Cannabis Seeds

ILGM Seed Bank  – Best Seed Bank in Canada


  • Discreet Delivery and Stealth Shipping
  • – 80% Germination Rate
  • – 24/7 Chat Support
  • – Multiple Payment Options
  • – High-quality cannabis seeds
ilgm autoflower seeds

Extra perk: You’ll get free delivery when you spend $200 at checkout or more, and ten free cannabis seeds that come from Canada with orders over $420.

With over 40 strains available in their lineup, ILGM Seeds is still expanding, investing its resources into developing new strains for the future.

With everything from classic strains to new hybrids available, this entry in the seed banks Canada list offers seeds that both novice and expert growers can use to get the best out of their crops.

CB Diesel, a high CBD version of Sour Diesel, or CBD White Widow should keep all of your medical marijuana growing needs met nicely. Or opt for one of the best-sellers like Blue Cookies, a top-shelf hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry.

Their seeds have a germination guarantee of at least 80 percent as long as you follow their germination guide.

Homegrown Cannabis Co Seed Bank

Homegrown Cannabis Seeds

– Great Selection
– Top Rated Seller!

toronto cannabis seeds

When you’re not sure exactly which stain to grow or want to try your hand at a variety of plants to discover different strains and find out what you really like, check out the packs collection from Toronto Cannabis Seeds out of Ontario.

With a wide variety of types, mix packs can be a good choice for novice growers or more advanced growers looking to diversify their crops. For example, the Auto-flowering Cannabis Mix Pack gives you hardy cannabis plants that are easy to care for and pretty quick to harvest, while the Feminized Cannabis Seeds pack helps you grow marijuana plants with a variety of THC effects.

Our favorite mix: the Summer Feminized Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack. This one has 8 seeds total, 2 of each variety: Blueberry for that classic, easy indica grow; Northern Lights for a deep body stone and piney finish; Cinderella 99 (C-99), which is one of the best hybrid strains going, still; and a cross between Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue GG4 for another knockout hybrid.

One of our favorite and best Canadian seed banks online.

Support Info:

  • 1-450-272-9693

Payments Accepted:

  • Visa Credit Cards
  • MasterCard

i49 Seed Bank

Check Out i49’s Seeds

– Three payment methods
– Accepts Bitcoin!
– Guarantees delivery

i49 Seed Bank is one of the most renown and versatile Canadian-based seed banks out there. This seed bank supplies a variety of seeds that are catered both to newer growers and to the master cannabis croppers.

Top Reasons Growers Keep Their Eyes On i49

Some of the major assets of this cannabis bank include its:

  • Its High Gardening blog
  • Quick delivery time
  • Wholesale options
  • Choice between feminized, auto-flowering, and beginner seeds

High Gardening Blog

In addition to their wide array of top-notch seeds, this company supplies more help for home-growers in the form of support services. They will directly guide you through the process–from sorting through seeds to reaping and sowing your bounty of buds.

i49 wants to ensure that all of its cannabis cultivators do not feel they have to grow alone. The i49 cannabis seed vendor is positively upheld as one of the most respected United States seed banks. It has achieved this status because the seed bank sorts out superior seeds for you and your growing goals. Furthermore, i49 also provides you with a sort of growing guide that details how best to carry your seeds to a bountiful harvest. The seed bank leads and guides you the whole way, ensuring that your cannabis crop is always in good hands–from planting to harvest!

Everything you could possibly want to know on your particular strain (or strains, for the more ambitious growers among us) is stored in their readily accessible online database. Also found on i49’s website are the most successful ways of growing each individual cannabis strain, and specifications/ratios in regards to the THC and CBD content of that strain.

Assortment of Seeds

Every cultivator of cannabis has a different taste. From the more calming, CBD-heavy collections to the THC-leaning charmers, i49 has got those seeds stored. Those more hands-off growers can peruse their boundless auto-flowering seeds inventory. The feminized seeds are catered towards cannabis croppers who desire to steer away from cross-pollination. Both indoor or outdoor growers alike will find their seeds here as well.

