The Cannabis Act passed at the end of 2018, allowing anyone over the age of 18 that recreationally and medically uses cannabis to purchase their favouwrite green flower from cannabis stores and their best Canadian seed banks. The act also allows cannabis consumers to cultivate up to 4 plants per home for personal use.

In order to cultivate your own cannabis plants at home, you’ll need to find the best suits for you. Whether you’re purchasing from a store or browsing the internet, you’ll find many seed banks that ship to Canada that offer various strains such as: Indica, Sativa, High THC, Hybrids, Indoor & Outdoor strains. For residents in Canada, you’ll want to source your seeds locally, that’s why we’ve put together the top 10 best Canadian seed banks to help you make an informed decision.

The 10 Best Canadian Seed Bank Reviews of 2020

  1. Crop King Seeds
  2. Quebec/Toronto Cannabis Seeds
  3. Dr. Seeds Seed Bank
  4. Grower’s Choice Seed Bank
  5. i49 Seed Bank
  6. Dr. Greenthumb Seeds
  7. Quebec Seed Bank
  8. BC Bud Depot Seed Bank
  9. True North Seed Bank
  10. Montreal Cannabis Seeds

#1 Crop King Seeds  – Best Seed Bank in Canada

Why Crop Kings?

– Discreet Delivery
– 80% Germination Rate
– 24/7 Chat Support
– Multiple Payment Options

Crop King Seeds Canadian Seed Bank

Coupon: 10% off all seeds with code: KING10

Extra perk: You’ll get free delivery when you spend $200 at checkout or more, and ten free cannabis seeds that come from Canada with orders over $420.

With over 40 strains available in their lineup, Crop King Seeds is still expanding, investing their resources into developing new strains for the future.

With everything from classic strains to new hybrids available, this entry in the seed banks Canada list offers seeds that both novice and expert growers can use to get the best out of their crops.

Their seeds have a guaranteed germination rate of at least 80 percent as long as you follow their germination guide.

#2 Toronto / Quebec Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seeds

– Great Selection
– Based in Canada!

toronto cannabis seeds

When you’re not sure exactly which stain to grow or just want to try your hand at variety of plants to discover new strains and find out what you really like, check out the packs collection from Toronto Cannabis Seeds.

Available in a wide variety of types, mix packs can be a good choice for novice growers or more advanced grows looking to diversify their crops.

Try the Autoflower Mix Pack for plants that are easy to care for and pretty quick to harvest or go with the Feminized Cannabis Seeds pack for plants with a variety of THC effects. One of our favorite and best Canadian seed banks online.

Support Info:

  • 1-450-272-9693

Payments Accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

#3 Dr. Seeds Marijuana Seed Bank

Check Out Dr. Seeds

– Great fertilizer products for sale
– Based in Canada

Dr. Seeds

At Dr. Seeds, you can search for strains using desired features such as “Sativa,” “Hybrid,” “Easiest to Grow” and “Top Pick For Outdoor.” This means that, even if you’re not entirely sure of a strain name, you can still find what you’re looking for when you’re ready to grow your next crop.

Dr. Seeds also offers fertilizers, including Kelp Extract, Bloom Boost and Vegetative

Stage Hydroponic Fertilizer, and wetting agents like Yucca Extract. This makes it a “one-stop shop” member of the seed banks Canada lineup and a good seed bank to check out if you need more than just seeds for your next harvest.

#4 Grower’s Choice Seed Bank

Check Out Grower’s Choice Seeds

– Three payment methods
– Accepts Bitcoin!
– Guarantees delivery

grower's choice seeds

There are three payments methods you can use with Vancouver Seed Bank to ensure your transaction is secure and easy for you to complete. They take Bitcoin, money order or email transfer, and you will have a chance to review their full payment method instructions when you go to checkout.

If you’ve ever had problems receiving an order from a seed bank before, you can

breathe a little easier when you order from here—they will refund you if your delivery does not arrive after two attempts. Call or email them with any questions you have about your order or their seeds.

#5 Dr. Greenthumb Seeds Bank

DrGreenthumb.comDr. Greenthumb Cannabis Seeds

Dr. Greenthumb has its wide variety of seeds available in different pack sizes, such as five seeds and ten seeds, to meet your current and future growing needs. All of this bank’s seed prices are shown in both US and Canadian dollars, too, making it easier to see exactly what you will pay for your order.

All of the seed listings on Dr. Greenthumb come with information to help you decide which plants are right for you before you order, including the suggested harvest time, potency, height, any trimming requirements, natural disease or blight resistance and the estimated finishing time.

#6 i49 Seed Bank

i49.neti49 Weed Seeds

I49 prides itself on selling products with authentic genetics only, and they promise that they will never substitute products without receiving your consent first. They also provide a guarantee of an 80 percent germination rate on their CBD, cannabis and feminized marijuana seeds as long as you follow the handy and easy-to-understand germination guide provided for free right on their website.

If some of your seeds don’t germinate even after you follow the guide to the letter, you can reach out to their customer service, and they will send you free replacement seeds to ensure you reach that 80 percent germination percentage.

#7 Quebec Seed Bank

Quebec Cannabis Seed Features:

– Offers variety packs
– Flat-rate, world-wide shipping


In addition to their wide variety of stains, Quebec Seed Bank offers variety packs for the unsure or experimental grower. Their CBD Mix Pack is for producing plants that are calming, relaxing and good for pain management and muscle spasms, or you can try the randomly selected Autoflower Cannabis Seeds pack to discover which low-maintenance, quick-harvest autoflowering strain is right for you.

Quebec Seed Bank ships worldwide for a $10 flat rate, providing estimated shipping times in accordance with where you live. Other shipping methods are available but may cost more. On business days, they ship orders continually.

#8 BC Bud Depot Seed Bank

BCBudDepot.comBC Bud Depot Seed Bank

BC Bud Depot actually guarantees customers the receipt of their order, and they will resend a damaged, lost or confiscated order. However, keep in mind that you can’t cancel an order once you place it, and they do not accept returns of any consumable products. They wisely suggest you order a small quantity of a product you’re interested in, before making a large purchase, to ensure you’re getting what you want.

Customer service is available by email and phone for any questions you may have. Once you sign up for an account, you’ll be able to submit support requests online using their ticket system.

#9 True North Seed Bank

TrueNorthSeedBank.comTrue North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank more than meets the needs of a busy grower. Seeds are available in bulk for many popular strains, including Afghan Hash, Agent Orange, Pure Kush, Coco Melon and White Widow. You’ll find both regular and feminized seeds in their bulk section, so there’s plenty of options to choose from for your growing preferences.

Bulk seeds are available in 100, 300, 500 and

1,000 count packs, and the more your order, the bigger your savings per seed will be. Make sure you do the math before you order from this bank to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your seed buck.

#10 Montreal Cannabis Seeds

MontrealCannabis-Seeds.caMontreal Cannabis Seeds

Montreal Cannabis Seeds offers customers a guarantee. Under this promise, all of their seeds are tested, and they handpick selections for viability and maturity. They do send replacement cannabis seeds if necessary to ensure you reach their stated minimum of an 80-percent germination rate.

To keep you updated and confident in your growing, this seed bank offer online guides

and information about all stages of the planting and growth process, including instructions and tips for growers without a lot of planting space. You can learn about feminized seeds, which plants are best for the time of the year you’re going to plant in and more on their website.

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