Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers | 10 Things NOT To Do At A Dispensary
Sweet Leaf is a lifestyle brand with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries across Colorado and Oregon.
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10 Things NOT To Do At A Dispensary

Don’t forget stuff:

In order to enter a dispensary, you need your ID & cash. Some locations will have ATM’s inside and even accept cards, so come prepared.


Don’t be mean to the Budtenders:

Budtenders are there to serve you, so treat them with respect. They’ve got great recommendations and give you the insight about any deals you didn’t know about prior.  


Don’t be basic:

You’re at a cool shop, so take advantage! There are tons of fun varieties of flowers, concentrates, edibles, you name it. Sniff around and explore your options.



Don’t touch:

Those beautiful crystals (aka trichomes) on the nugs will come off in your hands. No touchy!


Don’t expect a hook-up every time:

Some places will hook you up with amazing discounts or even free pre-rolls if you play your cards right. However, don’t ask for them, and don’t expect them. Instead, be super appreciative any chance you get them. If you make friends with that budtender and continue to support their business, they will continue to support you.  


Don’t mention sharing:

Dispensaries are legally required to deny your sale once you mention that you may be sharing or giving your medication to someone else that is not present to verify their age.


Don’t mention transporting:

It is illegal to take marijuana products over state lines and on flights.


Don’t forget a smoking utensil:

Now that you’ve got the product, you’ll need something to smoke out of whether it’s a bong, pipe, bubbler, dab rig, or vape pen. Not a fan of the glass? Rolling papers or blunt wrappers are of plenty at most shops.



Don’t forget that karma!
Tips are a bonus and almost never expected from budtenders. However, it’s always great to feel appreciated for the knowledge you share with patrons, whether it’s about strains or going on a tangent about farming techniques. If you feel like the time and money you spent and the quality of information you received was exemplary, feel free to share that appreciation.


Don’t leave the store and start consuming immediately

We know you’re stoked, but there are cameras, and you’re in public where it is illegal to consume. Yes, that includes inside your car too. Enjoying your product in a safe, legal place.


Any other questions about smoke shops? Head to a Sweet Leaf dispensary and ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders.  

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