Those who want the best of both worlds will also find that i49 has them covered with their well-known seed Bundles. These genius mix packs will present you with an assortment of genetically different seeds, that way you can explore until you find the perfect strain for you. You never know, your next cannabis crush could be in that bag! No matter what you desire, you will surely be able to find it at i49.

Do not be afraid to scour their website until you locate the seeds you desire. Their impressive archive is packed with beneficial bud knowledge. Your cannabis comprehension will surely increase after leafing through their blog.

Feel free to contact them and take advantage of their top-notch seed services. If you decide to purchase from them, rest assured you will receive quick, discreet delivery. You can even pay via credit card or bank transfer.

Dr Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank

Dr. Seeds best canadian seed banks

At Dr. Seeds, you can search for strains using desired features such as “Sativa,” “Hybrid,” “Easiest to Grow,” and “Top Pick For Outdoor.” This means that, even if you’re not entirely sure of a strain name, you can still find what you’re looking for when you’re ready to grow your next crop.

We love their Super Skunk feminized seeds and their Bubba Kush autoflowering seeds. Also, check out the Cream autoflowering feminized seeds, which you don’t see every day.

Dr. Seeds also offers fertilizers, including Kelp Extract, Bloom Boost, Vegetative Stage Hydroponic Fertilizer, and wetting agents like Yucca Extract. This makes it a “one-stop-shop” member of the seed banks Canada lineup and a good seed bank to check out if you need more than just seeds for your next harvest.

We love the selection here at Grower’s Choice. If you’re into high CBD levels, you’ll love their CBD Critical Mass Medical cannabis seeds, which are super easy to grow and yield well. We also love their Jack Herer feminized cannabis seeds—one of the classic marijuana strains for medical cannabis use.

You can use three payment methods with Vancouver Seed Bank to ensure your transaction is secure and easy for you to complete. They take Bitcoin, money order, or bank transfer, or email transfer, and you will have a chance to review their full payment method instructions when you go to checkout.

If you’ve ever had problems receiving an order from a seed bank before, you can

breathe a little easier when you order from here—they will refund you if your delivery does not arrive after two attempts. Call or email them with any questions you have about your order or their seeds.

Premium Autoflower

Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Bank

DrGreenthumb.comDr. Greenthumb Cannabis Seeds
Dr Greenthumb Canadian Seeds

This is not the most up to date site to navigate in the world, but it’s worth it. Dr. Greenthumb has its wide variety of seeds available in different pack sizes, such as five seeds and ten seeds, to meet your current and future growing needs. We love their Trainwreck and OG Kush feminized seeds, and we especially love seeing interesting strains like Jazz and Chemo Iranian.

All of the seed listings on Dr. Greenthumb come with information to help you decide which plants are right for you before you order, including the suggested harvest time, potency, height, trimming requirements, natural disease or blight resistance, and the estimated finishing time.

All of this bank’s seed prices are shown in both USA and Canadian dollars, too, making it easier to see exactly what you will pay for your order. (Let’s face it, it shouldn’t be hard to buy marijuana seeds, but in practice, it often is the way many sites have it set up.)

i49 Seed Bank

i49.neti49 Weed Seeds
I49 Seed Bank

I49 prides itself on selling products with authentic genetics only, and they promise that they will never substitute products without receiving your consent first. They also guarantee an 80 percent germination rate on their CBD, cannabis, and feminized marijuana seeds as long as you follow the handy and easy-to-understand germination guide provided for free right on their website.

We love the cannabis strains you can get through i49, and you can trust their info on genetics and terpene profiles, too. They have an entire high THC seed section, and in it is one of our top favorites to grow and sell: Purple Kush feminized.

If some of your seeds don’t germinate even after you follow the guide to the letter, you can reach out to their customer service, and they will send you free seeds to replace them and ensure you reach that 80 percent germination percentage.

