Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers | Surviving Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Sweet & Fierce Edition
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Surviving Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Sweet & Fierce Edition

Disclaimer: This is not advice, just my personal story. What worked for me might not work for you. I am not a doctor, I write creative copy for a living! This blog does not reflect the views of Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers, but instead, is a testimony of my own experience.

I hate needles. I hate pain pills. I hate being confined to a couch for an entire weekend. Fortunately though, I have access to medical marijuana and it is a game changer. I have been very lucky when it comes to injuries. The only time I have ever been to the hospital was last August when I was accidentally attacked by my own kitty (long story). When my wisdom teeth started pounding last week in my head, at the very wise age of 24, I knew it was finally time for them to come out. Due to the nature of my job, I constantly keep up with current cannabis news. I have recently read a lot about how marijuana can assist with side effects from painkillers, as well as inflammation and pain reduction. It was time to put together the perfect kit for staying sweet during my recovery.

Survival Kit

Grand Daddy Purple flower

Choosing this strain to help with my recovery was the best call. Not only did this GDP smell and look gorgeous, it cut my pain in half as soon as I exhaled it’s smoke. It was important to me to take home a hard-hitting indica because of their reputation for pain relief.

Mary’s Medicinals CBD:THC Patches

These patches were a no-brainer. My cousin tried them a few months ago and won’t stop talking about how magically they work. I would have tried them sooner, but $10 per patch is a little out of my everyday spending budget. I cut them in half and placed the pieces on the inside of both of my wrists. They work for up to 12 hours, so they were worth every penny to me after all.

Hose Vaporizer

It might sound goofy, but I vaped through my nose all weekend. The key to pulling this off is having a sturdy vaporizer with a nose accessible mouthpiece (haha). Slowly inhale through the mouth piece taking in a deep breath of terpy goodness. Stay hydrated to avoid cotton mouth which could lead to dry sockets (Dry sockets are what you get if you damage your empty sockets).

Infused Coconut Oil

I make it a point to always keep infused organic coconut oil in my pantry and boy did it help me out with my recovery. Typically I use my coconut oil for baking edibles or making lotions, but this time I used it to medicate my smoothies. I created my own oil with my Magical Butter machine and Sweet Leaf Shake n’ Bake.

Dab at Your Own Risk

If you must dab, you will need a partner to pull it off. Find your largest “dab-able” rig and have your friend dab to fill the chamber with vapor. Pull out the down stem and take a slow and careful breath. By doing this, you are not adding pressure to the inside out your mouth and you can be sure that your dab smoke does not pour into your dry sockets.

I was very grateful to have access to legal marijuana while I was recovering. Not once did I itch or feel negative side effects of the narcotics my doctor prescribed me. My home remedy experiment was a success. My mouth is still recovering, but according to my friends I am bouncing back very quickly.

How has medical marijuana helped you stay sweet & fierce?


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    Did you take any prescribed opioid based medicine with the medical cannabis

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