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Operation Fruit Pipe


Everyone has at least heard of the classic apple pipe. Generations of marijuana lovers have found themselves unprepared, without a pipe, but are easily able to access an apple. My love of fruit, the DIY aspect of the pipes, and the convenience has always kept me intrigued with these homemade devices. Why did people choose an apple in the first place? Is it the best fruit for the job? What other fruits could rival the apple? Was it because of it’s prevalence in American culture? These pestering questions kept me up at night and lead me to prepare for my own fruity experiment.


  • Apple
  • Red Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Mexican Papaya
  • Palisade Peach
  • Red Plum
  • 1 – 5 Friends
  • 1/8 – 1/4 Sweet Leaf Marijuana
  • Drill
  • Spoon
  • Razor Blade / Knife
  • Straw

Pro Tips

  • Use organic fruit since you are using it as a smoking device.
  • Buy two of each fruit, no one is perfect on the first try.
  • Be careful with power tools.

Phase One: Drilling and Carving


Pipe Anatomy: Front-facing bowl, 1 carb

Aesthetics: Classic, Simple, Pretty, Portable, Firm

Tools Used: Drill, Carving tool, Spoon

Red Mango

Pipe Anatomy: No carb, Bowl on top

Aesthetics: Clean, Beautiful Coloring, Fits in your palm, Smooth, Solid

Tools Used: Drill, Spoon



Pipe Anatomy: One Hitter

Aesthetics: Gorgeous seed pattern, Bright Red, Fragile, Tiny

Tools Used: Straw

Mexican Papaya


Pipe Anatomy: Classic Steam Roller

Aesthetics: Massive, Solid

Tools Used: Drill, Razor, Spoon

Palisade Peach


Pipe Anatomy: No carb pipe

Aesthetics: Smooth, Pretty, Soft, Delicate

Tools Used: Drill, Straw, Spoon

Red Plum


Pipe Anatomy: Traditional Chillum

Aesthetics: Soft, Fragile, Small, Spherical

Tools Used: Drill, Straw, Spoon

Phase Two: Light ’em up



“It felt basic and boring. It’s the old-reliable though, so it did treat me well. The carb was carved well due to the texture of the apple too.” -Kate Swisher

“Initial taste of apple, smooth rip.” -Henry Diesel


Red Mango

“The mango aftertaste was delicious. I heard eating before you smoke improves your high–so I figure it’s a great fruit for smoking. The no carb design increased the fruity taste compared to other models we tried.” -Kate Swisher

“I got the full flavor of the mango, it fits well in my hand and is very smooth.” -Henry Diesel



“Our friend Ethan made one in 2.7 seconds and it was awesome. But that was too easy, so we tried our own design… It didn’t come out quite as functional as his did.” -Kate Swisher

“A bit too small to grip. A quick bit of strawberry followed by a Scooby snack.” -Henry Diesel


Mexican Papaya

“My favorite fruit pipe by far! I loved the sweet taste and the steam roller design. It was the easiest to hit by far. We reloaded it at the end of the experiment… haha.” -Kate Swisher

“Although the papaya is a hollow fruit, which made a chamber enabling us to take a larger hit, I didn’t get the flavor I was looking for.” -Henry Diesel


Palisade Peach

“It’s not the peach, it’s me. I had trouble lighting this bad boy–so it was THE WORST.” -Kate Swisher

“I did not pick up on peach flavors.” -Henry Diesel


Red Plum

“I loved the texture of the plum. It wasn’t too soft to hit and the stem area provided for a great, natural bowl. It wasn’t too big or too small–it was just right!” -Kate Swisher

“I did not pick up on any taste. My hit was harsh.” -Henry Diesel


Peach-Plum-Smoke Plum-Peach-Smoke Strawberry-Apple-Smoke Mango-Papaya-Smoke


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