Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers | 8 Reasons to Share Your Love For Pot With Your Loved Ones
Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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8 Reasons to Share Your Love For Pot With Your Loved Ones


8: Who knows, they might smoke too.


You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that one of your cousins, your favorite uncle or even your grandmother loves marijuana! What better way to bond on your next family vacation?

7: Break down the stoner stereotype.

Maybe it never occurred to your non-smoking, loved ones that they even knew a pot smoker! Now they do and you could completely change their skewed perception of the “lazy” stoner.

6: Honesty is the best policy.

It’s not healthy or fun to hide things from the people you love! Live open and honestly with your loved ones.

5: Marijuana propaganda of the past was smoke and mirrors.

One scroll through this collection of past propaganda will have you wondering, “How the hell did people ever fall for this stuff?” The ads revolve around fear mongering, prejudice and slut shaming.

4: You’re in the majority!

In March 2015, legalizing marijuana became popular opinion! After years and years of closing the gap, legalization is finally getting more support than opposition.

3: It has been used safely for thousands of years.

Marijuana has been used in cultures all over the world. The Ancient Chinese use it for it’s healing properties and Ancient Egyptians used it to treat Glaucoma.

2: It helps countless people with a variety of ailments.

Cannabis helps people who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma, AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Crohn’s Disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma and Multiple Sclerosis (just for starters!)

1: It is legal in 23 states and growing.

For over 70 years, marijuana was illegal in the United States. That is changing! 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized Medical Marijuana. Additionally, 4 states plus the District have legalized Recreational use.

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