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Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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Don’t Be A Bogart

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We’ve all experienced it. Whether it’s a new friend, an old friend or a rando, bogarting is seriously annoying. Study this quick training manual to arm yourself against the different types of bogarts so that you can quickly diffuse bogart situations and avoid becoming a bogart yourself.

The Talker:

This is the person who knows not what he/she does. They’ll be rambling on about something that you could probably care less about while using the piece or joint as a sort of speaking stick. If you wait until their story winds to an end, you run the risk of not having any weed left to smoke. Our advice would be to diffuse the situation with humor. Just interrupt, tell them you’d love to hear the rest of their story but first you require weed.

The Narcissist:

Let’s face it: They don’t care if you get that J back or not. They’re gonna hide, ignore, and evade until they’ve had their fill. Humor might not cut it with this bogart. In order to get the green that you deserve, you’ll need to take physical action. Don’t be rude, but be assertive. After they’ve had their “puff puff”, stand up, walk over and take what is rightfully yours.

The Cheap:

Look, either they can’t afford to buy more weed or they’re just stingy. This person is going to try to mooch as much out of the smoke sesh as they possibly can because who knows when they’ll get another chance. This presents us with a couple of options. Either politely remind them to pass or suggest that you each contribute equal amounts for the next sesh. They should catch your drift.

The Bad Mathematician:

I am guilty here. I’m not trying to be a bogart, plain and simple, I just can’t count. It’s the “Wait, did I hit that once or twice?” type of thing. Being the guy that I am, I usually just pass it if I’m unsure if I’ve taken more than my share, but not everyone is as socially adept. If they can’t count to two, just help em’ out. Maybe visibly count their hits on your fingers to avoid confusion.

Now that you’ve read through our bogart training manual, you’re been armed with the best information to both deal with a bogart and avoid becoming one yourself. Go to that next smoke sesh with the confidence that comes from being the educated, socially adept cannabis connoisseur that you are!

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