Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers | 4 Reasons Football Should Embrace Bud
Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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4 Reasons Football Should Embrace Bud


1) All-natural painkiller

Whether it’s an ibuprofen or a prescription painkiller, marijuana can replace a lot of pain pills. Medicating soreness and minor pain with pot will leave players with little to no negative side-effects. These guys take hard hits and require pain relief daily. After constant use, the body builds a tolerance and dependency to these opium based narcotics. Players have been known to develop drug abuse problems from the pills that their trainers and doctor push on them. Cannabis is a healthy, safe alternative for treating inflammation and managing pain.

2) Could prevent CTE

There is an epidemic among former professional football players called CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The disease causes terrible symptoms such as dementia and depression. Many of the cannabinoids found in marijuana have been linked to helping brain-related disorders and diseases. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannbinol) are said to be neuroprotective. This could be huge for treating and preventing concussions. It could be the furture of sports medicine.

3) Won’t harm performance

Cannabis won’t give you a hangover or a beer belly. In fact, cannabis is known to remedy a hangover and increase your metabolism. Athletes can “unwind” and stay in tip-top shape at the same time when they choose cannabis over alcohol. Using marijuana the night before a big game should not affect athletic performance, but lighting up before you hit the field is a bad idea!

4) Legal for fans in some states

At some Monday night football parties, fans are legally getting high. Seahawks and Broncos fans are used to toking up to watch their favorite team. The following fans have access (some more limited than others) to medical marijuana: Raiders, 49ers, Chargers, Jets, Giants, Bills, Cardinals, Bears, Ravens and (when they move) Rams. Twelve professional football teams are located in cities where marijuana is legal in some kind of capacity. 23 states and D.C. have legalized it, why not let eligible players benefit?

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