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Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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Fierce Dabs


It’s blasted genius. The Sweet Leaf lab has been turning out consistently amazing concentrates. Our only problem– we can’t keep them on the shelves! As we have launched our new line for dab lovers, we have also had the opportunity to introduce some of our customers to new ways to medicate. For now, you can only find our concentrates on the medical side of our stores. Don’t worry though, new recreational pricing is coming Fall 2015!

Sweet Leaf Concentrates

Budder: Creamy, whipped concentrate. Higher in terpenes, lower in THC compared to other processes.

Wax: Soft form of concentrate with a crumble consistency. Sold at Sweet Leaf in hybrid and specific strain options.

Shatter: Solid and transparent concentrate. High in THC, known for being the purest and cleanest process. Strain specific coming soon!

Fresh Frozen (or live resin): Coming soon!

New Recreational Pricing Coming Fall 2015

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