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Stoner Valentine’s Day Guide


Where To Go

Outside: What’s a more romantic place to be than with nature? If you’re an active couple, head for a beautiful hike, snowshoe or snowmobile through the mountains! Pack a picnic, blanket, cone pack, and hammock to enjoy some relaxation and peace and quiet.


Weekend Trip: Who says Valentine’s Day has to be celebrate on Tuesday? Plan a fun weekend trip for the two of you and extend the holiday! Have you been talking about a trip recently? Surprise them with tickets or a piece of clothing/accessory meant to be worn in that area or during the activity you want to do there.


Nowhere: This holiday doesn’t have to be so extravagant. Sometimes the best nights together are stuck indoors, snuggling on a couch, getting blazed, and ordering a huge pizza and your favorite movie. Rearrange a room, do a fun craft, try to homebrew. In a world that’s never slowing down, give yourself a night to just enjoy each other’s company.


What To Do

Comedy Show:  Couples who laugh together, stay together. Psychologist and eHarmony CEO Neil Clark Warren says humor is one of the five most important factors for a lasting relationship. Luckily, there are great shows all around town to get a laugh in. Check out the top shows in the comedy scene here, and don’t forget to stop by one of our stores for some extra laughing juice.


Live Music: Stick to something you both love or something you’ve never seen before. Have you been eyeing that jazz bar? Found a new appreciation for metal? It’s always a good time to try something new.


Take a Class: Cooking, crafts, whatever floats your boat. Suck at pottery? Do a class; it’ll be hilarious, and you’ll leave with a story and a horrible piece of art for your place. Explore local Meet-ups and you’ll be surprised how many interesting classes like, “Woodworking and Wine” exist.


What To Eat

Cook at Home: Does your partner always do the cooking? There’s really nothing quite like a home-cooked meal from a loved one. Spice it up by including infused-items in your meal! See our culinary Pinterest board for ideas, or simply make up your own “paired dinner.”


Treat Yo-self: Sometimes the classic date night is all you need to enjoy the holiday. Whether it be a top-rated restaurant or that unique spot you’ve been eyeing for weeks, V-Day is a great excuse to explore the finer things in life. Oh, and avoid the lame oysters and aphrodisiac inducing foods, it’s comes off as corny. It’s Valentine’s Day, everyone’s already stimulated.


Dessert: Alright, Valentine’s Day can be overrated, but you know what’s not overrated? Ice cream. Whether you’re single or taken, ice cream is never a bad idea. Don’t like it? Ok, we’ll hold off our judgements and just recommend any dessert to fill that delicious craving.  


What To Give


Bud Bouquet: Flowers are great, but a bud bouquet from our friends at Irie Weddings & Events is even better. And who says flowers aren’t for guys? These are bouquets of beautiful plants mixed with real, smokable, marijuana nugs.


Couples Massage: This is a great way for the both of you to relax together. And even better, no wasted time stressing out over what to get each other.


Weed + Accessories: Ok, weed is definitely mentioned twice on here, but come on it’s the best gift. Flower, wax, edibles, infused drinks, and let’s not forget all of the fun accessories which make great presents. A few ideas include a new rig, dab pad, lighter, pen, mod, dab piece for bong, dab cap, cool ashtray, or a dugout. See our friends over at Glass on Demand for the best deal on goodies that can be shipped straight to your doorstep or view their towers in-store.



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