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Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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Top Marijuana Companies Golf for MS

Spend the day at one of the most iconic Colorado golf courses while donating thousands of dollars to a good cause and…. did that golf pro just take a dab?

Did you know that over 350,000 Americans currently live with Multiple Sclerosis? While MS is widely known around the world, there is still much to be learned about this central nervous system disorder. Studies suggest that THC has positive effects on its worst symptom, spasticity, the continuous contracting of muscles caused by partial brain or spinal damage. Gracious companies like The Clinic Dispensary fundraise each year for research and education by throwing pretty incredible events.  More than $300,000 has been raised by The Clinic Charity Classic over the past 6 years for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the number continues to grow each year. For it’s 7th year, the tournament was held at the famed Arrowhead Golf Course, bringing a whole new energy into the mountains.

So, what do you get when you combine a prestigious golf course with generous top marijuana companies? A party of epic proportions.

Things you’ll see at the tournament:

  • – A friendly reminder speech on cannabis regulations…while getting handed a joint
  • – A golfer goodie bag with freebies galore, including gifts like Julie’s THC infused granola and a free PAX Vaporizer
  • – Sponsors at nearly every hole promoting their products or services and handing out free swag. Think free vape pens vs. keychains
  • – Tents scattered throughout the course, complete with cheerful bartenders serving up beers and mixed drinks
  • – Sponsored carts passing by with offerings of beers and joints
  • – Dab Island + Dab Cove: Special locations dedicated to delicious flavors of fresh concentrates ready for sampling
  • – Newly baked professional golfers going from, “Good morning, Sir,” to red-eyed cart-cruising singing, “THIS IS THE BEST TOURNAMENT EVER!”
  • – Entertaining sponsors, introducing the coolest new products to the industry and sharing their favorite samples
  • – An enormous amount of support from top industry brands networking, mingling, and laughing like family
  • – Hearing Sweet Leaf Co-owner Matt shouting, “SWEET LEAF” across the course after every good shot
  • – The real hero of the day: Sweet Leaf Co-owner Anthony’s pants. With a magenta fabric so bright, it garnered its own introduction throughout the afternoon.

This diverse group of passionate individuals and respected organizations combined forces to bring aid to a cause so great that it overshadowed any negative cannabis stereotype. As the industry continues to demolish that stigma and bring new light in, there’s no better way to let that mission shine than with community events like this. 

Right when you thought the day couldn’t get any better, the Sweet Leaf Team won FIRST PLACE in the scramble, shooting 17 under and taking home the trophy, infamous green jackets, and a whole lotta pride!

Want to get involved? Head to www.nationalmssociety.org and see how you can help.

Shoutout to the amazing sponsors: Arrowhead Golf Course, Weedmaps, Pax, Sweet Grass Kitchen, LivWell, Green, Shear Solutions, Bee-Nails, LiveGreen Cannabis, OpenVape, Way To Grow, Cheeba Chews, Incredibles, The Hemp Connoisseur, Dope Magazine, Sensi Magazine, Buddy Boy Brands, Mountain High Suckers, Apothecanna, MarQaha, IndyInk, Leaf Buyer, Gobi Analytical, Batch 64, WonderLeaf, Native Roots, The Bank, The Lab, Safe Harbor Private Banking, Nichols Venture Group

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