Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers | 12 Sweet & Fierce Stocking Stuffers
Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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12 Sweet & Fierce Stocking Stuffers

Are you still hunting down the perfect gift for your favorite stoners? Knock out your holiday shopping list at Sweet Leaf! In years past, people would gift their friends cute little baggies of herb or a holiday blunt. Modern marijuana has added many wonderful new options. You can give infused items ranging from bath soaks to beverages. Use this list of 12 Sweet & Fierce Stocking Stuffers to check off your list.

1: Jolly Good Joints

Under $30

Our jolly good joints will fit snuggly in your stockings. Mix and match your favorite cones to build your ideal box. This festive 5-pack will put a smile on any stoner’s face. $20 for Med patients (tax included), $30 for Rec patients (plus tax).

Found at all locations


2: Dixie Awakening Mints

Under $20

Made by one of the most established edible companies in the industry, these mints deliver a precise and unique high. This pack comes with 16 pieces delivering 5mg each. Loaded with Siberian ginseng, ginkgo, matcha and orange oil, these tasty mints will keep you high and alert. Give these delicious Orange Zest mints to the on-the-go stoner in your life.

Found at 38th & Sheridan


3: O-Pen Vape & Cartridge

Under $50

This pen is a must-have for Mary Jane lovers of all kind. Pre-loaded with activated THC glycerin, each puff delivers a sweet and smooth hit. Once your purchase the battery, cartridges come in a variety of milligrams. You can choose sativa, indica or hybrid depending on your daily needs.

Found at 44th & Tejon


4: Keef Cola Boost

Under $20

You can find these wild energy shots at our Rec stores. These tiny bottles are mightier than they seem. Filled with 40 or 80mg of THC, Vitamin C, B3, B6 and B12, get a boost when you need some extra chill energy. From Strawberry Lime Sublime to Watermelon Snooze, there is a flavor to satisfy any set of taste buds.

Found at 6th & Chambers


5: Dixie Bath Soak

Under $20

Give the gift of relaxation with this soothing bottle of Dixie Bath Soak. Good for more than one use, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! The bottle contains 9 recommended servings. Whether you have a friend who needs to relax or relieve their back pain, any cannabis lover be thrilled with this present. Find this product on the Rec side of our stores.

Found at 38th & Sheridan


6: Medible Popcorn

Under $10

Popped to perfection, buttered and drizzled with chocolate, upgrade your holiday popcorn tradition. This bag of popcorn is loaded with 50mg of THC. Medible is dedicated to making edibles for medical marijuana patients. They offer top quality munchies, made fresh weekly. Many of their products, including this popcorn, are gluten-free. If you have a friend with food allergies, GF never tasted so good!

Found at 44th & Tejon


7: Dixie Foria Sensual Enhancement

Under $50

Foria got its famous start in California when it debuted as the industry’s first sensual enhancement product. After teaming up with Dixie, they made their first appearance in Colorado at the X Games in Aspen this past year. You can find this product on our Rec side in either 10 or 30 mL. Go with this gift if you are looking for something passionate.

Found at 38th & Sheridan


8: Stoned Cold Drink Mix

Under $20

Stuff your stockings with Stoned Cold Drink mix this year. No pantry is complete without this infused lemonade mix. This packet contains 50mg and on the Rec side it comes with a 10mg serving spoon. If lemonade isn’t your favorite drink, give their Iced Tea a try.

Found at 38th & Sheridan


9: Cherry Lemon Haze Full-Zip Hoodie

Under $40

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie? Not quite stocking-sized, this cozy, bright American Apparel full-zip will look great under your tree. This hoodie was made for someone who loves loud colors and loud pack.

Found at I-25 & Evans


10: Ounce of Grapefruit Diesel

Under $150

‘Tis the season for grapefruit! One of our hottest new strains is Grapefruit Diesel. Its overwhelming aroma of grapefruit makes this an extremely coveted strain. Coming from powerful parents Grapefruit and New York City Diesel, this sativa provides a strong but productive high. Check our menus to chase this delicious strain.

Found at 44th & Tejon, while supplies last


11: Wax On Wax Strapback

Under $50

This hat was designed in Denver by Oak & Marble. We collaborated to create the ultimate hat for all concentrate lovers. This strapback features a close-up photograph of a delicious slab of our Silver Pearl wax. Give this strapback to the biggest dab fan on your shopping list.

Found at I-25 & Evans


12: Headache Away Tea

Under $10

In the past, people have smoked joints to relieve headaches. In 2015, you can purchase Headache Away Tea from the dispensary! This tea is available caffeinated or decaffeinated and is infused with 60mg of THC. Gift this tea to your friend who always seems to get a migraine.

Found at I-25 & Evans



Have yourself a little Mary!

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