Quebec Seed Bank

Quebec Cannabis Seed Features:

– Offers variety packs
– Flat-rate, world-wide shipping


Quebec Seed Bank offers variety packs for the unsure or experimental grower in addition to their wide variety of stains. Their CBD Mix Pack is for producing calming plants and good for pain management or muscle spasms. You can also try the randomly selected Autoflower Cannabis Seeds pack to discover which low-maintenance, quick-harvest autoflowering strain is right for you.

Quebec Seed Bank ships worldwide for a $10 flat rate, providing estimated shipping times in accordance with where you live. Other shipping options are available but may cost more. On business days, they ship orders continually.

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

BCBudDepot.comBC Bud Depot Seed Bank
Bc Bud Depot

BC Bud Depot Seed Bank has a great selection of top notch seeds. You’re going to love the Pamplemousse, which is Grapefruit, and you can confirm that with your nose from a foot away with these sweet and fruity cannabis plants.

BC Bud Depot guarantees customers the receipt of their order, and they will resend damaged, lost, or confiscated orders. However, keep in mind that you can’t cancel an order once you place it, and they do not accept returns of any consumable products. They wisely suggest you order a small quantity of a product you’re interested in before making a large purchase to ensure you’re getting what you want.

Customer service is available by email and phone for any questions you may have. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to submit support requests online using their ticket system.

True North Seed Bank

TrueNorthSeedBank.comTrue North Seed Bank
True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank more than meets the needs of a busy grower. Seeds are available in bulk for many popular strains, including Afghan Hash, Agent Orange, Pure Kush, Coco Melon, and White Widow. They also have about every variety of Gelato you could hope to find. You’ll find both regular seeds and feminized seeds in their bulk section, so there’s plenty of options to choose from for your growing preferences.

Bulk seeds are available in 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 count packs, and the more your order, the bigger your savings per seed will be. Make sure you do the math before you order from this bank to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your seed buck.

#10 Montreal Cannabis Seeds

MontrealCannabis-Seeds.caMontreal Cannabis Seeds
Montreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal Cannabis Seeds offers customers a guarantee. All of their seeds are tested under this promise, and they handpick selections for viability and maturity. If necessary, they do send replacement cannabis seeds to ensure you reach their stated minimum of an 80-percent germination rate.

To keep you updated and confident in your growing, this seed bank offers online guides and information about all stages of the planting and growth process, including instructions and tips for growers without a lot of planting space. You can learn about feminized seeds, which plants are best for the time of the year you’re going to plant in, and more on their website.

Is Cannabis Legal in Canada?

The Canadian government created the Task Force on Marijuana Regulation and Legalization in 2016. After speaking to the public and municipal, territorial, provincial, and Indigenous governments throughout the country, the task force concluded that cannabis prohibition did not work. They also decided that simple decriminalization would also be problematic and proposed Bill C-45 instead of in 2017.

This became The Cannabis Act, which received royal assent in 2018. This made Canada the first G7 and G20 nation to legalize cannabis and the second country in the world to do so after Uruguay.

The Cannabis Act or C-45 legalized the use, possession, cultivation, and purchase of up to 30 grams of a dried form of cannabis (or equivalent non-dried form) for both recreational and medicinal purposes for adults 18 years of age and older. Adults can also make drinks and edibles infused with cannabis, “as long as organic solvents are not used to create [concentrates].”

As far as growing cannabis plants go, each household may cultivate up to four cannabis plants from “licensed seed or seedlings.” However, Manitoba and Quebec are not included in this portion of the law.

Final Thoughts

Ready to grow your own cannabis plants at home? Here in the Great White North, it’s easier than ever. Stick to these top ten Canadian seed banks to find the best cannabis seeds, and you’ll improve your yields across the board.

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  1. Jordan of the islands is the best seed bank in Canada. They have the most potent frost filled cannabis strains in Canada. Everything that i have grown by them has been Fire. I have ordered and grown many strains from pretty much all the top Canadian seed banks and have been let down by all but Jordan of the islands. Everything is fire super flavorful terpy fire. Check out anything there crossed with there Blackberry kush or anything crossed with there God strain. Pure Gems.


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